Kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

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kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

Setsuna uses Makoto to help satisfy her guilt over leaving Sekai to go She only starts working in her own self-interest when Makoto is already deep into his relationship with Kotonoha, and the way she Setsuna Kiyoura. School Days HQ - Bad Ending - "Bloody End" ("Bloody Conclusion") . School Days HQ - Sekai Ending - "Setsuna's Feelings" ("Setsuna's. Reina looks at Makoto, Sekai,and Katsura's can Reina . Katsura, leaving my yakisoba bread in my bag. Kiyoura Setsuna.

Makoto is surprised at himself talking to Setsuna like that and expresses his desire to know more about Setsuna. The next day at the school festival, she and Makoto go to the roof for lunch during their break but Setsuna is unable to confess, feeling guilty that she might be stealing Makoto from Sekai.

Later, after the school festival, Setsuna asks Makoto to wait for her and Makoto wakes up to her holding him. Setsuna then finally confesses her love and asks him to take her as a secret between them.

Setsuna's Feelings and Goodbye Sekai

Setsuna says that she'll treasure that memory forever but, asks Makoto to forget it for Sekai's sake - revealing her giving into her feelings was so that she could finally have closure about things between them - and leaves for Paris so that Sekai can date Makoto freely.

Depending on the players choices, Setsuna can be impregnated with Makoto's child, in which case there is a post-ending scene where she sends Makato a postcard of herself heavily pregnant and then shows up at his house, saying "I'm his wife" to Makoto's mother. Anime Edit In the anime, after finding out she's going to Paris, Setsuna tirelessly works to make sure Makoto is devoted to Sekai because she knows how emotionally miserable Sekai can become. In the end she even sleeps with Makoto to make him stay devoted to Sekai - though sadly, it fails miserably.

She narrowed her eyes. It was hard to see from this angle.

kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

As she watched, Kiyoura crouched down with Makoto. She whispered something but Kotonoha could not hear it. Then she… Was that…? Kotonoha pushed the door open further so she could see properly. Yeah, no doubt about it. A full-on kiss on the lips. She remained frozen for a couple seconds.

kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

Kiyoura stopped kissing him. She could not be seen.

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She had to go, right now. With her heart beating furiously, Kotonoha closed the door almost all the way and ran away. She tried not to make a sound although she was certain her wild heartbeat could be heart all across the school.

kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

When she reached the lockers, her fingers trembled so much it took her several excruciating minutes to tie her laces. That was not possible.

She must have seen it wrong. Her eyes were deceiving her.

kiyoura setsuna ending a relationship

Yet, it did explain Setsuna's behaviour. If she still thought Kotonoha was dating Makoto-kun then it made perfect sense she would be hostile, cause she was dating him as well. And this morning, when she asked Makoto about dating Sekai, he had evaded the question. Was he two-timing them? That was so wrong. How could he do that to them? Kotonoha fished out her cellphone and pressed the speed dial. The most called number was automatically dialed.

She picked up on the third sound. Sorry I didn't tell you. I just thought, since you dated him before… I didn't want to hurt your feelings. And you didn't even know it. I was just curious. Is your curiosity satisfied now?

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Hey, let's have lunch tomorrow. Just the three of us, like in the old days. This will be one of the last times we can eat outside.

Don't worry about it.

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See you tomorrow then? She kept twisting and turning, both her body and the thoughts in her head. She simply had to tell Sekai, there was no way around it. Makoto protected Setsuna from bullies during their school's opening ceremony, and encouraged her to run for class-representative. He also helps and encourages her in Summer Days as she experience difficulties while working in Youko 's restaurant, Radish.

Setsuna is very grateful and developed one-sided feelings to him at beginning of many stories, but Makoto doesn't return her feelings. After acknowledging that Sekai also has feelings for Makoto, Setsuna gives up her chances and does everything to get them together.

In certain routes, Setsuna can be Makoto's lover and possibly get impregnated by him. In other certain routes she can become the reason why Sekai and Makoto end up together. In Summer Days her chances of being with Makoto are much bigger. In Cross Days there's nothing to say about Makoto and Setsuna since she doesn't have any routes.