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hydrates and the supply of energy. Because Potter-Elvehjem tissue grinder with a Teflon pestle and homogenized on a wet weight basis, in relation to age. The tissue grinders will properly prepare samples for a homogenized uniformity. Potter-Elvehjem Tissue Grinders, Wheaton. Supplier: DWK Life Sciences. With a Tissue Grinder Potter-Elvehjem, the PTFE pestle is attached to a stainless steel shaft and homogenization occurs as the sample and buffer are forced through the cylindrical portion of the mortar as the pestle rotates downward. Cell disruption with the rotor-stator.

On the national level he helped make policy decisions concerning the level of vitamins and other nutrients required for health. He would spend his adult life within a few miles of his birth place, for Madison's capitol building is visible from the farm. The EIvehjem children were expected to do their share of the farm chores, and while there was little time for non- sense education was encouraged.

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In those clays Wisconsin farm boys usually did not go to high school and college, but his family macle sure he was able to clo so. InEIvehjem enrolled in the University of Wisconsin's College of Agricul- ture, aIreacly recognized for its research in agricultural chem- istry, genetics, plant pathology, and bacteriology.

EIvehjem majored in agricultural chemistry, a field] in which Babcock, Hart, Steenbock, McCollum, and Peterson tract all done, or were doing, meritorious work at Madison. He did his under- graduate research under the direction of Harry Steenbock and wrote his senior thesis jointly with W.

Elmslie on "buck- wheat itch," a light-inducec! As to EIvehjem's early motivation in the choice of his ca- reer, in he answered a thirteen-year-old boy who had questioned him on this subject as follows: Hart, his major professor until he received his Ph.

In he published his first paper with Hart ant! But his graduate work centered mainly on iron deficiency in rats, including a demonstration that copper must accompany iron in the diet to cure this type of anemia.

Hart's encouragement of EIvehjem cluring his student days is just one example of his remarkable capacity to pick winners. This was before the perioc!

He supported them through administrative difficulties, had a building con- structed for their teaching and research, and offerect them whatever he could given the limited resources available at that time. As long as Hart lived, he ant! EIvehjem worked together on many joint research projects. Indeed, approxi- mately half of EIvehjem's long list of publications contains Hart's name as well.

This was a happy union, and the two Connies- called Mr. Connie by their friends complemented each other.

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He was relatively quiet, while she bubbled with enthusiasm, meeting people easily with charm and grace. She was a source of strength to her husband throughout all stages of his career, and most particularly when he held administrative positions. From toafter receiving his Ph. This laboratory has previously shown that PNG hydrolase activity is inversely related to dietary vitamin B-6 in rats and guinea pigs.

The current investigation was done to examine the effect of dietary PN on PNG hydrolytic activity and its distribution. PNG hydrolytic activity localized to the brush border membrane was five times that measured in the cytosol.

Activity in the mucosal total membrane fraction did not increase in proportion to dietary PN concentration for either diet.

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Regardless of dietary PN concentration, the basal nutrient composition of the diets affected growth and PNG hydrolytic activity in intestinal mucosa. In contrast to previous results from this laboratory, intestinal hydrolytic activity toward PNG did not increase in vitamin B-6—deficient rats. This form of vitamin B-6 was first isolated from rice bran 1 and can be found in foods of plant origin 2 — 4.

In a mixed American diet, it is estimated that half of the dietary vitamin B-6 intake is from plant sources 5. The variations in PNG bioavailability within and among species may be explained by differences in intestinal enzymatic activities toward PNG.

Recent data from this laboratory indicate that PNG can be hydrolyzed in both the cytosolic and membrane subcellular fractions of rat small intestinal mucosa. In an investigation of the age dependence of enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose and PNG, Armada et al. A concurrent publication by Mackey et al.

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Although these investigations reported PNG hydrolysis to be catalyzed in both subcellular compartments of the intestinal mucosa, the contribution of these cytosolic and brush border membrane enzymes toward PNG hydrolysis in vivo is not fully known.

Previous investigations of the effects of vitamin B-6 nutritional status on cytosolic PNG hydrolase activity in the small intestine of guinea pigs and rats showed that PNG hydrolase activity was inversely related to vitamin B-6 status 17 Subsequent studies Mackey et al. Although there are several differences between the two diet formulations 22we hypothesize that the carbohydrate source in the basal diet affected nutritional status.

The carbohydrate source in the AING diet, mainly cornstarch, is a more fermentable carbohydrate for the microflora of the cecum and large intestine than sucrose, which is the major carbohydrate component of the AINA formulation.

In the presence of fermentable carbohydrate, the gut microflora actively synthesize protein, growth factors and other nutrients, including vitamin B-6 23which may enhance the vitamin B-6 and overall nutritional status of the rat. The goals of the present study were as follows: Weanling male rats Hsd: Rats were housed in hanging wire-mesh stainless steel cages and maintained at constant temperature with a h light: All procedures for animal care and treatment were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at the University of Florida.

The diets did not contain any PNG.

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