Queen of cups reversed relationship questions

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queen of cups reversed relationship questions

Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: Queen of Cups - the Queen of Cups takes a soft approach and always follows Questions to ponder. Crystal Clear Reflections - Tarot Energy Reading - Spiritual guidance provided from a different perspective and provides thought provoking questions. Queen of Cups (R) - Powerful, domineering emotional energy that has lost sight of love. Queen of Cups reflects feelings related to love and fairness. So for a relationship situation, the tarot card represents beautiful balance between the lovers.

She can also see the beauty in people when it is no so obvious to others. She has a keen eye when it comes to style and she likes to be fashionable, but not in a strict sense. She knows how to combine modern with vintage to create just the right look and will dress to suit her mood. Her house will suitably reflect her original and eclectic chicness which will be admired by many. The Queen of Cups throne, like her cup is splendid. Decorated with mermaids and fish, her throne symbolises her connection to her governing element, Water.

Pretty shells and pebbles lie in the sand at her feet and she may collect these to use in her arts and crafts or to decorate a shelf or windowsill. The calm ocean Water reflects the overhead clear blue skies and we see tall cliffs in the background. Her house is probably not far from here as she gains her strength and emotional balance from being near Water.

She especially likes the sea and will spend many happy hours swimming in it, gazing out across it or walking beside it collecting shells and driftwood as she goes. Together with the Chariot and Moon cards of the Major Arcana the Queen of Cups can represent the sun sign of Cancer or any of the Water signs if found on her own. From all the details above we already know that the Queen of Cups is creative, artistic, deep and imaginative. We also know that she is intuitive, psychic and spiritual.

Her own happiness and the happiness of those around her is especially important to her. She naturally has a kind and caring heart which loves unconditionally. She is deeply touched by trauma and tragedy and feels personally affected by the sorrowful plight of others. Due to this natural trait she must guard against becoming overly worried or fretful as this can lead to depression and wild imaginings. She can take the worry of the world on her shoulders quite easily which is a personality aspect of her sun sign Cancer.

As a result, she occasionally suffers from bouts of the blues. The Queen of Cups knows intuitively when something is not right or when someone needs her help or comfort. She is compassionate and non-judgemental regardless of the situation. She has a strong need to nurture and care for those around her.

Passive and quiet by nature she is an excellent listener and will find that people open up to her very easily. Her cup is a well of deep wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities which she lovingly shares with those who seek her advice on how to deal with life. When difficult decisions have to be made she goes within and meditates on the situation. She is guided by her feelings and speaks from her heart.

This woman is there for everyone and offers her shoulder readily for those to cry on. However, when problems arise in her own life she rarely has anyone to turn to. Her role is to be the comforter and not the comforted. People are used to this Queen having all the answers and so readily assume that her life or relationship is perfect. As a result she may keep her problems to herself while continuing to help or comfort all those around her.

The Queen of Cups

As a result friends and family may feel the need to treat her with kid gloves or tread on eggshells when around her. The Queen of Cups knows what she wants in life and what she likes but goes about it in a less fussy and pushy way than the other Queens might. She operates quietly in the background not wanting to make a fuss or to disturb others. In relationships the Queen of Cup is loyal, loving, faithful and devoted to her partner.

She likes harmony and peace so will avoid conflict and arguments by approaching things in a gentle sensitive manner. She thrives on romance and intimacy and loves deeply and unconditionally. This Queen values closeness and harmony and tends to marry for life.

In fact she has probably dreamt of being married since she was a little girl longing for the day when she would walk up the aisle with her handsome prince. She does have many friends probably known since childhood but her priorities lie with her partner and children. She creates a loving warm environment where all can relax, feel welcomed and cared for. She is the peace-keeper and disarmer during times of family arguments helping to smooth ruffled feathers and disgruntled attitudes.

Although she is strong, she can often appear delicate and fragile. She can appear almost ethereal or angelic and can be shy around strangers. Men have a desire to protect and care for her.

In return her partner will be rewarded with tenderness and affection. The Queen of Cups can easily and readily give up work to stay home and rear her children. She prefers emotional fulfilment to material success When it comes to careers, the Queen of Cups has many options open to her.

She can be drawn in many directions as she feels she is needed everywhere.

