Love hate relationship arshi ff thread 15

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love hate relationship arshi ff thread 15

Latest Index of my Owned Fictions 1) FF: MY NEW BOSS - Season 1 ( COMPLETED) Category - Fiction / Drama Category - Fiction / Double - Thriller / Mystery / Love - Hate Relationship . 15) FF: Deserted Love - Season 2 ( COMPLETED). Posts about Arshi ff written by arshiforever in air, their relationship held together by this one last thread; how did he tell her? o0o her court trial, he would never stop his worrying then. only 15 days remained now, she I HATE YOU!. Thread Three. Extra - Ordinary Love From A Vampire. IPKKND With The Man I Love Who Loves Me Not (ON HOLD) the story-line was so well written that it really makes me impatient:) What will happen to A-K relationship? . Silent Affair Chapter Fifteen. Idk about you guys but i hate apple so much!.

It isnt easy to know what had actually happened in the past. It isnt simple to digest the truth that was been hidden from long. Something worst had happened years back but no one from the family ever talked about it. Infact this Cruel Past was always hidden from the new generations of the family. Will the coming of the Eldest Bride of this Palace Sort everything out or will things here get more complicated?

Two people made for each other can never be apart until the destiny wishes to. This Fiction starts with the Two Opposite personality leads getting married for a reason who then choose to Hide this marriage from the world and stay apart.

What would happen when destiny brings them back to face each other? Would their relationship be revealed to the world? Would they be able to live normally after hiding this fact? What is the Key secret of their marriage? The Story casts Two male leads and two female leads. Coming on this Page Shortly. The blood ones can break but not the ones with heart. And the search of his, leads to the answers of some questions of his own past.

Having trust in your partner is important in a relationship and if that is not been followed, anyone can break your bond very easily. How does it feel when a seperated couple meets each other after years? How would it feel when one of them comes to know that the other has hidden a major truth of THEIR life.?

Would this person demand that thing back?? Would the other give up easily to this demand or fight back?

Or would they come up with some better solution?? It was as thick and melodious as sickly sweet honey, as addictive as nicotine in a cigerette, as neccassary for his life as water is to the dry throat.

He would never tire of that voice. He wanted to hear it more and more…it was his lifeline, the only thing he could hold on to in this vast white expanse of nothingness. Thats where he was right now. There was no start, there was no finish. He looked around himself. It was haunting in a way. As if he was the only one in the entire world and it was all blank. It was a terrifying thought- to be in solidarity for so long in an endless world of complete and utter nothingness, no color, no sound, no movement.

He would go insane………. A very familiar voice belonging to his one and only love. He knew the second he had heard it who it belonged to; for no one could have a voice so soothing, so calming to his nerves, like balm covering open wounds.

He remained in this white expanse for who knows how long. Maybe it was minutes, maybe hours, maybe months, maybe even years. In this absurd world of nothingness, he had no sense of time, no sense of anything actually. Raizada, I am going to give you an injection right now…in 3….

He felt something rush hrough his veins alerting his senses. But this feeling lasted only for mere seconds or so as he returned back to his dreary, white world.

This white, dull world would continue for long stretches of time, until it changed. And if he thought the white world was unsettling, he was way wrong becuase the pitch black one was way worse. It felt like a torment. And the second was that of his daughter. But there were despairing moments too, moments where he felt so frustrated.

When his daughters cry would render him hopeless.

love hate relationship arshi ff thread 15

Her silence would pierce his heart even more. He didnt know her since she was born, but she was his daughter and he knew well enough by now that, whenever she was upset, she would take to silence, unlike other children who would resort to fits of crying.

She was like him in that aspect. Other despairing moments would be Khushi crying to him, telling him to wake up, to come back. When she was being arrested, having to go to court, learning about Shyam claiming to be Shailas father. All those times when she needed him and he couldnt open his God damn eyes no matter how hard he tried.

He wanted to hold her close and hug her, comfort her, reassure her, but he couldnt. Try as he did, his eyes would not open, his fingers would not move, his throat would not produce a sound. He felt so utterly hopeless, so extremely frustrated at the world.

