Itv news 2013 ending relationship

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itv news 2013 ending relationship

ITV forgot to mention that the BBC Trust's service review in said , we said we would spend 20% more on TV arts by the end of this. ITV has built relationships globally, with major networks, platform owners and local broadcasters . In , the Board made a commitment to grow the full year . Review) was 97% and we ended the year with net debt of. ITV Studios is a television production company owned by the British television broadcaster ITV . In , ITV launched a new production company named Potato. Manchester Production', 'A Granada London Production', etc., at the end of.

Both ITN and ITV were launched on 22 Septemberand the news service immediately broke new ground by introducing in-vision newscasters and reporter packages incidentally, the first roster of regular ITN newscasters and reporters included marathon runner Christopher ChatawayRobin Dayand Reginald Bosanquet. The unique, probing reporting style of Robin Day caused shock among politicians, finding themselves questioned continually for information — this had never been the case with the BBC.

itv news 2013 ending relationship

The original ITN logo, featuring a large "T" flanked either side by "I" and "N" all encased within an outlined circlewas used from up to As the years went on, full-length ITN news programmes were launched with their own theme music and particular branding first News at Ten, then First Report, and finally News at 5. ITV executives, however, were sceptical of that idea, because it was thought that viewers would not want a full 30 minutes of news every Monday to Friday there had only been one half-hour news programme in Britain previously — BBC2's Newsroomlaunched in However, the idea was approved on the condition it ran for a week trial, and News at Ten was born on 3 July ITN's head newscasters — Alastair Burnet, Andrew Gardnerand George Ffitch — presented the first News at Ten, and the bulletin became so popular with viewers that it was kept in the schedules after its initial 13 weeks.

The programme's titles used an excerpt of The Awakening, a piece of dramatic music composed by Johnny Pearson. The famous chimes of the Westminster Clock Tower — affectionately known as the bongs — separated each headline as it was read out. The early opening title sequences were simplistic; for the first two years, the ITN symbol faded into a wide studio shot showing the two newscasters at the desk, with the caption News at Then, ina new title sequence was introduced: The sequence was amended a year later to feature the new ITN logo at the beginning.

ITV (TV network)

The logo, introduced inwas a simple sans-serif outline of the phrase "ITN". The basic concept of the logo remains today. A still from an early News at Ten opening sequence from c. On 16 Octobera twenty-minute lunchtime bulletin was introduced into the ITV schedule — First Report, which was hosted by Robert Kee and ran from This was followed on 6 September by the introduction of a new evening bulletin, the News atwhich ran from By this time, with three regular ITN bulletins throughout the day — and each having their own look and specially composed music — the original ITN Non-Stop theme music was only seen on generic summaries and weekend bulletins.

itv news 2013 ending relationship

Init was finally replaced with a synthesised alternative. First Report was moved to Michael Nicholson continued as main newscaster of the News atwith Martyn Lewis replacing Parkin as the relief presenter.

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InNicholson left newscasting to return to war reporting and was replaced by Alastair Stewart. It was moved to Inthe programme returned to its original slot and once again became the News at One; the presenting line-up remained unchanged.

InSomerville left the programme to become a main presenter of News at Ten, leaving Suchet to become the main lunchtime newscaster — the programme was revamped once more. Inthe programme moved back to the Ingraphics were relaunched to bring it in line with other ITN news bulletins.

The programme lasted until March when it was renamed and relaunched, in line with other ITN bulletins. News at Ten continued to rate as the most popular news programme on television. Inthe programme launched specially made opening titles featuring a computer generated travel through London, up the River Thames until the camera stops at the "Big Ben" clockface. From this year, ITN news programmes revamped and moved to be presented from the ITV newsroom, foremostly to show the impressive atrium in the newly purchased headquarters — with the exception of the lunchtime programme which continued with its own studio and music, but took on elements of the new revamp — such as the serif font style newly introduced for ITN bulletins.

itv news 2013 ending relationship

The News at The main lunchtime newscasters between and were Nicholas Owen and Carol Barnes. While the number of hours of specialist factual programming has gone down on BBC One, the average cost per hour of those programmes has increased.

Regulation of the BBC must be effective but not prescriptive and paralysing. Today, the BBC operates under 26 different service licences, running to more than pages - with around statutory and non-statutory quotas and separate conditions. When it comes to regulating creative freedom, there is clearly a careful balance to be struck.

While a BBC that paints by numbers and ticks any number of boxes may be good news for commercial competitors, it would not deliver the genuine creativity and innovation valued by licence fee payers. A closer look, however, reveals that the last three series of Silent Witness and five of the last six series have all been scheduled in January, whereas the first series of Broadchurch screened in March and Aprilwith the second series being moved to January.

So who is scheduling against whom? Perhaps this proposal should be re-named: But these shows are loved by licence fee payers and have a place in the BBC One schedule.

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The proposal would also reduce competition in the programme supply market. Two years ago, ITV said: However, due to amalgamation of several of these companies since the creation of ITV Network Limited and given Channel Television is now owned by ITV plcit has been replaced by an affiliation system. The network also needs to produce accessible output containing subtitles, signing and audio description.

itv news 2013 ending relationship

In exchange for this programming, the ITV network is available on all platforms free to air and can be found at the top of the EPG of all providers. Since the launch of the platform inall of the ITV licensees have received gifted capacity on the digital terrestrial television platform.

Each ITV region originally had its own studios, however the rise of publisher-broadcasters like Carlton Television and the takeover of regions caused several studios to be closed. The company broadcasts a centralised service under the ITV brand. The group also owns ITV Studiosthe production arm of the company and formed from an amalgamation of all the production departments of the regional licences they own. The group cut the number of regional news programmes offered from 17 in to 9 byresulting several regions being merged to form one programme, including the Border Television and Tyne Tees Television regions, the Westcountry Television and West regions and the removal of sub regional programming, with some regions only represented by pre-recorded segments.

itv news 2013 ending relationship