Marduk facebook official relationship

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marduk facebook official relationship

Marduk was the patron god of Babylon, the Babylonian king of the gods, who presided over justice, compassion, healing, regeneration, magic. Swedish black metallers MARDUK will release their new album, "Viktoria", you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. In addition, I want to formally thank Morgan of Marduk for making himself . an opinion on music sharing sites like Youtube and Facebook? Official Website . Des Kensel: “To Be in a Band Is like Any Working Relationship”.

State Street Chicago, IL. This current tour started in Russia on May 11th. Here it is less than a month later and you guys have already flown across the globe and played concerts in parts of Canada and the US, this tour sounds like the whirlwind from hell, how are you guys holding up?

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So far so good. We started off in Siberia, Russia. Marduk is one of the first black metal bands and well known for their legendary live performances. The physical demands required to play extreme music are well known, not to mention the hardships of touring, how have you managed to stay healthy and on top of you game for so long?

marduk facebook official relationship

Having over twenty of years music must make it difficult to compile a set list, would you rather play songs from your more recent works to accommodate younger fans or is it better to reward longtime fans with the classics? I believe in a combination. Of course fans and the band as well, enjoy playing the old songs, so we will try to do some but we usually try to do more from the new album. In this case the new album just came out so we will do just a few songs but not too many.

We follow the instinct and do what comes natural for us. -

We follow the inspiration and see where it takes us. What songs off Serpent Sermon [reviewed here ] will be incorporated into your live set?

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Where did the idea for the Serpent Sermon album cover come from? The album cover was done by our vocalist Mortuus. We are very much a band that are do-it-yourself. Since we are the people that work with the music and lyrics, no one knows better how we ought to sound than us.

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Same thing when it comes to the artwork it was done by our vocalist. Who better would know how to reflect the spirit of what we are doing. It reminds of the demon Pazuzu from the Exorcist. Yeah, the demon, devil, whatever you make out of it.

marduk facebook official relationship

Everybody knows what the pentagram is. The big blowout came when I took my wife along for some South America shows though. Morgan must have really thought she is Yoko Ono and after that he basically wanted me to chose between her and him, but that was basically not a choice, since I already was determined to quit when it felt right and there it was. You've also said before that you were not satisfied by the black metal scene any longer. That Swedish-Norwegian anti-everything-else scene was on the rise and everything was just so fucking exciting about it.

We used to travel around up North and hook up with like-minded people all over the place. It was this feeling of belonging, being a part of something clandestine and mythic that really turned me on. We stopped hanging out and I think we both felt we didn't have all that much to dicuss anymore.

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Obvious question — why relocate from Sweden to Los Angeles? When I was younger I always pictured myself going over there sooner or later and ever since we went there on tour there has not been a single day that I did not wake up frustrated about not living there. I like the pulse of the bigger places, the higher pace and the more for the taking.

The reason for sticking around here was for the band but now there is nothing that I feel stands in the way.

Sweden might be scenic and all but it really makes me feel like a caged animal. War is sitting on a lot of ideas, I have the tracks I mentioned before plus songs worth of raw material that I haven't started on yet. Now the sky's the limit.