Nidge dead love hate relationship

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nidge dead love hate relationship

Actor 'hugely grateful' to Love/Hate and its fans but ' looking forward to new challenges'. Love/Hate is an Irish dramatic television series broadcast on RTÉ Television. The show aired between and on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player. The show. Will they keep up the hunt if Nidge is dead, or will we be seeing less of Here's how the LoveHate cast reacted to seeing the season finale*>.

By the time Nidge gets back from Spain the next day, Janet has been brutally tortured to death. However, Nidge achieved the status he craved, but the enormity of the event is such that the cracks start to show. Scotty was dismissed, and it seems once again that his quarry will slip through his fingers.

RTE Moynihan at last lost his iron self-control and, pulling Nidge over for a non-existent traffic violation, he viciously beats him up.

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Fran meanwhile is on the run with only one thought in mind: He almost catches up with his target at the brothel — but at last he is recaptured and returned to prison where, battered and not expecting any threat, he is confronted in the showers by Noely Hughes. Meanwhile Siobhan pays a friendly visit to Trish, carefully planting the finger bone in a hiding place in the bathroom.

Nidge was far too selfish. He did care for her, even if the initial spark was gone.

nidge dead love hate relationship

They had an understanding. RTE Mary revealed she loved playing Janet during her time on the series. She knew the magic was gone but she had an agenda - to ensure her son had a better life.

nidge dead love hate relationship

Who will take over? Will it be the same cast? Elmo is in the joy, Aido is still walking around like a lost puppy, and Tommy is still in a coma.

Here's What To Expect From Love/Hate Season Six

What will happen to Tommy, anyway? He barely had more than a minute of screen-time for the whole series, and now without Siobhan, will he appear in the new series at all? They pretty much proved themselves useless this series, only serving as an outlet for rats.

The only witness of the Git murder and their main informer is now dead possiblyso the lads will have their work cut out for them. Will they keep up the hunt if Nidge is dead, or will we be seeing less of them?

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Will they change to the traffic division so they can eat more paper discs? Who knows, they look tasty. Be given a medal by the guards?

nidge dead love hate relationship

Take charge of the racket? We doubt it, he seems far too nice for that. Yes, the murdering bomb maker.

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How will prison pan out for Fran? If Nidge is gone, our biggest chance of a new protagonist is Fran, but is he up to it? Is he going to seek revenge on Noely? Will Noely kill him first?

nidge dead love hate relationship

Could he possibly even be dead already from his wounds? What role will Aaron play in all of this? He was already going off the rails, now that his mam has been brutally murdered will he go for revenge?