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Her sensitivity and caring nature naturally lead her to careers in counselling, social work, nursing, healing, childcare and psychology. Her spirituality can draw her to religious vocations or voluntary services such as help-lines or Samaritans. You may find this Queen running a charity shop or helping out at a Homeless Shelter. Her need to care and her deep compassion is not limited to humans alone.

She is also a protector and carer of animals so rescue centres or pet sitting would fulfil her. She also works well in the hospitality industry, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and that their individual needs are taken care of.

The Queen of Cups needs to be near the sea or other bodies of Water. Therefore a career that takes her into or around her element may suit such as a marine biologist or environmentalist. This Queen is also drawn to the world of holistic therapies and is a natural healer. As a natural psychic she can develop this talent further should she choose to and works well in this industry as a psychic, clairvoyant, medium or card reader helping people through troubled times or loss.

Any works of art will be divinely inspired and unique. Even if she chooses an alternative career she will always keep up her artistic side as a hobby.

Her house will be a living testimony to her creative abilities with her works of art and crafts to be found in every room. She can design and is an excellent dress-maker or seamstress. With her wonderful sense of nostalgia, romance and drama she could carve out a brilliant career as a period costume designer for theatre and movies. In fact she is drawn to acting and performing.

She may be shy and quiet by nature but once on stage or in front of a camera she can lose herself in her character and detach from her reality quite easily. She loves dressing up and fantasy. This Queen with her wonderful imagination can also write. However, if she is drawn to this area she will be a writer of fictional novels full of romance and fantasy. She showers her offspring with daily hugs and affection but can become overly fussing with them at times. Her children are in no doubt as to how much they are loved and cherished.

This Queen as a mother is so closely tuned into her children that she instinctively knows when one of them is down or worried about something. When it comes to worry, this is a difficult area for her to control as she can become very fretful over the slightest of things should any of her children appear upset or are ill.

queen of cups reversed relationship questions

She will still worry incessantly about her offspring even when they have long grown and left the home. She will be there for them in every aspect and will never be found guilty of missing a school concert or play. In fact she will probably have made most of the costumes if not the props and scenery too. Her wonderful imagination makes her an excellent bedtime story-teller and she can turn ordinary everyday outings with her kids into voyages of fantasy and adventure.

Indeed it is regarded as sanctuary by many. Home cooked food and happy children will be found with many of their friends in tow. She loves her children deeply. Her children will always have a home to run to regardless of their circumstances or how old they get.

It is the Queen of Cups who will hold onto all their childhood bits and pieces, too sentimental and too attached to throw anything away. She may maintain their bedrooms fully intact for years to come after they have left home.

She feels warm and comforted when all her siblings gather or return to the nest for family occasions and events. She can sink into depression cutting herself off from life and her friends as she withdraws into a world of her own. Her emotions become turbulent like the sea which threatens to engulf her. In this state she worries incessantly and gets easily stressed unable to deal with the slightest upset or inconvenience.

Guilty of making mountains out of mole hills, she can live on her nerves and is prone to swooning and feeling weak.

Hypersensitive to criticism or perceived slights she can become sulky and moody bringing a cloud of gloom with her wherever she goes.

The Queen of Cups as Feelings in a Love Reading

The Queen of Cups reversed can often represent heartbreak in love. That is why, when you get this tarot card in your reading you have to be careful in how you interpret it.

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I actually received Queen of Cups as outcome in a relationship reading for a woman who was planning to renew everything with her ex boyfriend. The man was gone and never contacted her again, but one of her friends kept encouraging her to chase him by saying that he was still single because he had feelings for her.

In this situation, the Queen of Cups represented her own emotions and not her relationship with the man. It basically implied that she was going to finally understand how it would be impossible for her to get him back and that her friend was not telling her the truth. It was all supposed to come to her intuitively. Interestingly, some weeks later when she contacted me she described that one night before going to bed she was getting the feeling that something was amiss.

She began to feel suspicious about her friend and so she ended up calling her ex to know his attitude about their relationship. The result was not good. He rudely told her that he already settled down with someone else and also urged her not to call him ever again.

So what do you think happened here? The Queen of Cups was signaling her that her friend wanted her to get insulted by her ex boyfriend.

queen of cups reversed relationship questions

So remember, this tarot card might just ask you to pay attention to information that your sixth sense provides you about your relationship or about others. Now if you get Queen of Cups in a reading related to the question of how your love interest feels about you then consider yourself lucky and victorious.

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