Pakistan relationship with muslim world

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pakistan relationship with muslim world

At the centre of the Islamic world, stability and security had given rise to an Pakistan's relations with Jordan have always been very cordial and a large. Muslim League, which brought Pakistan into existence, was to cement and strengthen fraternal ties between Muslims of the subcontinent and those of other . Pakistan–Arab relations refer to foreign relations between Pakistan and the various states of the Arab world Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group in in a bid to strengthen Moscow's ties with the big players in the Muslim world .

Number two, we want to make Pakistan to be a country where we invest in human resources, we spend money on human beings rather than on infrastructure. Once you develop human resources they themselves invest in infrastructure. So the key is health, education, clean drinking water, justice.

The priority number three is to build strong institutions. Countries are built on institutions. The reason the West is ahead of Muslims is that it has strong institutions. The state institutions should be strong and individuals should not be above institutions. Unfortunately, in our country we have weak institutions where individuals are strong. How will your proactive forging policy impact the geopolitical scenario PM: Let me say first that Pakistan has suffered for the last 15 years because of the war on terror.

Pakistan opted to join the war on terror which had nothing to do with it. The people who were responsible for were not in Pakistan, no Pakistani was involved and Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan. For no reason Pakistan got involved in this war and we suffered, resulting the death of 88, Pakistanis. Our tribal areas along the Afghanistan border have been devastated. So what we now want is peace, stability. To get stability we need peace with all our neighbors.

We already have very good relationship with China; we need good relationship with Afghanistan and India. We have made overtures to both. We want to develop our relations with both Afghanistan and India, a relationship based on mutual trust.

Unfortunately, this is what has been missing. Pakistan has one point of view, but India and Afghanistan have another point of view. What is lacking is the lack of trust.

pakistan relationship with muslim world

So we want to build our relationships based on mutual trust. Iran is a neighbor. Of course, you want good relationship with all neighbors. Saudi Arabia is one country for which the people of Pakistan have special love. The government of Saudi Arabia has always been very generous to Pakistan in times of our need.

Saudi Arabia always has been of great help for us. There is a special bond with Saudi Arabia. All Pakistanis want Saudi Arabia to be secure and prosperous. We all pray for Saudi Arabia.

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Prime Minister why have you chosen Saudi Arabia to be your first destination in the foreign trip? First of all I wanted to put my house in order before traveling out of the country. And, of course, historically whenever a leader wins an election in Pakistan, the first visit is always to Saudi Arabia. How do you see the future relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? How Pakistan could position itself in the Middle East and Islamic arena?

How could Saudi Arabia and Pakistan work together to combat terrorism and restore peace internationally? First of all Pakistanis want to assure people of Saudi Arabia that we will stand with Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia has stood with us in bad times.

We will always stand by Saudi Arabia whenever it faces difficult time. Secondly, I would like to ensure peace in the Middle East because it is very distressing for Muslims to see conflict among Muslim nations. But Pakistan has controlled terrorism. In the Middle East, we would like our role of reconciliation to bring Muslim world together.

This would be our main effort. In Yemen is also, if we are required, we will play positive role there also to end the conflict. How do you see Saudi Arabia and Pakistan working together to build strategic investment alliance? In which areas you feel that the relationship should be further strengthened? What are the areas do you feel need to be explored? Pakistan has tremendous opportunities of investments. It has more potential probably than other countries in this region.

One of the things no one knows about Pakistan is that it has 12 climates, 12 climate zones, because Pakistan from the highest levels to the sea has the steepest gradients which means different climates every step. CPEC is one of the greatest opportunities which allows people to invest in Pakistan. CPEC connects Pakistan from sea right up to China and all along the way there will be industrial zones which will be great opportunity for the people to invest.

So this whole area is where the future is, I mean huge markets and inshaAllah when relationship is improved with India, then you have huge market in Indian side, Chinese market, Central Asian markets. The geostrategic position of Pakistan is such that as I said if we can fix our governance system this is one of the best places to invest in. In the case of the Middle East, how do you see Saudi Arabia and Pakistan walking together to enhance peace and to move towards a better free zone, free of violence, free of sectarian strife, free of wars?

Saudi Arabia is pivotal country in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia has oil reserves and financial strength, but equally because of Makkah and Madinah.

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So Saudi Arabia can play a big part and we would like to become a player also in ending these conflicts and getting people together.

The Houthi militias have been regularly firing missiles toward Saudi Arabia. They even tried to attack the Haram. How will your government respond if there is an attack on Saudi Arabia which has the Two Holy Mosques?

