Long distance killed our relationship is over

Why Long Distance Relationships Will Eventually Break You

long distance killed our relationship is over

Long distance relationships involve a lot of little sacrifices of your time and money over time. Before you commit thousands of dollars and all of. The author was in a long-distance relationship for five years before she Over the five years my partner and I were together long-distance, I spent an Every time my partner and I visited one another, we ended up packing. For those who are blindly thinking that your long distance relationship is or studies, I believe that this scenario has the biggest chance to have a happy ending. . They slowly start losing interest and thus it leads to a ruined relationship.

long distance killed our relationship is over

I kept my eyes down on my knitting, not wanting to intrude on her moment, but unable to concentrate on anything else but the pain of their goodbye. Nor did I know that this was the last time I would ever see him. I leaned forwards and kissed him tenderly as he stood on the train and I on the platform, wanting to stay in the moment for all eternity, my heart beating hard in my chest.

long distance killed our relationship is over

I flinched as she stepped between us, pressed the button to close all the doors and we watched each other wordlessly, our eyes sad. Shit, six years later and my eyes are still filling with tears at the thought of it. It took me years before I stopped glaring at the female guard whenever I saw her, which was often.

It was the last time, and you ruined it! I walked past my old house a few weeks ago on my way to have breakfast with friends, thinking I was long over him — six years, six years — and was hit instead by a wave of unfurled grief and sadness. Gazing at my old front door, I remembered the longing I felt. How I waited and waited for him to come back to me, waited for that knock on my door, the knock which never came. How I longed to run into his arms as I had the last time he arrived, sprinting towards him in the train station, and the way he looked smiling with his arms spread to meet me, his winter coat flapping and then me grabbing him and almost climbing inside the coat I was so happy to see him.

That heady mix of euphoria and the nagging insistent dread that starts ticking away like a spiteful little timer the moment we embrace.

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In the end, I grew tired of counting down the days. My last long distance relationship was with a women, and there is a certain sweetness in the longing I still feel for her, tinged with the sombre reality of our being together; terribly full of love, yet catastrophically ill-matched from the very start.

There was never any mileage in it, but I loved her fiercely with a burning heart which still does not extinguish, so that when I dreamed of her last night for the first time in months I held the dream close to me all day, hugging it to my chest, the merest flicker of reciprocal love and gentleness from her. Now the two lovers are looking at each other through the glass. Take this simple equation, for example: Sure, there are now things like Skype, Facebook, unlimited calling plans and more.

But an honest question? Do you really want to be Skyping an hour or more every night? Do you really want to resign yourself to the ritual of coming home early from the pub that you were at with your buddies to make a phone call to her, while you realize that the things you talk about increasingly reveal your worlds are becoming separate from each other?

This all sounds bleak. At this point in columns like this, the normal course of action is to give you the good news and explain why it gets better.

Why Long Distance Relationships Will Eventually Break You

But nope, it gets worse. You tire of waking up from your fantasy dream land where you and your significant other fall asleep together, to the reality of the unoccupied space on the other side of your bed.

You are miserable Admit it. There are times when you cry out of nowhere because you feel so fucking lonely. You sometimes get lost in your video calls and touch your laptop screen thinking you might be able to feel the warmth of his or her face.

And it makes you feel like shit. Any relationship that makes you feel as miserable, helpless, and eventually hopeless as a LDR does is not a good or healthy relationship. Why do you keep up the relationship? Look, I really hope that long distance relationships could work out, but the harsh reality is that they most often do not.

Again, to all of you in LDRs right now, my condolences to you. More From Thought Catalog.