Organization public relationship theory pros

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organization public relationship theory pros

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of public relations (PR) such as cost, effectiveness, measurement, influence and reach. According to this model, organizations hire public relations experts who create the organization, its key people, products, benefits of the products, testimonials. public relations managers use theory to guide decisions and choices. Theory .. This strategic positioning brings benefits to the organisation and the public.

Definitions of selected key dimensions[ edit ] Control mutuality--The degree to which parties agree on who has the rightful power to influence one another. Although some imbalance is natural, stable relationships require that organizations and publics each have some control over the other. Trust--Operationalized by key public members in the "relationship as "doing what you say you will do" Ledingham and Bruning, A willingness to open oneself to the other party.

There are three dimensions to trust: That an organization will do what it says it will do. The notion of a fiduciary relationship operates particularly when a not-for-profit organization is a party to the relationship Ledingham and Bruning.

organization public relationship theory pros

Commitment--The extent to which each party believes and feels that the relationship is worth spending energy to maintain and promote. Two dimensions of commitment are continuance commitment, which refers to a certain line of action, and affective commitment, which is an emotional orientation Hon and Grunig. Satisfaction--The extent to which each party feels favorably toward the other because positive expectations about the relationship are reinforced.

A satisfying relationship is one in which the benefits outweigh the costs. Exchange relationships--"They provide a fair way for people to obtain many goods and services that might not be available to them in close, communal relationships in which benefits are given to support the others' welfare non-contingently" [2] ionships, one party gives benefits to the other only because the other has provided benefits in the past or is expected to do so in the future.

Communal relationships--In a communal relationship, both parties provide benefits to the other because they are concerned for the welfare of the other—even when they get nothing in return. For most public relations activities, developing communal relationships with key constituencies is much more important to achieve than would be developing exchange relationship.

Favor and face--Favor or renqing connotes a set of social norms by which one must abide to get along well with other people in Chinese society.

Models of Public Relations

In public relations, it is a mode of conduct in which individuals stay in contact with influential parties. Face or mianzi is kind of a resource that can be exchanged between individuals as a means of securing favors.

Maintaining face or doing a face-work in front of others is important in social interactions, especially for expanding or enhancing human networks.

organization public relationship theory pros

A PRO should be capable enough to deal with such problems, without causing damage to the reputation of the company. PR Strategies and Campaigns: A PRO should constantly look out for opportunities to present the organization in a positive light.

organization public relationship theory pros

He needs to come up with different PR strategies that will lead to easy acceptance and appreciation of any new move by the organization. He has to plan promotional strategies, keeping the target audience and desired result in mind. Whenever an important decision of the organization is to be made public, the PRO must arrange a press conference.

organization public relationship theory pros

He has to invite the press beforehand, make arrangements at the venue, manage catering, audio-visual facilities, stage set-up, ambiance etc. Also, he has to prepare a press kit for the journalists, which includes a press release, providing details of the announcement.

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After the press conference, he has to request the press to ask their questions. He should be very careful and clever in answering their queries. A PRO must prepare an event-wise media plan, detailing and shortlisting the journalists from publications and electronic media for gaining substantial visibility. Other media platforms like advertising, bill boards, social media, etc. This is an important decision to be taken by the PRO as the quality and quantity of publicity mileage can be entirely based on the media plan.

Most of the senior management professionals of an organization give interviews to newspapers, magazines, websites and television channels.

The PRO of the company will have to coordinate the communication between the senior management and the journalists. To decide and discuss where the interview is to be conducted, the briefing points, the probable list of questions, etc. It is important that a separate budget is set aside at the beginning of every financial year for various public relations activities.

Excellence in Public Relations Theory

The PRO has to prepare a communication plan at the beginning of the year, giving details of the activities along with the budget allotted to them individually. Contingency plan for emergency communication should also be done in the budget. A PRO needs to take special efforts in maintaining cordial relations with the clients, potential clients, media persons, top management of the company, employees, etc. He should have knowledge about every single news regarding the organization. It is necessary for a PR officer to have excellent oral and written communication skills.

He must be well versed in corporate jargon as he has to draft speeches for the senior management, and might have to address the press himself. Apart from this, he has to prepare publicity brochures, press releases, newsletters for employees, handouts, company magazines, etc.

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The PRO should have sound sales and marketing skills that will help in effective promotion of the products and services. Besides, it also helps if he is a creative person and is able to come up with new and innovative ideas to attract the public. He may have to plan mass media films and videos to promote or enhance the sales of a particular product. He may even have to assist in market research. He has to work closely with the internal communications team, for devising a objective bound communication for employees located at one or several locations.

He has to play an instrumental role in communicating a single message throughout the organization. This can also impact the employee engagement effectively. His job not only involves getting media coverage, but also includes following its tone and nature.