Pretty little liars 6x05 ending a relationship

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pretty little liars 6x05 ending a relationship

Pretty Little Liars returns to TV tonight (8/7c on Freeform). In case you forgot, a LOT of sh*t has gone down in Rosewood, especially in the Liars'. She's No Angel is the fifth episode of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. Emily is waiting for Sara, who is just leaving the child protective services office . Pretty Little Liars - 6x05 Sneak Peek Mona, Hanna & Leslie-1 . Itsasecretshh wrote: I think Lesli has some information about the relationships between herself and Charles. For a show with as many couples as Pretty Little Liars, they couldn't all be of stealing Emily away from Paige, Samara ended the relationship.

As the couples retire to their rooms, Spencer, who has been going to law school full time, and Toby find themselves alone. They end up playing Scrabble in Toby's room, and after Toby falls asleep, Spencer finishes their game. In their room, Hanna and Caleb are arguing and reveal that they've been trying to have a baby. Aria receives a phone call and cries to her friends that she can't have children. Melissa, who has been watching through the resort's windows this whole time, takes off her mask and reveals that she is actually Mona.

She communicates with someone over the phone that we assume is A. Aria eventually tells Ezra she can't have children, and Ezra says they'll do whatever they have to in order to have kids.

In another scene, Spencer visits her birth mother, Mary Drake, in prison and asks her for help. At Aria and Ezra's rehearsal dinner, Hanna and Caleb continue to fight because they brought Mona to the party, and Byron gives Ezra his blessing for his marriage to Aria.

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At the bar, Aria's mom Ella Montgomery, Hanna's mom Ashley Marin and Spencer's mom Veronica Hastings share a bottle of wine at the party and reminisce about the time they were trapped in the basement. The moms don't reveal how they ever broke out of the basement they were locked in, but they do leave together, wasted. Outside, Toby catches Spencer before she takes the drunk moms home.

He tells her he knows she finished their game of Scrabble with the word "limerence," which is a type of unrequited love. And Ezra leaves Aria, upset because Aria admits she knew for a while she couldn't have children. At their home, Emily confronts Alison because she saw her mom give her something secretly.

It turns out Emily's mom gave Alison her grandmother's ring to propose to her with.

pretty little liars 6x05 ending a relationship

Do you promise to do that every day for the rest of our lives? The towel comes off and they find themselves in bed. Afterwards, Spencer hears a piano being played as she gets out of the shower. Mona, dressed in a black hoodie, steps out from behind her and knocks her out. Spencer wakes up locked in a room and encounters her identical twin, as Emily and Alison learn that Mary Drake escaped from prison. Mary appears and injects Spencer with something to sleep. As she comes to, Spencer, chained to the floor, meets her twin Alex Drake, who has a British accent and the initials A.

Wren met Alex in London while she was working as a bartender and told her about Spencer. Mona is afraid the police will charge her for faking her death. Hanna says the cops are looking for "A" like the rest of them and they have to track down everyone who had contact with Charles. Mona asks Hanna to drive her to the police station.

Alison is laying on the couch in the DiLaurentis' living room. Through the open window, she hears two police officers talking badly about her. Sara is on the phone with her mother, telling her that she can't talk to her right now, since she seems to be drunk. Emily walks in, and Sara tells her that she has to go, because her mother wants her back.

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Emily suggests her to get legally emancipated, so she wouldn't have to deal with her mother any longer. Aria is working in her father's office and Clark walks in. He is on his way to a junkyard to shoot some new photos and asks Aria if she wants to come with him. Alison is outside her house.

Her father asks her what she is doing out there. She says she needed some fresh air and he invites her to come to work with him if she's going stir crazy at home.

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She declines and tells Kenneth about the conversation she overheard earlier. He thinks she earned her bad reputation and needs to own it.

pretty little liars 6x05 ending a relationship

At the Brew people are starring at Mona and Hanna when they arrive. Mona tells Hanna to order quickly to get out of the place.

'Pretty Little Liars' series finale recap: Who is AD, who got married, who's pregnant

Lesli says she could lose everything because she thought Mona was a victim. At school Hanna rants to Spencer about Lesli's attitude. Spencer is texting Toby who is out of town and apologizes for not listening to her.

Hanna complains that Caleb is treating her like a cracked egg. Spencer advises Hanna to stay out of it, but Hanna is determined to help Mona with Lesli as they need Mona's help to get information on Charles from Radley.

Spencer is eating her pot cookies and asks if Mona has any idea who is posing as Ali's dead brother. Hanna doubts Charles is really dead as there is no proof. Hanna tries to grab a cookie, but Spencer stops her. Jenna's other relationships all felt more like abuse than actual couples, but in Noel Kahn, she found her match. Noel was as evil and manipulative as Jenna was, and watching the two characters scheme together was just fun.

It didn't hurt that actors Tammin Sursok and Brant Daugherty had good chemistry together, and fans realized that they were much more interesting to watch when they had an equal to bounce off of. They made for great antagonists, but all good things must come to an end, especially when Noel perished in the final season. To get fans interested in the new show, a character from the original, Caleb Rivers, was transported over to the other town.

Fans didn't flock to the new show and it was canceled after just one season, and some were miffed that Caleb and Hanna's relationship was interrupted for it. Aria met Jake, a martial arts instructor, in the fourth season, and there was an immediate attraction between them. This was a couple that could have gone the distance, if Aria hadn't met him while still pining for Ezra Fitz. This couple was far from perfect, but at least it didn't feel outright sleazy.

While Troian Bellisario and Julian Morris had incredible chemistry, this couple combined two hallmarks of several negative relationships on Pretty Little Liars-- an adult dating a teenager and betrayal. Things got even messier later on, when Wren got romantically involved with both Hanna and Spencer's secret, evil twin, Alex Drake.

This couple, which started out as another in a long line of creepy relationships involving grown men was also used as part of a lackluster twist at the very end of season 7.

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Yeah, it was not great. This was the case with Ian Thomas, as his relationship with Spencer definitely wasn't great, but his involvement with Alison was just weird. Another relationship that occurs entirely through flashbacks, Alison and Ian secretly dated while he was on a break with Melissa.