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Title: Diplomatic Relations Kindred. Fandom: Naruto. Pairing: Gaara/Rock Lee. Categories: For Diplomatic Relations: Adventure, Angst, Romance. For Kindred. Diplomatic Relations. by Maldoror. (COMPLETE) Rock Lee: Diplomatic Envoy to Sunagakure. There are so many ways that could go wrong. But Lee is. A fantasy queer visual novel, Diplomatic Relations follows the Princess of Diplomatic Relations is a Naruto fanfiction by Maldoror, and it's been around for a .

And to befriend the feared Kazekage too, while he's at it. Good thing Lee loves a challenge As this was originally written at the time of the Akatsuki arc, it splits off from there. Gaara keeps the one-tail in this version and goes back to leading his village until, two years later, he gets the bright idea of requesting a permanent diplomatic envoy from Leaf and suggests Rock Lee as a candidate. Gaara is mostly sane these days, outside of sand storms and excessive emotional shocks, but he does have the occasional moment of eccentricity.

See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one. Here we go, the next in the list of mega-big fics. I'll be posting Freeport as well in parallel, because I have officially decided I have no life. Lee straightened up, shifted his bag on his shoulder and saluted again.

I need to go ask about this- oh, Captain? Which was good; it meant he didn't have to find out how long it would take to run two hundred laps around Sunagakure on the very first day of his arrival. Two days running at full speed without sleep and with little food will not defeat someone who truly believes in himself.

Please, show me to the office so I can begin right away! He merely bowed and motioned to Lee to follow.

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And this is your office. The room he'd been led to was bigger than his apartment back in Konoha. The captain looked at him steadily, and then nodded. When the captain glanced at him over his shoulder, the guard nodded hastily in assent.

What was he supposed to be doing with all this space? Maybe he could set up a small gym in one corner The guard trailed after his officer with one last sceptical glance at Lee. Lee could hear them talk in the hall through the open door. Kankuro-san gave me a full — and very accurate — description.

Are they trying to start a war?

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Such heavy responsibility to rest upon his eighteen-year-old shoulders, and without Gai-sensei's endless wisdom to rely upon. Gai-sensei had said to write to him often, and particularly if Lee had any problems or questions. Lee was tempted to write a letter right away.

He was worried he wouldn't be very good at this. He wondered if he'd made a good first impression with the guards.

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And how about tomorrow when he met the Kazekage and the council? He'd started to trek across to the desk and the blank scrolls and pens there, his feet brushing static from the carpet in the dry desert air, when he caught himself.

Gai-sensei had told him to write, true. But he'd also told Lee to do his very best, and to become a man and a warrior Gai would be proud of. Such a one did not run to his teacher at the slightest doubt. He remembered Gai's proud look and masculine tears when he'd crushed Lee in one last bear hug two days ago, saying how glad he was that Lee had been chosen for this honour. Then he'd punched Lee - not even that hard - because his pupil was wasting time and would be late to take up his duties if he let his youth and splendid success go to his head any further.

Temari is a battle-axe, village leader and a scary older sister combined into one. While in the desert and bereft of supplies, Gaara preserves spilled water by licking it off Lee's chin and mouth. Lee is already feverish but this really sends him into confusion. Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro, who collectively run the village, organise the war effort and deal with Lee's stubbornness.

Gaara creates a pothole in the desert filled with water for bathing in after he and Lee destroy a hive of giant sand bugs. Gaara sees it as a practical way of getting clean but Lee is distracted by Gaara's semi-nudity.

For a few chapters, Gaara has one for Lee mentioning the word 'love'. Kankuro is this for Lee, and eventually Gaara as well. Temari is also this for Gaara and Lee. The Suna desert has these. They function like locusts and operate via Hive Mind. Lee is shown to eat way more than the ordinary person, even for a ninja, justified in that his attack style is completely Taijutsu-based and he spends a lot of the fic pushing himself to physical extremes.

