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How has Ray Ban Advertisement Shifted Over Time? | Never Hide, Always Seek

Released as part of their “Never Hide” campaign in connection with the company's 75th anniversary, the new ad features two sharply-dressed. Ray Ban – “NEVER HIDE” The Campaign In Ray Ban instead of the typical “bikini body” adverts making you feel inadequate – this NEVER HIDE Asset – The first same sex relationship cast in a marketing campaign. In , Ray ban, one of the leading producers of sunglasses, came out with an ad campaign titled “NEVER HIDE”. The campaign is a little.

What is their journey like?

Ray-Ban's 'Never Hide' Campaign Features Gay Male Couple For First Time (PHOTO) | HuffPost Life

What causes them to come, or to leave? Key Messages of the campaign Ray Bans campaign messages promote: They trade heavily on feel good emotive marketing to connect with the target market in a particular and different way.

Emotive engagement — Ray Ban encourage the target audience to be proud of who they are, and not change for anybody!

  • Ray-Ban Legends Never Hide
  • Ray-Ban's 'Never Hide' Campaign Features Gay Male Couple For First Time (PHOTO)

Stand up for what they believe in, and most importantly look good whilst doing it. Ray Ban do a great job of creating not just a physical want for the product but making you feel you NEED it Ray Ban encourage their target market to purchase the products as they believe they help people become more individual and unique — enhancing their life Trust the brand — Ray ban wanted to achieve an authentic and real campaign that puts them in touch and create an emotive attachment to their brand.

I believe that the creative to carry the Ray Ban message was extremely well thought out and planned, covering a lot of ground and not straying from the key messaging throughout.

Ray Ban – “NEVER HIDE” Campaign

I think this worked really well as it created a domino effect of thousands if not more sharing and taking their own picture supporting the movement thus furthering the engagement once more. This further pushed the boundaries of the campaign by dedicating an app and also allowing people to customise photos.

This is always a big hit with consumers like NIKE ID, allowing people to put their personal stamp to make it even more unique and increasing the likelihood to buy a bespoke product whilst also reinforcing the message of being yourself and unique — very well thought out.

Summary I think the use of consumer participation, videos, pictures, physical marketing all seamlessly complement each other. The creatives were different and thought provoking which made each advert or poster capturing to the audience. Ray Ban really understand their target market when it comes to the creative and promoting it. Inthis advertisement introduced a new style, which interested many consumers who admit that when they wear their Ray-Bans, they always feel like they stand out.

Through its vibrant color usage, Ray-Ban aims to socially construct the idea that one should be brave and assertive, like these bright color effects. Ray-Ban utilizes another method of advertising that proves to be highly effective to create an ideology of consumerism: Ray-Ban has a series of video ads online that present the audience with an ideology of consumerism.

He consumes so many sneakers that he has a wall full of them; however, he continuously fails to find the perfect pair, which disappoints his girlfriend. At the end, he brings out a pair of pink high-heeled sneakers. The clip ends with her being satisfied and throwing him to the ground. In this ad, there are various ideas and themes represented.

First of all, this ad hints at the importance of perseverance, which in this case, means consuming until one is satisfied. However, the most blatant ideology exists in the gender ideology presented here. This man is highly controlled by his girlfriend because he will do anything to get her what she wants; however, at the same time, the woman also seems submissive because she ultimately does surrender to him and goes to him.

Ray Ban NEVER HIDE Watergun2

Advertisers are aware of the influence of gender roles in the lives of their consumers. In this campaign, Ray-Ban attempts to show a gender hierarchy with obvious feminine gender stereotypes, but ultimately fails to do so because of the other social meanings of masculine submissiveness that is played in the video.

All the men are wearing neutral colors while the woman has a bright pink T-shirt on.

How has Ray Ban Advertisement Shifted Over Time?

She also has tattoos all over her arms, which represent bravery and toughness that are usually associated with men. Ray-Ban is also reputable for using various media texts in its campaign. This guerilla marketing tactic raises brand awareness to the public, which is highly imperative to get consumers interested in buying the product. Outdoor marketing also plays an important role in this campaign.

The Ray-Ban team also went out to take pictures of random people wearing Ray-Bans and these photos were shown on outdoor locations like on the Nasdaq and Reuters buildings in Times Square.

Outdoor advertising is a successful method in reaching those who may not be glued to the computer or TV: This strategy worked well because Times Square is one of the most populated areas in the nation, so some people from all over the world would see this ad.

This method ultimately demonstrates a realistic ambiance by portraying the main characters as average people. The Ambermatic iPhone application enables people to send pictures to it to receive a picture seen in the color of the Ray-Ban lens. Consumers can now take an active role in the advertising process by marketing to others unconsciously as well.