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Persona 2: Innocent Sin ~ The Errors of Their Youth (ペルソナ 2 罪と罰 A Dangerous Relationship, Parodying Tatsuya and Jun's ambiguous yaoi relationship. I know that you can bond with [spoiler] (#s "Jun Kurosu") in IS, but I am looking for more examples of positive representations of gay people in. in a dark expanse." Jun Kurosu is a character from Persona 2 and is part of the party in Innocent Sin. In Eternal Punishment, he is known as Jun Kashihara.

18 years later, and Persona 2 remains the most progressive JRPG about homosexuality.

Normally, time would pass and that would develop into feelings of romantic love towards other women, but in Tatsuya's case, that first love was a big sister figure that he couldn't protect, so those feelings towards Maya still trail on. Therefore, while he has special feelings for Maya, he doesn't look at her as an eligible woman.

Specifically, he probably decided on his own that it would be disrespectful to date her. My feeling is that it is the most important for him to see her smiling happily nearby.

Persona 2: The Jun Kurosu Debate

You know who I'd pick, I'm sure. Lisa and Jun will always be in love with Tatsuya no matter who you pair him with, but Maya Maya likes to call Jun and Tatsuya doppelgangers. She explains that although they don't look alike, but their differences draw them together irrevocably, like a person and their shadow. They certainly have some kind of close relationship; Jun can even sense how Tatsuya's persona is feeling, not just his own. And that's very unusual. Actually, if you think about it, Jun and Tatsuya are pretty similar in personality, once you strip away the girly-girly femme things that Jun does.

They're both quiet and introverted and detached and cool towards most people.

18 years later, and Persona 2 remains the most progressive JRPG about homosexuality. | NeoGAF

I was disappointed that the one shining moment of a well written gay character in the Persona franchise was another villain, similar to Griffith from Berserk or Dio from JoJobut I do believe that the game attempts to save itself from the trope by giving Jun a redemption arc. Part of his redemption arc takes place in the temples, with an emphasis on the Taurus and Leo temples.

Even though until then he had been the villain causing all their troubles and creating shadow people of their friends, Jun does care deeply for the team and his dialogue in the temples reflects is as he lists off the positive aspects of Lisa, Eikichi, and Tatsuya in their respective temples.

This is prominent in the Leo temple as Jun lists all the positive qualities that the Leo zodiac implies, and how they apply to Tatsuya. Lisa immediately reacts and tries to figure out what Jun had been saying to Tatsuya. Leo Temple comment In the Taurus temple, Lisa brings up the chance to confess to one of your teammates after the battle, including Eikichi and Jun, or the chance to stay silent.

Yet, while she sees Jun as valid competition in both temples, Jun is not given the chance to respond to the confession in Taurus.

All of this however, is an after thought conversation, implying that it was not on purpose that Jun was coded as gay. Many fans also take this to mean that Jun and Tatsuya are the canon pairing, which is the reasoning behind the recommendations of the game to newer fans.

There is more to be said about Jun under the umbrella of queer theory, yet, in the end and for the purpose of keeping this shortone can easily see Jun as canonically gay, and the vast amount of people on the internet seem to also hold this opinion. However, I do not believe that Jun and Tatsuya as a pairing is necessarily the one-and-only canon pairing as many argue, primarily because the Persona franchise is a series of JRPG games there is no canon pairing as that would inherently undermine any of the players chooses.

We are allowed our own favorite pairings because the series does not cement one. If I was presented with a good enough argument, then perhaps I would change my mind, but even then, I would ask: So, what does it matter? We as players are not able to properly romance Jun like we can romance any number of the female characters in later games or all of them at once.