Arab–Pakistan relations

This is a stated position of all our governments that we will not allow anyone to attack Saudi Arabia. We will stand by Saudi Arabia. But I can just say one thing that you know all conflicts can be resolved through dialogue.

pakistan relationship with muslim world

Look at Afghanistan, the conflict in Afghanistan has dragged on for 16 years. We were branded as pro-Taliban and Taliban Khan, but now everyone realizes that there is only one solution in Afghanistan and that is political solution. I feel that every conflict has a political solution. I am not a believer in a military solution. How do you see the role of Pakistan in this context? No country in the world than Pakistan can give expert advice on countering terrorism.

There was time when we were having on a daily basis massive suicide attacks. So Pakistan has this unique experience. It can probably advice countries how to tackle terrorism. But at the same time there should be a second track in the form of political dialogue.

Do you feel that there is a similarity in New Pakistan vision and Vision ?

pakistan relationship with muslim world

What is the latest on the PTA talks? We had several rounds of negotiations on a preferential trade agreement; however, what the two prime ministers decided in February was to transform this process into an entirely new and more substantial one. Now, as I have noted, the two countries are focused on having a free trade agreement, which would be much wider in scope, befitting the close relationship between Pakistan and Turkey. It is envisaged that the FTA would cover trade in goods, services and investments.

We believe the leadership in both countries is committed to completing the FTA process on a fast-track basis and forging an enhanced economic partnership. As you know, Turkey is in favor of reforming the U. What are Pakistan's views on this issue? Pakistan and Turkey have similar views on reforming the U. We believe there should be expansion only in the number of elected non-permanent members. This would not only prevent the expansion of a privileged group of countries, but would also enable other important countries of the world to serve on this most important forum with the primary responsibility for maintenance of international peace and security.

Do you think these efforts will be successful? What can be done to further the regional stability? Turkey and Pakistan have been in consultations at the highest level regarding the situation in Yemen. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Ankara in this regard on April 3, and the leadership in the two countries has since been in regular contact. The deteriorating situation and the sectarian dimension has been a matter of concern for both Pakistan and Turkey. The effort has been to promote dialogue for a political solution.

The international community acted in concert and the U. Security Council adopted an important resolution that has been welcomed by both Pakistan and Turkey. The recent ceasefire announcement is also a very encouraging development. Pakistan and Turkey are two leading countries of the Islamic world. Their close cooperation and coordination not only contribute to a peaceful resolution of this issue but also reinforces efforts for regional peace and stability. How do you believe that the deal is promising for the future of the region?

It is our earnest hope that the parties concerned would be able to achieve a comprehensive agreement. Pakistan has consistently supported peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue.

Faithful implementation of any such agreement would contribute to peace and stability in the region. How do you evaluate the future of the process? Pakistan has suffered grievously from extremism and terrorism over the past decades. Tens of thousands of Pakistani citizens and security personnel have been martyred in the fight against this scourge. You would recall the horrendous attack on a school in Peshawar last December, which shocked the entire world.

As for your question, the government had initially tried to reach out and hold peace talks; unfortunately, this gesture was not reciprocated in any good measure. While the effort was made for talks, the terrorist attacks continued. Eventually, the government reached a point where an operation was deemed necessary. In JuneOperation Zarb-e-Azb was launched, and it continues to date. The primary objective has been to clear areas in North Waziristan.

Also, across the country, intelligence-led operations have been conducted and impressive results achieved.

pakistan relationship with muslim world

The nation's resolve for eliminating this scourge continues to be firm and unshakable. From your perspective, how can Pakistan resolve the disputes? Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, since he assumed office in Junehas pursued his vision of a "peaceful neighborhood.

The effort of the prime minister was to pick up the thread from where it left off in in terms of dialogue with India and peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues, including Kashmir. The prime minister promptly congratulated Mr. Modi upon his electoral victory and later made the gesture of going to New Delhi to attend his swearing-in ceremony in May as well. The two prime ministers agreed to resume dialogue at the level of foreign secretaries.

Unfortunately, we saw that this commitment was not fulfilled, and the FS-level talks were abruptly cancelled on the pretext that our high commissioner had met with the Kashmiri leadership, although this was not something new. Nonetheless, it remains our endeavor to see the resumption of composite dialogue process. Pakistan remains ready for peaceful, negotiated resolution of all outstanding issues with India, including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, in accordance with the U.

Security Council resolutions and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

pakistan relationship with muslim world

We believe a fair and lasting solution for Kashmir is essential for durable peace and stability in South Asia. How do you think these two countries can cooperate more in the context of cultural issues?