Huffington post facebook relationship problems

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huffington post facebook relationship problems

A Facebook status is annoying if it primarily serves the author and does (FYI, I have a boyfriend; I'm in a wonderful relationship), Jealousy Inducing is that either he's in trouble for something or that his girlfriend's friend's. Join us as we explore real-life adventures in modern parenting. We'll have our The Most Common Problems That Arise After 10 Years Of Marriage. Therapists. Maybe while we take a break from Facebook for privacy reasons, Goalcast: How do you know when your personal relationships are in trouble? What are the signs? Arianna Huffington: Everybody's relationships are different.

Photo posts with captions about how hot your spouse is.

Are there Social Media Rules for Relationships?

It's great that you think you have the hottesthubbyever -- or that your wife deserves to be your WCW every week -- but your spouse might not be as fond of the posts as you are, Anderson said. Subtle digs at your partner's ex. If it drives you nuts that your girlfriend is still Facebook friends with her ex, take it up with her.

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Shooting off passive aggressive comments about him on Facebook is just going to make you look bad, said dating coach and relationship expert Neely Steinberg.

The details of your fights and arguments. Save your relationship rants for your therapist or trusted friends, said marriage therapist Christine Wilke. When you come around to making up with your partner, there's no putting that cat back in the bag.

huffington post facebook relationship problems

TMI-filled posts directed toward your spouse. That "Can't wait for you to get home tonight Others probably find it icky.

huffington post facebook relationship problems

Passive aggressive comments about your in-laws You see an article about meddling in-laws and you can't stop yourself from tagging your friends and writing, "Sounds like someone I know If you need backup from a friend, do so privately," she said.

Word gets around quickly with friends of friends. Your favorite cousin is moving across the country, boo. A girl you met once at a party who's baring her midriff in her profile picture wrote on your fiancee's wall -- hold on, where'd she come from? Enter the green-eyed or in this case, blue and white logo'ed monster known as Facebook jealousy.

huffington post facebook relationship problems

Messaging someone you hooked up with before you met your current love interest, analyzing a wall post on your significant other's page, stewing over a suspicious picture but not actually asking about it -- all of these have been known to tank relationships. If you're prone to thinking, "It's just Facebook -- can it really cause that many problems in an adult relationship?

A study suggested Facebook makes "unique contributions to the experience of jealousy in romantic relationships.

Facebook Posts About Relationships Linked To Greater Marital Happiness, Study Finds

And this poor guy had an asthma attack supposedly prompted by seeing how many men his ex-girlfriend had friended since their breakup. There's even a Facebook page called "I wonder how many relationships Facebook ruins every year" with over"Likes. Couples come into conflict over everything from one party reconnecting with an ex to one not mentioning the relationship on Facebook at all. And these problems aren't limited to relationships with pre-existing problems. Facebook presents so many challenges to committed relationships that Jason and Kelli Krafsky wrote a book called, " Facebook and Your Marriage.

Instead, it's an avenue by which threats can develop if you fail to communicate about them, and one that can exacerbate problems that already exist.

According to Estes and the Krafskys, here are the scenarios that cause the most relationship strife, and how to address them: Over- or Under- sharing Before addressing what you may hide from your partner on Facebook -- and the jealousy that behavior may provoke -- it's a good idea to first talk about what you're both comfortable sharing.

Just because one of you likes to do the internet equivalent of shouting from the rooftops how in love you are doesn't mean the other one should have to suffer through it. On the other hand, if one of you never references the relationship on your page, the other may begin to wonder why.

It's best to talk about it first. Tagged Photos Of You With Your Ex You're not alone or irrational if you get a little nauseous every time you see evidence of your significant other's weekend in Cabo with his ex. In the same vein, you shouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend isn't interested in having a reminder of the guy you dated right before him.

huffington post facebook relationship problems

That's going to sting for any human. Other people might have a tougher skin, but I say [err on the side] of caution.

Facebook Relationship Problems: How Social Networking And Jealousy Affect Your Love Life | HuffPost

Do some preventative work. Better to be safe than sorry. Estes suggests asking yourself why that is. That's the big question: