Madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship questions

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madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship questions

What happened with the relationships of all the other Vanadis towards Tigre? Forum > Questions and Answers Topics for this thread: Edit Topics. Topic. Save. The characters inhabiting the world of Lord Marksman and Has a majority of the characters from the first 10 Light Novels; aka: Madan No Ou To Vanadis Tigre's home country. .. He solves a surprising number of problems by shooting something. Following the civil war, Zhcted improved its relationship. Madan no Ou to Vanadis Volume 05 Preview 8 March of the Dragons "Tigre. Having so many people with poor relations with one another in close . had the urge to poke his cheek and talk to him, but if she did that, it would cause problems.

The aforementioned difficulty in understanding what is going on persists here as well. Since it wasn't explained properly before, it remains discombobulated after. When it comes to the actual field skirmishes, the anime adopts a narration approach. Going into explanatory mode, the show does its best to clarify the formations of the warring sides and their plan of attack. The point here is to make it feel as if it's a war that the characters are participating in.

Again, though, it falls flat: Elen fighting against a dragon or Tigre squaring off against the opposing general are fine as standalone fights. In context, though, it doesn't seem to fit since their part is just one small piece to the much bigger puzzle.

When the anime isn't having such a tough job conveying the severity of the wars going on, it steps back into its secondary role as a harem. Once again, though, the anime cannot deliver. A lot of the problems here stem from the show refusing to address or at least elaborate on the relationships that exist between Tigre and the rest of the girls.

It's alluded to heavily for each of them, with constant teasing and wordplay, but it never comes off as if the characters are anything but friends to our main character.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis - Tigre saves them from assasination

What's even more strange is the apparent lack of the harem. Particular characters are sometimes shown only once or twice, despite given relative importance. Worse still, there exists a person shown in the opening and closing sequences, but never appears over the course of the show. It's almost as if the anime forgot to include her during production. Amid the directionless wars and harem antics, the show gives one final attempt to instill some form of reason.

The idea that a just cause is a righteous one. Fighting for others and not yourself is noble and courageous, to say the least. And this isn't just seen with Tigre; many of his opponents question their beliefs, and many of the War Maidens aid him not for themselves, but because they simply wish to help.

It's entirely poetic, though, since it's never challenged nor is it looked at realistically. It's accepted as fact that Tigre's mindset is "as straight as an arrow," and that nothing could be more worthy of praise. The show fails to explore any kind of ramifications attributed to such thinking, instead directing its resources to other venues.

madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship questions

The art style at first gives the feeling of taking place within an Elder Scrolls type fantasy world, with taverns, villages, and zero modern technology. However, this is quickly replaced by the reused open terrains with overcast clouds and tent encampments. Combined with the quite jarring CG horses and platoons, it's never pretty to see. The character designs pick up some of the slack. While Tigre is rather boring with his outfit and hair, the same cannot be said for the War Maidens.

While some have excessively large busts, they're all quite beautiful. Each of their designs is detailed, from their armor to their weapons. Prior Sasha's passing, Elen was the first and the last Vanadis to see her alive before her death, prompts her to be devestated over Sasha's death.

Edit Elen's feud with Liza. Vanadis of Lebus who was Elen's former rival and harbored a fierce animosity against her. Unlike her rivalry with Mila due to their background, Elen's rivalry with Liza was personal and hostile. Prior to her life with the Silver Gale Mercenaries, Elen rescued Liza from her village bullies and not only did she befriended with the Rainbow-Eyed girl, she also trained her fighting skills and encouraged her before leaving her village.

However, due to Liza's changed appearance and status, Elen quickly forgotten about her in their second encounter, to Liza's dismay. Their friendship began to deteriorate when Liza burned an unnamed village that was related to Elen without her or Zhcted authorities' consent, garnering her hatred against Liza.

Even worse, because of her involvement in Rodion Abt's death before he could escape trial, Elen was challenged by Liza in a duel that she won which further fueling Liza's determination in surpassing her, instantly shattered their last fragment of friendship. Since the fallout of these incidents, neither Elen nor Liza willing to compromise and their arguments almost turned violent. Nonetheless, due to her knowledge about Liza's stubbornness and temper, Elen tried to avoid their confrontation that resulting horrific consequences, especially Legnica since it is located between Leitmeritz and Lebus.

Courtesy to Tigre-under his amnesiac moniker Urs who was under Liza at that time-though, Elen begrudgingly cooperated with Liza for his sake. As her gratitude for Liza for taking care of Tigre prior his amnesia, as well her sympathy towards her old rival's injury after their battle against Baba Yaga, Elen fought and slew Kazakov one of Liza's enemies that seemly rekindling their relationship, especially after Tigre promised that he will be their mediator.

It is then Elen finally recognizes Liza when the latter covering her right eye, effectively leading a reconciliation between the two. Regardless, Elen distrusts Tina not only because of her Tina's inhumane and sinister tactics, from poisoning Brune's river in order to demoralize the Sachstein Calvary Army to even dispatch Lim as the Moonlight Knights' messenger to meet Asvarre Army, she also become increasingly aggravated to see Tina's unusual interest towards Tigre after hearing rumors about him piggybacking Tina after the siege of Hill Fort in Plainville Plains, resulting her antagonism against the Void Vanadis while questioning her true motive.

During their time in Nice Royal Palace's garden however, she also noticing Tina's desire in obtaining anything she yearned by all means as the latter "advised" her to bring Tigre to Leitmeritz.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Lord Marksman and Vanadis) -

Still, it doesn't eases Elen as she becoming suspicious towards Tina and her unknown plot that is involving Tigre. But, that impression was an error. She possessed both strength and gentleness.

Afterwards, the knights cleaned the pool of blood on the floor and respectively returned to their posts. Auguste let his subordinate, who survived, take a rest and in his stead chose two persons among the knights who were on standby.

Auguste too answered in a low voice so as to not disturb the Princess sleeping within the canopy. Even in the Calvados Knight Squadron which Auguste belonged to, that viewpoint did not change. But, Auguste himself did not have such a narrow-minded opinion about the bow. Though there was also the fact that he was born commoner, this was because in Alsace where Auguste was born and raised, there was little prejudice regarding the bow.

On the contrary, the lord there Tigrevurmud Vorn also known as Tigre was a skilled archer to the extent that he was praised by other countries. There were several reasons why he thought about using a crossbow. Even if they got rewards from the Kingdom, it was not like they could supplement new knights immediately.

It requires time to bring up an apprentice knight to a full-fledged one. It was necessary to raise their military power quickly. Also, the crossbow did not require so much training in comparison to the bow. Extremely speaking, it was fine as long as one understood how to pull the string, to load a bolt and to shoot.

This was because it was reality that even those who admired Tigre as a hero having ended the civil war were reluctant about highly valuing his bow skill. They were various people such as local feudal lords, nobles of foreign countries, peddlers, itinerant entertainers, Shinto priests, wandering knights and the like.

As a matter of fact, their numbers were increasing as the New Year Festival approached. If something were to happen to Regin in such a situation, Brune would probably fall into great confusion. Truth and rumors would be jumbled together and fly about all over the country; and there was no doubt that those away from the capital would be shaken. As they load the bolt to the crossbow and set up their swords on the floor, Auguste and company turned the lights off.

At the time when a great number of soldiers were busily running around in the royal palace, there were four silhouettes that went down the slope of Luberon Mountain and appeared on the street. Those four were people who succeeded in escaping after sneaking into the royal palace and accomplishing their purpose.

All of them were dressed up in black from head to toe, and small gaps were made at the places of the eyes, nose and mouth. Two stood at the vanguard and kept watch on the surroundings, and the other two were carrying something wrapped with a black cloth. It was rod-shaped, big and heavy to the extent that two people were needed to carry it.

Just as planned, they went into an old house as they blended into the darkness.

madan no ou to vanadis tigre relationship questions

The inside of the house was pitch-black, but someone was present in there. It was the owner of the voice that turned on the light. As the intruders did not reply to it and quietly advanced, they put the thing which they were carrying on the floor.

It was a young man who grew gray hair up to his shoulders. Owner of well-ordered features as to let one feel dignity, he was holding a lamp in hand. It was this man who worked out and led the plan of this time. As Greast walked until before it which was wrapped with a black cloth, he went down on a knee to the floor and put the lamp to the side.

He put his hands on the black cloth and removed it with careful hands. Having appeared from inside was one large sword sheathed in its scabbard. This is… Greast could not help but hold his breath. He had several times seen the so-called famous sword, but he had never been moved by it even once.

But when he took the treasured sword up close and stared at it like this, he was almost overwhelmed by the mysterious power that Durandal wore. He wiped the sweat which floated on his forehead, raised his face and looked at the men in black. I prepared a change of clothes and a reward over there. You may rest until tomorrow morning. He was sincere with those who showed talent. Saying nothing, the men in black quietly walked to the nearby room. When the day dawned, Greast planned to load Durandal into the carriage he had prepared and leave the capital with them.

It was Greast who was the intermediary with the assassins, but it was the merchants based in a port town on the southern coast of Brune that prepared funds to move them.

Having lost the treasured sword would definitively become a great blow for Regin. And even the Sachstein Kingdom. Holding the treasured sword wrapped in the black cloth with both hands, Greast suddenly talked to himself. While understanding that it was too late, Regin ordered to look for those who stole the treasured sword. But since it could not be made public, it was clear that they would run into difficulties. Furthermore, the Princess also had to deal with the situation at hand.

Durandal was always displayed behind the throne.

What happened with the relationships of all the other Vanadis towards Tigre?

If it disappeared, anyone would question it. It would not take that much time until question changed to doubt. There were still a great number of domestic people who were hostile to Regin. There was no doubt that someone would press questions. To celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of spring and the beginning of the New Year, bread smeared with honey and vodka were served, and candles were given to people in the capital Silesia. Quench your thirst with vodka.

Repel darkness with candles. The Sun Festival was carried out over a period of three days, but the population of the capital at this time was more than double of the usual one.

In addition to those coming for festival sightseeing all the way from towns and villages, this was also because peddlers, itinerant entertainers and female dancers from inside and outside of the country gathered.

No matter which street one walked, minstrels and clowns were conspicuous; they sang, danced as if competing and exhibited rare shows. Applauses resounded, cheers flew, and copper and silver coins danced in the sky.

Words flying about were not just the Zhcted language. There were also languages of neighboring countries including Brune and also the language of far-off countries such as Yafa. The Muozinel people with dark brown skin spoke the Zhcted language with a strong accent, and the red-haired and blue-eyes Sachstein people lined up some poor foreign words.

If there were those who quarreled there, there were also those hitting it off with others with only gestures. There were also more stalls than usual, spit-roasting of meat and fish let a savory smell drift and multicolored accessories and handiworks lined up on carpets spread on the ground.

If there were those who displayed various articles and received games of chess, there were also figures of fortunetellers who put a crystal ball on a table. It gathered participants widely, ranging from a widely known knight to a certain soldier with a familiar skill, and from a traveling mercenary to people from cities.

The mercenary too, as he wanted the reward, stayed close to them in order to embellish himself up. The people of the capital sent them cheers, some people also amused themselves in secretly betting, and the martial arts tournament was greatly enlivened. Domestic nobles and knights, their wives and daughters, their attendants, well-known scholars and craftsmen, and ambassadors of neighboring countries were gathered in the royal palace. If there were those resting in guest rooms until the banquet, there were also those who were pleasantly chatting as they gathered in the very long corridor.

There were also those who were busy going around greeting people. If he had not made a promise to meet here, he would have long left. The youth was called by his nickname Tigre from those close to him. Entering upon a New Year, he turned 18 years old. Currently, Tigre wrapped his body in black formal clothes. His darkish red hair was also carefully arranged. If he stood with a dignified attitude, he would probably look like a gallant and noble young man.

However, as he was absentmindedly looking at the banquet hall with a puzzled face, he looked at best like an ordinary countryside noble. In fact, Tigre was only a mere countryside noble until two years ago. He was an Earl of the Brune Kingdom and was governing a small land in the frontier called Alsace.

Two years ago, there was a civil war in Brune. Duke Thenardier and Duke Ganelon, the great nobles who represented Brune tried to eliminate King Faron and grasp real power.

Having stopped their plot was Tigre. He protected Princess Regin whose whereabouts were unknown and brought peace to Brune. Afterwards, there were negotiations between Brune and Zhcted and it was decided that Tigre would stay in the Zhcted Kingdom as a guest General for three years. It was decided that he would stay in the LeitMeritz dukedom governed by Elen.

But, his daily life as a guest General only lasted for half a year. This was because after receiving a request of the Zhcted King Victor, Tigre proceeded to the Asvarre Kingdom as a messenger. Tigre who visited Asvarre was rolled up in the quarrel between the two Princes for the throne. After twists and turns, Tigre cooperated with a young General called Tallard Graham and they brought the civil war to an end.

In that way, he was going to return to Zhcted with his companions. However, the return ship was attacked by a demon and Tigre was thrown into the night sea. Although his life was saved by a frightening existence beyond human knowledge and he was washed ashore to Zhcted, he lost his memory.

It was really just recently that he regained his memory after meeting with Elen. A guest General is not a subordinate of the King. Setting him up as a messenger to a foreign country and moreover because he almost died was a serious matter. Mashas Rodant, a noble of Brune, demanded an audience with King Victor in order to question about this matter.

King Victor apologized about two points namely the clumsiness of the message to Brune, and the fact that the cooperation to Tigre was insufficient, and in addition to indemnity, consented about letting Tigre return to Brune without waiting for the three years of the promise.

This was an apology within the possible range for Zhcted. At this time, Victor made one suggestion. I would like for him to enjoy this festival. Also, in the middle of the Sun Festival, I will be able to get time to talk with the Earl.

In the current Brune, there were also other people whom they should be wary of. Tigre too had no objection. This was because they were things he should do while he was in Zhcted. Thus, after seeing off Mashas who returned to Brune one step earlier, Tigre visited the capital together with Elen, her adjutant Limalisha and his maid Titta. Probably because he was standing idly, Tigre was called out by young noble men and women several times.

After responding each time with a short greeting and forced smile, he saw them, who walked away, off. After standing here and counting to aboutat that time the person he was waiting for appeared. When he wondered about why commotion occurred in a slightly remote place, one girl showed up as she slipped out between people.

When she found Tigre, she revealed a shining smile. As he was fascinated, other words did not come out. Even the nobles present in this place, regardless of men and women, leaked sighs of admiration. Her silver hair which reached up to her waist was carefully done up, makeup was lightly applied on her well-featured face and her shiny lips let one feel a feminine charm.

Her pupils which harked back to rubies were full of vitality and furthermore increased her beauty. She wore a blue silk dress and both her shoulders were bared.

Though her cleavage slightly peeped out, her necklace which imitated spreading wings shone on her chest and gave a calm atmosphere. She did not wear gloves but a silver bracelet on which a hunter was carved shone on her left arm. That arm was trained and firm, but it was by no means boorish, it gave a flexible impression. Her threefold skirt which used frills abundantly was loosely made and was long so as to reach her feet.

On her waist, there was a long sword sheathed in its scabbard. There was a thin silver belt to the waist of the dress and the sword with a blue obi around it. Bringing a weapon into such a place was strictly forbidden. Only knights and soldiers guarding the royal palace were allowed to have one. But, this weapon and she were an exception. Her name was Eleonora Viltaria. She, who was called by her nickname Elen, turned 18 years old like Tigre in this New Year. She continued growing up both as a warrior and a girl.

Then, Tigre noticed the bracelet that Elen wore on her left arm. When he went to Asvarre, he bought it as a souvenir for her. Elen seemed to have noticed what the youth was talking about from his gaze. As her cheeks dyed red, she revealed an embarrassed smile. By the way, how do you find it? Your first Sun Festival.

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For Tigre who did not have too good a memory about banquets in a royal palace, he felt like the streets crowded with many stalls, street performances and the likes and the atmosphere brought about by people enjoying the festival suited him much better. He thought about waiting here until the banquet begins. Lim and Titta are there. For Tigre, she was his teacher of politics and military affairs, and he was also taught various things other than that.

They have also fought shoulder-to-shoulder on many occasions and she was almost as important as Elen. Titta was the maid who served Tigre since a long time ago.

When Tigre came to live at LeitMeritz as a guest General, she bravely followed the youth as she wished to stay by his side.

She was an important existence for Tigre after all. Tigre and Elen walked the very long corridor and stopped before a certain room. When he called out through the door, Titta replied. The door was opened. Within the wide room where furniture and furnishings were put were Lim and Titta. Lim turned 21 years old. She tied her dull golden hair on the left side of her head.

Though she had an unsociable expression, Tigre knew that she possessed both gentleness and strictness. Lim wrapped her tall figure in blue formal clothes.

The area around her chest looked slightly cramped. The reason why she wore not a skirt, but trousers was because she gave priority to the ease of movement.

Titta was 17 years old. She did up her hair, which was usually done in twin tails, into a ponytail and she wore a dress dyed bright golden yellow. Dark blue ribbons without decoration were tied on her chest and cuffs, and it rather drew out her simplicity and loveliness. For Titta aside, I think that for me there is a slightly different way of saying it though. It was not like she felt offended, but she warned him to be careful about his choice of words.

Tigre shook his head. The range of good looking clothes is vast, huh. Elen revealed a nasty smile. However, what Elen said was correct. After having shown a demeanor of thinking, Lim indifferently said. If those two girls said so, it seemed that even these stiff clothes were not bad.

Then, as she recalled something, Elen asked. Sofya had the nickname of Sofy and Ludmila had the nickname of Mila; and Tigre called them so. For the youth, the two girls were important comrades in arms. But, Elen who had a bad relation with Mila by no means called her so. It was also the same for Mila. When Elen turned to Tigre, she asked with a happy smile. Whose place do you want to visit? However, he had not met them yet.

If he thought about giving priority to someone, the other might be offended. I also have to meet her after all. Although only three, it was quite distant as each room was big. When Tigre lightly knocked on the door and named himself, a reply came with a stiff voice. There were three people in the room.

Tigre could not help but stand stock still on the spot. She wore her blue hair up and put on white and red corollas flowers. The dress was composed of light blue and snow white colors and boldly exposed her shoulders, it would probably give an impression of purity more than lusciousness to the beholder.

Red and golden ornaments given everywhere emphasized the white of the dress well enough. The gloves extending to the elbows were also white and gold was treated on the cuffs. The skirt reaching up to her feet was two-fold, and light blue and white carefully overlapped there, too. The white obi wound to her waist was big and harked back to wings as it softly opened.

Tigre was also of the same opinion, but at the same time he felt slight confusion. Mila was staring at Tigre with a slightly displeased face. However, Tigre had no memory of having done anything which soured her mood. In the first place, it was their reunion for the first time in a half year. For the time being, Tigre walked until before her.

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Elen and the others also followed later. After a short pause, she slightly nodded. I was just a little anxious. I was sure that you would have hugged Tigre while crying aloud. She pouted in displeasure and spoke vehemently. But, I wanted to receive such a thing from your hands properly. While thinking that she said something unreasonable, Tigre was happy about her words.

Mila was welcoming towards Lim as usual, but she showed a somewhat different reaction regarding the chestnut-haired girl. Titta understood that, too. However, now, Mila revealed a sympathetic smile and praised Titta. But, it was because Mashas-sama and Limalisha-san were there. Tigre too smiled broadly at the pleasant exchange. He was also glad that Mila recognized Titta. Once again, Elen and Mila exchanged greetings. Though it was courteous, it was shameless to the extent that not only Lim, but even the court ladies standing beside Mila knitted their eyebrows.

Although the silver-haired Vanadis made a sour look, she did not refuse.