Isolating yourself in a relationship

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isolating yourself in a relationship

Loneliness in a long-term relationship or marriage can be a real burden. You might find yourself feeling more annoyed with your partner: starting arguments or . A relationship is a prison for some. There's this one powerful quote that goes “ Isolation is a self defeating dream,” so if you can avoid having a. Isolation in your relationship is about the detachment of one's authentic self. An example might be when your partner is cranky for no apparent.

isolating yourself in a relationship

It can be for straightforward reasons, like being away from home or having problems with friends and family. After a relationship break-up it can be difficult to adjust to life as a single person again. Spending more time on your own can feel isolating.

isolating yourself in a relationship

This can be especially true in rural or isolated communities where it might seem hard to find people who share your interests. No matter where you live, you can feel cut off from people at school or at home. Some common causes of loneliness: Coping with loneliness There are lots of coping strategies for dealing with loneliness and isolation.

Some tips for coping with loneliness: Get busy Keeping yourself busy is a really effective way of dealing with loneliness. Feeling needed and useful is really important sometimes. For example, leaving secondary school or college to do something new can be a scary time for everyone.

Being unemployed is also stressful. Life feels very different and the future is uncertain.

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Remember that everyone goes through lonely periods in life. Boost your self-esteem A lack of confidence can hold you back in social situations. When the other person is not getting it, they are not getting it!

isolating yourself in a relationship

Try to explain it differently, use a different example or metaphor. But when we are angry, and there are unresolved issues not communicated, distance actually makes it worse!

Our hearts yearn to explain, make it right, asks forgiveness yet when we get the opportunity to talk over the phone or text, it comes out all wrong, and things get worse.

There is NO Biblical justification for you to isolate yourself.

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An English doctor built an experimental room where one can get away from everyone. But his experiments showed that isolation produces misery instead of ecstasy. Each volunteer was equipped with padded fur gloves and heavy woolen socks to reduce the sensation of touch. Each was given translucent goggles over his eyes to eliminate patterned vision.

Volunteers were observed through a one-way screen, but they could not see out. Meals were eaten inside the isolation box.

Feeling lonely in your relationship

After an hour or more, concentration was lost. Then came anxiety or feelings of panic. Many could not stand the aloneness for more than five hours. Seeking isolation, when the best option is keep on engaging, is like someone who wants to get drunk, or high on drugs. You want to escape the painful reality. But it is the painful reality that offers growth, and possible change. When we continue to communicate until there is peace, and the issue is resolved, personal growth for both parties is immanent.

Sometimes we feel isolated because of something we have done, and people consciously or unconsciously have been averting us. Jesus wants to heal us, and restore us from periods of isolation.

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We all have been let down, betrayed, hurt, by someone. But isolating oneself, is not the cure! Live well, live blessed!

Be healed of your plague. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.

isolating yourself in a relationship

Thus keep on engaging, you have done nothing wrong! Some may want to isolate because of offence.

Self Isolation as a Side-Effect of Narcissistic Abuse: the Need to Be Alone vs Being Lonely

Someone really possible unintendedly, hurt your feelings. Many offenders are hurting people, hurting others. Choose your friends wisely.

isolating yourself in a relationship