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In his new memoir, William Shatner reveals his bitter feud with longtime friend Leonard Nimoy before Spock's death, has. The USS Enterprise Captain writes about his personal relationship with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, stars of the low-budget s .. And within a matter of a year or two, I developed a major problem with alcohol. William Shatner was NEVER friends with co-star George Takei: Star Trek . the only co-star who shunned Shatner, with the late Leonard Nimoy.

He was caught between two different worlds and two distinct sides of himself, one that was alien and rational, and one that was emotional and human. But then Shatner noticed something that disturbed him — Spock got the most fan mail. You had your ears fixed! The relationship grew even more contentious as Shatner played little pranks on his co-workers, including Nimoy. So one day he hid the bike in the rafters, and another in his trailer. Finally, on the last day, Nimoy drove his Buick onto the set and locked the bike inside it.

But soon Shatner began seeing himself side-by-side with Nimoy, in arms against the producers. Neither of their contracts offered them residuals from the show, nor did they have any control over the commercial use of their images. When Nimoy discovered that Spock was being used to sell Heineken beer in England, he took the producers to court.

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He asked to leave the set early to make a 6 p. However, Roddenberry had started his own licensing company and wanted a cut.

William Shatner was NEVER friends with co-star George Takei: Star Trek legend reveals why

When Nimoy explained that he was already paying an agent 10 percent for the gig, Roddenberry asked for It cemented what he describes as the first seeds of a growing friendship between the two men. What Nimoy got, Shatner got, and vice versa. The show lasted only three seasons, and it didn't become popular until reruns in the '70s propelled the series to its massive pop culture status.

Those humble beginnings supposedly didn't stop Shatner from being a demanding star during the show's production. According to Uproxxnearly the entire crew of the Enterprise had problems working with him. She decided to stay following a chance encounter with Martin Luther King Jr. But it turns out that the one person who Shatner clashed with the most was Captain Kirk's on-screen best friend: Fan mail poured in for the Vulcan, and John Wayne even dropped by the set just to see him, according to the New York Post.

Shatner was reportedly not happy, and in later years, he admitted to feeling jealous of his co-star and not handling the situation in the best of ways.

William Shatner ‘will die wondering’ why Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy stopped talking to him

For starters, Shatner often hid Nimoy's bike, which the Spock actor used to get around on set quickly during the cast's short breaks. The London Express reported that Shatner didn't want pictures taken of makeup artists applying his hairpiece.

Nimoy reportedly refused to get into makeup until the photographer was allowed back in. Despite Shatner's ego causing considerable friction, the co-stars reportedly became allies after Nimoy sued Star Trek producers for using his likeness to sell Heineken beer in England. The pair even took on Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who supposedly demanded a large percentage of Nimoy's convention appearances, according to Shatner's book about his late co-star.

The actors renegotiated their contracts together and became close friends for decades until, once again, Shatner apparently took things too far. There was never a final argument or blow out over it, but that seemed to have been the last straw. They never spoke again. My Fifty-Year Friendship With a Remarkable Man, Shatner wrote that he thought Nimoy was "kidding" about no longer speaking to him and referred to it as "such a small thing.

According to ThoughtCo, Shatner said he attempted to repair their friendship over the years, but to no avail. After Nimoy's death, Shatner said in his book that the Spock actor was his only " real friend " in life, yet Shatner made an odd choice when it came time to honor the passing of his friend.

In his defense, Shatner was in Florida for the Red Cross Ball, but to many fans, that was not a worthy excuse. In the wake of the controversy, valid points were made on Shatner's behalf, reinforcing that mourning is a deeply personal process and the media should leave Shatner alone to grieve as he saw fit.

Not to mention, he missed the funeral to do charity work. Things got shady, as they often do with Shatner, when the actor reportedly landed in Los Angeles just two hours after Nimoy's funeral began, leading many to assume that Shatner may have been able to make it back in time for the service if he'd really wanted to. It was a conflicting end to a conflicting relationship, but it wasn't the only public rift between Shatner and a former Star Trek castmate.

The shady side of William Shatner

Takei claimed Shatner even changed the script for Star Trek V so Takei's character, Sulu, wouldn't be in command of a starship. The situation grew volatile in when Shatner ranted in an interview that he wasn't invited to Takei's wedding. The two traded many barbs over the years, but inthey managed to settle their differences for a reunion photo at Destination Star Trek Europe. It's anybody's guess how long they'll keep the peace.

He went after J. Indirector J. Abrams reportedly found himself in Shatner's crosshairs after the actor learned that Nimoy would appear in Abrams' Star Trek reboot, which would be decidedly Shatner-free. The problem intensified when Abrams claimed his team tried to fit the original Kirk into the reboot film but Shatner "wanted the movie to focus on him significantly," according to The Guardian.