Jordan relationship with syria

Syria and the Test of Jordan's Diplomacy | Al Bawaba

jordan relationship with syria

Despite a long history of hostility, between and Jordan's major regional ally was Syria. During Jordan and Syria agreed to coordinate their . Syrian officials celebrated the reopening of the crossing with Jordan, talking of improving relations with Syria and reintegrating it into the Arab. Throughout history, the relations between Jordan and Syria have been marked by varying degrees of mutual hostility and even violence. The. uprising in.

jordan relationship with syria

They established a joint military command to provide a single defensive line against Israel. Syria halted anti-Hussein propaganda and imposed restrictions on Syrian-based Palestinian activities that might be considered prejudicial to Jordan's sovereignty. The marked improvement in relations between Hussein and Syrian president Hafiz al Assad primarily reflected a shared desire to minimize the role of the PLO in any future Middle East peace negotiations.

Despite the commitments made at Rabat, neither Jordan nor Syria wanted the PLO to emerge from Middle East peace talks as leader of a proposed Palestinian national entity in the occupied territories.

Their opposition to the PLO, however, stemmed from very different sources.

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Jordan opposed the PLO because of conflicting territorial objectives; Hussein wanted to reintegrate the West Bank as a part of a pre Jordan. Assad opposed a PLOled ministate because he feared that such an entity would reduce Syria's regional role and would significantly lessen the chances of Syria regaining the Golan Heights. Keeping diplomatic relations, not endorsing the Arab League decision to suspend Syrian membership in the Arab organisation, keeping the traffic moving on both sides until the borders were closed as a result of terrorist rebel groups seizing control of the border area on the Syrian side and constantly calling for a political settlement of the crisis; one that guarantees Syrian territorial unity, as well as Syrian state permanence and integrity.

The war in Syria is about to end.

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The Southern part of the country, including the Nassib crossing, is now under official Syrian control, which means that the border will soon reopen to normal traffic.

This is a great step for both sides. But the war has left destruction and devastation in Syria. Reconstruction, which requires massive international and regional help, must start soon.

The country has to be rebuilt and the millions of refugees forced by war into the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and beyond, should be enabled and helped to return home.

jordan relationship with syria

It is in the fundamental interests of both the Jordanian and Syrian governments, and the people, to engage in high-level discussion and agree on a comprehensive plan for tight cooperation in all possible areas. Any existing problems can be resolved in a manner that satisfies each side. What is good for Syria is good for Jordan and vice versa.

  • Syria and the Test of Jordan's Diplomacy

Consequently, the Jordanian position has been to strongly oppose any attempt, indeed any vicious conspiracy, to dismantle the Syrian state the way the Iraqi state was undone as a result of the war, opening and exposing the land to permanent chaos and devastation. Amman has sought to encourage a political solution to the Syrian crisis, emphasising the need to reach a peaceful settlement that can end the hostilities and civil war that has devastated much of Syria.

Nasib Border Crossing: Border crossing between Syria and Jordan opens

The repercussions of the Syrian crisis has left Jordan to deal with two key issues: Amman was key to getting America and Russia to work together, and the three countries created a tripartite de-escalation zone in Deraa and Quneitra provinces on the Jordanian border. The spirit of the agreement has held and been expanded upon, with a Memorandum of Principles to protect the ceasefire signed by the U.

However, there are still concerns about the activity of Shia militias in the area, concerns shared by neighboring military power Israel.

Jordan–Syria relations

The vast numbers of Syrian refugees are another reason that Jordan cannot risk the exacerbation of instability in Syria. Further regional instability could exacerbate economic difficulties in Jordan that have already been severely impacted by the ongoing wars surrounding the country.

jordan relationship with syria

In the aftermath of the strikes, Jordan sought to distance itself from their conduct, and to emphasise its relative neutrality.