Lee is relieved that he still has these after Gaara puts the Sand Armour on him and leaves him shaved all over, because they make him resemble his manly teacher, Gai. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Lee is The Ditz who wears orange legwarmers in the desert and gives regular speeches about the Power of Youth, but is also a lightning-fast Taijutsu expert and the only person in the village capable of training with Gaara.

It was strange how people always underestimated Lee when they first saw him. It happened all the time. Really, couldn't they recognize a fearsome warrior when they saw one?

Maybe it was because he was wearing the poncho Dark and Troubled Past: Lee gets up to speed with Gaara's in a conversation with Naruto. He realises that it's the villages' rejection of the demon hosts which has made them what they are, not the demons themselves, making Gaara and Naruto Not So Different.

Gaara's semi-human personality is explored in greater depth than in the original series. Having Lee has a narrator guarantees idealism everywhere, and the war on the Big Bad is a lot simpler than the one in the original series. Day in the Limelight: The fic is this for both Lee and Gaara, whose lives are explored in detail, as well as Sunagakure as the Hidden Village setting of the story.

Gaara will sometimes become this to Lee, often as a Not So Stoic sign of affection. Also because, naturally, Lee is an irresistible target.

Kankuro has this in spades as well. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are back in Konoha and occasionally mentioned by Lee. Tsunade is seen and referred to more often as she is Lee's direct superior and Gaara's counterpart in Konoha.

Lee also often thinks of Gai, and recalls Kakashi in a flashback. Lee refuses to give up trying to be Gaara's friend despite warnings from pretty much everybody. Distracted by the Sexy: Lee realises that he always seems to notice what Gaara's wearing Not Distracted by the Sexy: Lee doesn't understand the appeal of Tsunade's outfit or her spars with Shizune.

True to character, the first chapter is Lee's big Dynamic Entry into Suna. The Suna guard's response: Are they Konoha trying to start a war?

Gaara is a male version of this, even moreso because he fails to understand emotions themselves. Gaara's gourd of sand accompanies him everywhere and Lee sometimes thinks it has its own moods.

It is a defining moment when Gaara leaves the gourd outside the room when coming to visit Lee. Lee and Gaara have plenty of fight scenes, both against each other while training and against the various antagonists in the story.

Wordof God states that she prefers action scenes to emotional ones, making this an example of Author Appeal. Gaara and Lee have theirs in the midst of a huge Gaara-created sandstorm, also making it a Big Damn Kiss. The fic could be described as a series of these between Lee and Gaara, leading to them being in a relationship. For a while Lee struggles with accepting that he's gay, and the embarrassing realisation that Gai and Kakashi have known for years.

Later, Lee isn't sure whether Gaara is attracted to men even after they decide to start a relationship. Lee has this after opening seven Chakra Gates in battle.

Lee tries to do this for Gaara, who is not happy about it. For Lee in comparison to his original characterisation. Wordof God says Lee and Gaara would have remained this forever if adverse events hadn't forced Lee to own up to himself about the extent of his feelings for Gaara. Lee, for one, wears orange leg-warmers and a green spandex suit. On a walk in a non-ninja town, Gaara gets mistake for a hooker due to all the buckles, mesh, leather on his outfit.

Lee is a classic example in his overzealous approach to training, battles, paperwork, and his friendship with Gaara. I Need a Freaking Drink: Kankuro and Temari's reaction when they discover Gaara and Lee making out.

The fic, being from Lee's POV, is resolutely idealist as Lee refuses to get mired in any angst despite the events around him and Gaara. Gaara, who strips to have a wash in the desert and fails to notice Lee's sudden panic. Wordof God describes these scenes in the story as weird and unconventional, which makes sense given who the main characters are Lee's response after Gaara is attacked and his sand manipulation powers are rendered useless by a seal.

Lee is pretty much stronger, faster and tougher than most by this point in the timeline.