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The Happy Chalkboard: Relationship Smash Book

relationship smash book

Amazon's Choice for "smash book" .. folio is a year round smash book, it has a new years resolutions, 4th of July, Thanksgiving(what your thankful for) and . Relationship Smash Book. So, funny story. If you read this blog you probably know that I have the teeniest tiniest little blog in the whole world. Eventually Michaels started carrying SmashBook products and an even I entered a brand new relationship and with that relationship came a.

Literally no one except my parents, brother, and roommate know about it. Smash Books are basically scrapbooks for the busy or uncreative of which I am both. They're premade with themes that incorporate backgrounds and templates relevant to whatever you're bookin' about. I decided to make one for my relationship to cover our first year together and will probably make another one after that.

relationship smash book

They're so cute and Ry doesn't know it exists yet, which is exciting. Anyway, here's a mini tour of some of my smashed pages. This was the 'wedding' themed book, but I ripped out some overly weddinged pages or covered the words with pictures.

The fronts of the books are super cute and heavy duty, they all have a cloth like spine and some design on the front This is the first background page in my book, so cute. I knew I wanted this one right when I saw this page. Not enough room to write? I wrote a little note about why I made the smash book an what it's about in the first few pages.

My 1st Anniversary SmashBook Project

I love verses and good quotes, and why not relate them to relationship. Supposed to be your wedding date, but it's my dating date and a brief story of how Ry asked. I've also out all of the cards he's given me for holidays and birthdays in here.

Movie tickets from movie dates! I primarily use the smash book to document the completion of our adventure list, just about everything has pictures and souvenirs from the day.

Again, he doesn't even know!

My 1st Anniversary SmashBook Project • Everyday Caitlyn

Last page in the whole thing is this cute little deal. When I had several photos that I wanted to add to a page, I used this cascading photo technique. Choose photos that are all the same orientation.

relationship smash book

All vertical, or all horizontal. Begin by placing the bottom photo, lining it up with the bottom of the page. Adhere the bottom photo in place.

You can tape it, use photo corners like I did, or adhere the whole photo with the glue-stick.

SMASH Books: The Un-scrapbook - Crafts Unleashed

Then place the next photo over the top of the first photo, leaving a portion of the bottom photo visible. Take a section of tape, and tape it on the back, then fold it over to the top, to sandwich the photo.

Since the photos lift, the back of the photos are prime real estate for journaling or additional photos. Here is a shot of a couple of typical pages in my book: It is nothing fancy, but it is functional.

And boy was it liberating! I did not use my usual arsenal of tools.

relationship smash book

Slap some tape in it! I used the date stamp to document the date, obviously, but the stamp also has some funny little words you can add to your pages. When my album was finished, I no longer needed the pen to accompany the book.

relationship smash book

I purchased a key chain in London, and added it to the elastic. A cute way to personalize the book. Okay, remember how many photos I told you I crammed into this thing? I just carefully tore them out.

DIY: My Anniversary Scrapbook Gift For Boyfriend

The back cover has a built-in pocket perfect for extra brochures or whatever. And I loved the final sentiment! Do you want to see it finished?

I added a super easy glitter chipboard title, some SMASH tape stripes and some stickers to the cover: Rest assured, the covers of the SMASH book are a heavy-duty chipboard, and the binding is really sturdy as well. A whole trip documented in record time.