Knight of cups tarot love relationship

Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

knight of cups tarot love relationship

What does the Knight of Cups card mean in Tarot? The Knight of Cups. Knight mind, heart, and soul. I can restore broken relationships with my spiritual gifts. Come say hello to Mr Romantic, the Knight of Cups. or it could be that the card simply represents the beginning of a new relationship. Knights of Cups represents a trip filled with love and joy. Similarly, in relationship situations, this tarot card implies that the two lovers are on a romantic journey.

Here I would see this knight as the actions that are about to take place rather than a person or an indication of how you are dealing with it. This is a very artistic card in the work area.

A very happy card in connection to the family and as far as a personal growth goes, it could combine all three. Perhaps your work will be the catalyst to all these areas.

Perhaps work is about to develop in a more artistic manner and it will lift your spirits, those around you and will propel you further on a personal level.

knight of cups tarot love relationship

Anything that lifts the spirit and the heart makes us grow spiritually. After a tough winter, maybe spring really is blooming in more ways than one. Originally Posted by nisaba Perhaps Tarot knows something that you're ignoring, that you're getting a bit lonely and not acknowledging it to yourself.

I guess, lord knows I have as many personal blind spots as anyone.

Explanation of the Cards : Knight of Cups

On the whole I welcome the changes that life is bringing me right now, but you make good points. Originally Posted by WalesWoman Funny, that you should mention you "keep hesitating every time", since that is one of the things Knight of Cups does best, not one to dive right in and swim with it or go with the flow With it showing up in all kinds of readings, either there is some common factor in all of them I was thinking it could have some astrological meaning Pisces or timing and stumbled on this instead.

Originally Posted by from Bill Heidrick's site Restraint followed by caution. He will listen attentively but only when he is in 'good listener' mode.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card

The Knight of Cups is a consummate actor and his whole life is a stage production. If you encounter a Knight of Cups, then don't lose heart. It is unlikely that he will only have these characteristics — hopefully, they will be bolstered by a slice of Pentacles, Wands or Swords, to give a more rounded personality.

knight of cups tarot love relationship

Knights always improve with age! As a lover, he is exciting but unreliable. As a husband, he is pretty hopeless in the beginning but can improve immensely given time.

knight of cups tarot love relationship

If he begins to learn and understand some fundamental life lessons, then he can turn into a good life partner. In effect, he matures into the gentle King of Cups or may even take on characteristics of the other tarot Kings. As a son, he is everything a mother dreams of.

He is a 'good son'.

knight of cups tarot love relationship

He rarely goes off the rails, rarely rebels and usually settles into a good job. He can be a mother's boy and this is another reason why he is not so good at long-term, mature love relationships.

The Knight of Cups makes a good father. He loves his children very much and enjoys playing with them.

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Page of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning The Knight of Cups can make himself known as an event or a person in your life, or even a part of yourself. The Knight of Cups represents an invitation that can give you an incredible emotional experience, which can result in renewed energy or exciting new opportunities.

It can also represent an arrival of a person or an object that you can benefit from emotionally. Someone will ask you to be his girlfriend. Someone will want to introduce you to his buddies, or even better, his parents! The Knight of Cups represents relationships taking root, and love blossoming. It represents the best of times with your lover. In the reversed position, though, the Knight of Cups can indicate deception.