Hs dxd ending a relationship

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hs dxd ending a relationship

High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Issei's deepening relationship with Rias proves dangerous to the angels, the fallen angels, and the devils. 真なる龍(ハイスクールD×D)), starts at volume twenty-two and is the final arc of the series; ending at volume twenty -five. Man, I can't believe this third season of High School DxD has finally come Come on, there's nothing wrong to have a serious relationship with. i just want to know who will Issei Hyoudou from HighSchool DxD concubines much like the relationship Rias' mother and father have with her.

Issei tries to stop Rias but she just keeps ignoring him, Rias attacks Issei and severely injures him.

hs dxd ending a relationship

Rias was just too strong for him and he just keeps getting crushed by her. Issei intended not to fight back and he gets wrecked pretty bad by Rias' Welsh Dragon form. Then Rias suddenly hears Issei's voice whispering to him, she goes back to her old self and hugs Issei naked.

Issei catches her and the Welsh Dragon copycat was separated from Rias. Then the Welsh Dragon copycat goes into Juggernaut Overdrive and transforms into a red dragon! The dimension suddenly warps them to a beach and Issei confesses to Rias, Rias was happy that Issei saved her.

They both kissed each other deeply, then everything was back to normal again. The whole Gremory family were in school again helping the other students and Roseweisse joined the Gremory household. She also becomes a homeroom teacher in that school and has been reborn as a devil. The episode ended off with Azazel and Issei discussing something that would play out in the next season.

Honestly, it was a good ending. I would give this final episode a rating of 7. She wants to be more than just a girlfriend to Issei because she chose him to be her soulmate.


Her relationship with him is very serious, but will have to wait to develop more because her body is small and it would be dangerous for her to bear children at this point. When Issei died, she cried along with Ravelbut was also happy to hear his spirit was alive, embracing him when he returned.

hs dxd ending a relationship

In the beginning of the series, Issei is extremely jealous of Kiba due to him getting all the girls' attention with his good looks and had strong feelings of animosity towards him. Eventually, Issei started to think of Kiba as a good friend after spending time together with him whilst training and talking about their futures together.

They both want to become strong so they can protect the girls of the Gremory group. Issei and Kiba have a good friendship and are willing to protect each other from harm. When Issei died, Kiba felt sadness and anger but kept it in. He released his anger on Siegfriedalthough losing but gained strength when one of Issei's Evil Pieces turned into Ascalon for him to use.

hs dxd ending a relationship

Like the others, he gained hope when he found out Issei's spirit was alive. Kiba also views Issei as a powerful rival and has several times stated he wants to be able to fight on his level or even defeat him. Irina Shidou Irina and Issei have been friends since childhood and reunited in Volume 3. Issei was surprised to see her because as kids, he thought she was a boy.

She had a crush on Issei since they were little, but was shocked to see that he has become a Devil and a pervert. Nonetheless, she kept her feelings for him.

hs dxd ending a relationship

She wants to make love to Issei and have his children, like Xenovia, to apparently strengthen Heaven's forces out of influence of Xenovia's naivety. She loves Issei very much, but had trouble expressing it like the other girls because if she thinks or does something impure, she will become a Fallen Angel. In Volume 16it is revealed that Irina is working to find a way for her to make love with a devil without falling.

In Volume 18it is revealed that Michael has crafted a special room that is located in a different dimension that would allow her to copulate with Issei without fear of falling. It is also revealed that she was Issei's first kiss while they were children.

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After the events of Volume 18 where Irina kissed him again, she began to frequently call Issei "darling" and became more clingy towards him, even learning to cook for him, bathe with him, and sleep with Issei more often. She becomes slightly less concerned about falling in order to be more intimate with him, even offering to have sex with him. In Volume 23during the match, Irina made a proposal to Issei which he accepts.

Happy with his response and becoming engaged to him, Irina gained a massive power boost using the holy aura of Hauteclere to send Angels flying left and right.

Irina wishes to have two children with Issei: Xenovia Quarta Xenovia and Issei met in Volume 3 and did not care much for each other. Issei initially disliked her, as she called Asia a witch and wanted to kill her, but after the events of Volume 3, Xenovia apologized wholeheartedly and became a Devil after learning of God's death.

She then decides that she wants to have strong children and chooses Issei to be her mate. She is completely oblivious to sexual situations due to her being raised in the Church and tries to have sex anywhere with Issei, even going so far as to bring condoms to school so they could "practice".

She wants his genes as the Red Dragon Emperor since she wishes to give birth to strong children as a way of making up time she feels she lost as a woman while in the service of God, rather than out of any romantic feelings she has for him. That changes after she begins to fall in love with Issei when he expressed his opinions to Michael to provide convenience for her and Asia to be able pray to God without experiencing the pain that came along with it.