He would try responding to her but he could not, not in any form or way. He would have given up entirely had it not been for his wife or his daughter. The two most important people in his life now.

His girls He heard a few other peoples voices too: Akash, Payal and Aman. Aman would tell him about work and how it was going without the three of them present. Akash would tell him the same things basically but try to crack a few extra jokes.

It was a comforting feeling, to know they were there for him, that he did have people who loved and cared for him. But he learned alot from this time of being purely a listener. Things he wouldve rather not want to hear but also things that he would have never known had it not been for him being in this state. One of the positive things he learned was that his wife cared and loved him much more than she ever let on. She stayed by his side almost all the time, her hand entertwined with his, her pleas for him to wake up.

All of them were indications that Khushi truly did care for him, something she would never admit easily after all he had done to destroy her. But there were many more negative things. One of these things was Khushi getting arrested, he never heard her conversation with the police officers but she told him about it once she had returned from the police station.

He was quiet suprised and shocked to learn she had run away home, abandoming her family, her daughter of only 1 year because she was upset. His whole life he had tried to protect his sister, and had even destroyed his own family, his own happiness in the midst of trying to keep her happy, but only now did he realize how unfortunately foolish and immature his sister truly was. Her every decision based solely on whim and emotion, she didnt think rationally, didnt think of the consequences of her actions.

What was Amana going to do without her now? How would a one year old child survive without her mother? And all this because Shyam had upset her? He learned that his despicable uncle had not only ruined his family entirely but also another family. And that was undeniably his own wifes family. A little girl, only 6 years old having to be orphaned because of one mans greed. He couldnt even explain in words the extent of his hatred towards that one man.

Khushi didnt know how long she sat there, her head on his beating heart pouring out all her sorrows. His rhythmic heart beats gave her the assurance that he was still there, that he had not completely left her, but more than anything assurance, she needed his actualy conscious presence. For his strong arms to wrap around her and hold her close, for comforting words of love to calm her restless heart.

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Arnav heard her desperate cries, he knew more than anything else in the world right now that at this moment he was the only one that could console Khushi. So somehow, maybe through a higher power his one finger moved. But Khushi did not notice his small movement, she was laying limp onto his chest, begging him to wake up. So he tried harder. And he did not know where he found the will, the strength, but somehow, he managed to move his entire arm to rest it on her back. He felt her stiffen as she felt his movement.

She looked up and miraculously and he found himself staring right into her bright eyes, her eyes that lit up in mere seconds. He didnt know why she was so happy to see him but what confused him even more was how could he see her? When did he exit his alternating black and white world and enter this colorful world? He didnt know when, but somewhere along the way he had found that world oddly comforting, he had gotten used to the solitude, to be able to hear everything silently, so when Khushi started screaming and laughing and jumping, he was caught off gaurd.

More people rushed into the room, dressed in scrubs and at this moment he was so extremely confused. He had no idea where he was and who all these people were, other than Khushi. He stared at them in utter confusion as they all crowded around him, fussing over him, talking to him, checking the machines that were surrounding him, writing things down.

One man looked straight at him and started speaking to him. After someone had offered him water and he had gulped it down appreciatevely, his blurry mind cleared up a little and he could understand what was going on around him. A man in a white coat was lightly hitting his knee with a hammer, testing his reflex. He shone the light into his eyes to see the reaction in his eyes and overall he just checked to make sure Arnavs nervous system was still in tact.

Arnav thought long and hard but nothing came to him. He could not remember his damn name. He shook his head in response. The doctor looked quite concerned as he noted down in his clipboard.

The doctor looked quite amazed at this response and smiled as he wrote it down. Arnav Singh Raizada and you were in a coma for 11 days due to lack of blood flow to your brain from a gunshot on your femoral artery… you are now in hospital.

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Raizada dont worry, its only temporary. The nurse and other assistant doctors left the room immediately leaving her alone with Arnav. As soon as the door shut behind them, her eyes met Arnavs and she smiled widely. He gave a small, weak smile in return. She ran to his bedside and hugged him. Days passed and Arnav got stronger, his memory slowly regaining, his energy slowly refuelling.

