Jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

The Truth Behind Those Lies : Top Suzara and Jinky Vidal Reunited

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

Sep 1, I was supposed to enjoy and chillax with my sister Arianne while Top Suzara and Jinky Vidal serenade us and then PFFFTTT Something. Oct 23, This is why Top Suzara and Jinky Vidal who starred in the concert relationships can come into a rough patch here and there and Top and. Past members, Jinky Vidal Top Suzara Carlo Tapia Nikki Cabardo Obet Luzon Tzuki Garcia. Freestyle is a pop/rock/soul/jazz/R&B band from the Philippines formed in and hit Jinky Vidal (vocals) –; Christopher "Top" Suzara (vocals/guitar) –; Carlo Tapia (bass guitar) –; Nikki Cabardo.

We appreciate the support and even the infatuation that we receive, but on our part we try to tell them na huwag na kayong mahiya to come near us or when you want to say hi to us.

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

But like any other family, the group has its share of tampuhan and miscommunications. Jinky added that there was even a point when she just couldn't handle it anymore. She would have quit but friendship and love for her craft prevailed.

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

Top added it was probably just stress and pent up emotions that kept inside too long. Eventually darating na nag dami mo nang itinago tapos lahat pala kami ganun pag nag-usap kami ayan na. Sobrang mainit na ung ulo hindi na makapagsalita.

Jinky Vidal's boyfriend draws flak for calling Freestyle "freesh*t" without his GF | omarcafini.info

Nangyari na yun dati. Magaan kasi pag labas lahat.

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

Mabigat if it feels like work when it shouldn't feel like work. It should be fun. Dapat gusto naming ginagawa namin.

We don't do it for the money, we do it because pag wala ng problema may tinatawag kaming happy time," Tod added. Prayers and a close relationship with God have them sane, they acknowledge.

Freestyle is from Davao

Pag disconnected ka sa Kanya, paano ka sasagot? Kailangan konektado ka palagi.

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

Matatandaan mo lang na disconnected ka kasi may problema ka. Pag wala kang problema hindi mo siya matatandaan. Dapat nga lalo pag wala kang problema," Top added.

Freestyle (Filipino band)

Aside from prayers, a sense of humor has always been part and parcel of the group. Jinky and Nikki are the so-called comics of the group.

jinky vidal top suzara relationship help

And as for Tat, he may be the silent one but when he crack a joke, he often sends the group roaring with laughter. Other artists they have worked with, the two vowed, have their own eccentrities.

Ogie Alcasid for one is as insane behind the scenes as he is on TV. The same goes for Martin whose spontaneity and wit makes a crowd drawer.


I have seen him na walang boses bago mag show tapos pagkanta niya magtataka ka kung saan galing yung boses niya. Hope this is enough for your inquisitive souls Sorry for the picture quality My BB is not cooperating with me Thanks Badz for the concert tickets Why, oh why do I always need to get an authorization letter from Badz To be honest, this is my first time in Music Museum Seeing Top and Jinky on stage is so surreal And yes, indeed it became a Flashback Friday concert It was a successful event Top and Jinky singing Reunited There's still the spark By the way Top sang Pangarap and Jinky sang Goodbye for the first time Both original and written by Top Suzara And yes, its part of their new album Garlic Adobo Shreds for me Chicken and Fries Platter for Best Paul The night is still young so me and Paul decided to take it a notch higher And that is why we are best of friends We both decided to check on our friend Madel who's actually a dealer in Solaire We checked on every possible casino table and yet we didn't even saw a glance of Madel Yes, we both tried our luck on the Slot Machines I took this ticket as a token of our ultimate escapade Me and Paul always take our escapade to the next level Can't wait for the next night-out