As the series progresses, it is shown that Xenovia has developed genuine romantic feelings for Issei due to his determination to protect his comrades even if he gets injured by doing so. She also emits a scary aura whenever the other girls are getting closer to him. Xenovia has displayed concerns that the path to being with Issei is becoming farther as other girls get closer, causing her to be more aggressive in seducing him, shown in Volume Despite having difficulties understanding her personality, Issei is willing to protect her just as much as the other girls.

Like Asia, she also wants to join his peerage once he becomes a High-Class Devil, which happens in Volume 22 when she officially becomes his first Knight. In Volume 23Xenovia made a proposal to have him take her as his bride, which Issei accepts. Happy with his response and getting engaged to him, Xenovia gained a massive power boost.

During the match, Xenovia wishes to have five children with Issei: Gasper Vladi When Gasper and Issei first met, Issei thought that he was another girl and was shocked after learning that he was a cross-dressing boy.

Issei often cursed him for being a shut-in, although Issei and Gasper became great friends and Issei trains him as his junior.

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Issei's blood gives Gasper a boost in power, even making him able to hit his Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker for a short time. After Issei apparently died in Volume 11, he seemed to transform in Volume 12, becoming filled with rage at the Khaos Brigade for killing his friend and senpai, and proceeded to defeat Georg with his new power.

The two of them are a proper senpai-kouhai, and Issei has taught Gasper several things and also helps Gasper with his troubles. The two are on extremely good terms and are a strong team. Issei appears to also teach much of his perverted ideals to Gasper, which the latter seems to be innocent enough to admire.

Twice, Gasper has even helped Issei to use his dress break by freezing their targets in place beforehand with his Sacred Gear. Rossweisse Rossweisse is the second Rook of Rias' peerage and a teacher at their school. Issei and Rossweisse have a student-teacher relationship, where Rossweisse is shown to be giving advice to Issei on various stuff from Issei's studies in school, training, and even his relationships with the girls.

Rossweisse later gained some interest in Issei during Volume 12where she and the Occult Research Club members all asked Issei out on a date. In Volume 17she asks Issei to become her boyfriend due to her grandmother coming to visit, to whom she told that she does have a boyfriend when she actually doesn't. Later on in the volume, they go out on a date to Tokyo which was interrupted by the appearance of Euclid Lucifuge. During the attack on Auros and Agreas, Issei rescues Rossweisse from Euclid, defeating him in the process.

By the end of the volume, Rossweisse develops feelings for Issei, even asking him out on a date to a yen shop next time.

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In Volume 22, under Rias' orders, Rossweisse was transferred to Issei's peerage, becoming his first official Rook. After he defeated Riser at the engagement party, she became infatuated with Issei and starts to develop feelings for Issei, albeit in a tsundere fashion. In Volume 10she moves in with him and transfers to his school in order to spend more time with him.

She has stated that she does not mind becoming one of his concubines as long as she is by his side. Issei, however, remains oblivious to her feelings but was still willing to put his life on the line to protect her under Lady Phenex 's request to take care of her. It is implied in Volume 9 that Ravel enrolls in Kuoh Academy so she can get closer to Issei, and moves in with him in the following volume.

She happily accepts Sirzechs 's request of becoming Issei's manager and continually works hard for him, such as finding a suitable magician for him to make a pact with. Issei respects and admires her a lot for the knowledge and dedication she puts in her work as a manager and completely trusts in her judgement. He has stated that he would like to have her as his manager forever and maybe as a tactician in his peerage when he becomes a High Class Devil with his own evil pieces.

In Volume 23after the Rating Game against Dulio, Issei comforted her when she was crying due to feeling that she couldn't help Issei win. Sona Sitri Sona at first treated Issei like a regular servant, but as time went on, she grew to admire him for his tenacity and courage.

She respects him greatly for everything he has done, but she is also jealous as well because Issei solved many of Rias' problems for her which she, as her best friend, could not do anything about due to her position as a High-Class Devil.

She considers him as a friend as he is Rias' boyfriend and suggested to Issei that he should call her by her first name, and told him to take care of Rias even though she's stubborn and has a great deal of pride.

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She has admiration and respect for him and for his accomplishments and everything he has done for Rias, and she also congratulated him on his promotion recommendation to Middle-Class Devil. Tsubaki Shinra Sona's Queen, of whom Issei is aware of her feelings for Yuuto Kiba and often encourages her to try her best to get his attention mostly worried that Kiba might be interested in him instead.

hs dxd ending a relationship

Issei and Tsubaki also exchange emails regarding Kiba, much to his confusion. Like Sona, Tsubaki has also praised Issei for achievements.