Shaila was extremely excited to see her father awake and smiling, his arms held out open for her as she jumped into his arms and yelped from glee. She talked to him constantly about nothing and everything and he listened willingly, seeminlgy interested in her babyish talks.

Arnav interacted with Akash and Aman about work.

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He had started physical therapy classes and was slowly improving the ability of his despondant legs. Everything was going well. Arnav noticed this but decided not to say anything for the time being. Raizada should go to physical therapy classes daily to improve the movement in his legs as he has been laying in a bed for quite a long time now.

He needs bedrest for atleast 5 weeks…tell him not to do any work that requires force and heavy lifting…as time passes do try to engage him more and more in activities that involve movement.

Shyam Monohar Jha, we have you listed down as his only family, he will be recovering soon, what would you like us to do? She had forgotten all about him.

The doctor nodded and with a final handshake, Khushi walked off. Aman had arranged a private jet to fly them all home to Delhi. Within the next hour, they were all settling onto the luxury jet. Shaila and Akhil ran straight up the pathway into the jet and gaped at the luxury and spaciousness.

love hate relationship arshi ff thread 15

There were plush sofas and coffee tables and to one side there were some game machines along with a tv. Everyone boarded the aircraft. Khushi wheeled Arnav to the other end of the jet and opened a nicely polished wooden door which led into a private bedroom She pushed the chair in and closed the door behind her.

SHe helped him out of his chair and onto the bed silently as he looked lovingly at her with his dark, honey brown eyes. Right as she set him on the bed, she accidently fell onto him, her chest heaving closely against his as his smoldering eyes brought havoc to her senses. His eyes traveled all across her features and his rough hand softly grazed her cheek. She was soon lost into the warming sensation. His hot breath on her face, his touch sending fire through her veins, his close proximity sending her heart beat whizzing.

The first bubbles of the firey passion between them resurfacing as it the heat between them boiled up again. Her heartbeat thundering as he slowly neared her. She closed her eyes and prepared herself for the sensation of his lips on hers.

love hate relationship arshi ff thread 15

But before she could move, Arnav grabbed her wrist and turned her around. He looked at her with a stern expression. Arnav grabbed her gently and pulled her closer into him so that his legs wrapped around her trapping her in his embrace. Everytime I see you, your off in the corner silent. Khushi couldnt seem to move her eyes away from his mesmerising ones, she didnt have the courage to lie to him. Arnav looked at her lovingly as he cupped her face.

She cared for him, truly cared for him. This simple answer was enough for him to know that things would get better between them soon. The jet was now moving fast on the runway and Arnav held Khushi close to him as they took off. Khushi rested her head against his chest and let the loud noise of take off wash out.

Some time later, once they were flying smoothly in the air, Khushi moved away slightly. Arnav continued their earlier conversation. She cared for him, more than she would ever like to admit. But something was preventing her from opening up to him.

As Khushi sat in silence, memories of her voice while he was in a coma washed over Arnav. He remembered her telling him something about her mother. He looked long and hard at his wife and wrapped his arms around her abruptly and trapped her in the circle of his strong arms, in his protective embrace.

Khushi laid her head right over his heart. I hate that man kavindra with every fibre of my being. It hurts to think what you went through…but all that is in the past now…we need to move on…ill help you move on Khushi. Khushi stubbornly shook her head and left the room shutting the door behind her, leaving an extremely confused Arnav behind.

A while later the door opened and in entered his little princess concentrating intently on a glass of milk she was trying so hard to keep stable in her hands. He smiled as she walked slowly towards him, her eyes kept on the milk, her tongue stuck out in concentration.

Soon she handed him the glass and was rewarded by a smile and a loving pat on her head. Him and Shaila sat there for the rest of the short flight talking and playing games and laughing at silly jokes.

Soon they landed in Delhi and within the next hour, Arnav was being helped by Khushi and Aman out of the vehicle parked outside his suite. Akash and Payal had insisted alot for them to come to RM since Shyam had left but Khushi still didnt feel comfortable engaging too much with the rest of the family still so after much insistence they finally agreed to let them stay in the apartment.

Later that evening when everyone had had dinner and left to their respective homes leaving them alone, Khushi carried off a sleeping Shaila to her crib in the nursery.