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When I first laid eyes on Sazan at The University of North Texas I was relationship became the best thing that had ever happened to me. . Eventhough we were so in Love we decided to end our relationship after 2 years bc. Back when Dark Horse first started releasing 3×3 Eyes in , the but the relationship between Pai and Sanjiyan is a bit reminiscent of. Arranged Marriage: First to Shiva a.k.a Kaiyanwang and later to Koko., Love Triangle: At the end of the first series both her personalities and Yakumo. still looking 16, it gets jarring in 3X3 Eyes Gaiden where Yakumo may already be 30, .

Sanjiyan tells Pai to merge herself with Sanjiyan again. As this happens, Yakumo, who was already on the verge of death from the beating Benares gave him as a human, rose up again with the Mark of Wu on his forehead. So Yakumo and Sanjiyan go into battle. We see Yakumo embracing Sanjiyan who tells him he did great job. Her thrid eye close and Pai starts confessing her love for Yakumo again.

Yakumo tells Pai that they can finally live together with some peace. Kali Pai's clonetook what was left of Kai Yan Wang's body and left. With Kai Yan Wang beat, poweruped Yakumo still had all the power from his friends souls, but needed to release it to set them free. So he told Pai to destory his body so he could release that power to set them free. Yakumo tells Pai that as long as he lives, he'll find Pai, so she should wait for his return.

Sanjiyan lets out a blast and blows up Yakumo into pieces. After this we see events that take place after the battle. We see Yakumo's friends who are all doing well. We then see Kali Pai's clone who is riding on Takuhi, with a large figure Benares at her side. Get Ahold Of Yourself Man: She does this to Parvati after she learns that they're seemingly struck on the Moon with Benares and his enforcers and loses any hope to make it.

Upon absorbing the power of the Water General he became a twisted creature with incredible powers. When he loses control his body transform on his own. Nowhere near as potent as Wus like Yakumo or Benares, but he would have been dead a few times if he didn't have this. Once he has a Heel Realization thanks to Pai he flies away with her and cries a veritable stream of tears.

He's got tentacles and claws that can easily kill things. One of his favorite methods of attack is to spew forth large blasts of poisonous water. Unlike Yoko, he can actually produce it. Calls himself a despicable monster after he assaults and nearly kills Pai after his brief clash with Yakumo and apologise for his rudeness. Upon losing control he turns into a colossal, salamander-like beast with tentacles coming out of its shoulders. Apparently this form is composed of acidic water produced from his body.

Put on a Bus: He and Hong Niang fight an humongous number of demons brought by Wu Gui to take Parvati away from Padma Temple, and spend most of the remaining story recovering from the battle, joining the final showdown against Kaiyanwang and Benares. Wants Pai to be his departed wife's substitute. He had a beautiful wife, but he killed her when he lost control of himself after she called him a monster upon seeing the results of the ritual on him.

It made him lose control and kill many people, including his wife. Has one after getting drunk and losing control of his monster form. Eventually he's talked out of it by Pai. Was Once a Man: Well, was once a "normal" half-human half-demon hybrid but still otherwise human.

Yoriko Kamiyama A seemingly-ordinary highschooler who has demonic blood in her veins and is capable of materialising her thoughts. Her skills prove essential to the heroes later on. Like the Sanzhiyan, her powers are incredible, but she lacks stamina and if she loses consciousness her powers fade.

At first it takes the form of a large, skeletal demon, but later she learns how to manifest it in other ways. Her deceased father had some demon blood in him. She becomes utterly despaired when her mother falls victim to Shiva's spell, but she manages to recover thanks to Fizz.

She can conjure a solid projection of her though and give it literally every power she can think of. This results in a kung fu, beam-spitting Pai beating the crap out of Talisman until they escaped him. Her relationship with Yoko, who's also her first true friend, and later on with Amaran member Fizz. With Taoist Xifunnily enough. They're even seen together in what looked like a fantasy wished by Yoriko eating shaved ice on the beach with a cute guy she likesthough she's blushing wildly and he looks more surprised than anything.

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Shown to be very shy and with self-esteem problems. Implied to be friendless before meeting Yoko and her mother is too busy to spend time with her.

In a rare case, she's turned to stone by Yakumo, to protect her from the gigantic Fire Juuma she was bound to. She was turned back to normal later. First she seems to hang around Yoko a lot. After the Amara arc, she and Fizz become close friends. Why Am I Ticking? Your Mind Makes It Real: She can make her thoughts into physical beings. She can also do the same to other people's thoughts. She was expelled earlier and thus has a different personality.

She was created using Ushas' technique to create living beings out of corpses. Because of her early expulsion from the cocoon, she's much more childish, violent and arrogant than Parvati, and actually laughs when she hears that Kaiyanwang wants to destroy everything. She even summons a variant of Fei E that kinda looks like a spider. She gets better though. After succesfully completing the Humanization ritual, Shiva calls her useless even after she told him how much she wanted to be with him, and dismiss her as a meager, powerless copy.

In the end, Kali picks up what's left of Shiva after he's dealt with by Yakumo withing Sanhara and absorbs him, taking his place as the next Kaiyanwang. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She's rude, insensitive and obnoxious, but she's still Parvati, deep down. After the hindu goddess of destruction and death, bride of Shiva and counterpart of Parvati.

She even becomes the third Kaiyanwang. Her powers consist in lightning bolts. Despite being powerful, she shows an extremely immature and moody behaviour. When in the Sacred Place she asks for water, chugs half of the bottle and then throws away the rest because "it's not cool enough" with no consideration at all for Yakumo.

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Once the Humanization Ritual is completed, she's deemed worthless by Shiva. Supporting Cast Kimie Shingyoji A transvestite who runs the bar Yakumo works at throughout various points of the story. Playfully flirts with Hahn, though apparently he was just messing up with him. When he suggest that Yakumo may try to romance Pai in the beginning, he replies that she's not human.

His scathing but honest answer? Age uncertain, though likely in his midlife, he's still awesome, practical and helpful, and it's implied he has ties with the Yakuza.

Husband Shares Our Love Story

To the point that Yoko's friends mistake him for a monster the first time he greets them. Mocks Yakumo's choice to attend a cooking school by saying that cooking is "unmanly". While he can be rude, abrasive and cynical, deep down he's a very generous soul and a good person. Despite having no supernatural powers or attitude, he can come up with some smart planning. Acts as Yakumo's parent in place of his missing ones.

He even got him a job in his bar. He was one from some time, if Yakumo's flashback is to be believed, and dons feminine outfits and Fake Boobs even when not on work. Natsuko Yakumo's classmate who has a crush on him like a lot of other girls.

When she's around, chances are that something foul will happen to her. She's put into danger by Chuui twice, the second time possessing her body in order to use her as an hostage against Yakumo. Near the end she's kidnapped by Elora and put under a spell that forces Yakumo and Pai to venture forth into her mind to save her. When inside her mind, one facet of her personalities symbolizing her love for Yakumo takes the form of a gigantic version of herself who smothers Yakumo against her naked breasts.

When he rejects her, she turns into a nightmarish Kaiju instead. She's in love with Yakumo and jealous of others. This fragment of her personality not only takes the form of a gigantic, hideous monster, but is really part of her and foreshadows Shiva's fall under the "Darkness of Humanity".

After being rescued though she gets over her feelings. Even if she was a substitute teacher only for a few days, she eventually stood up to a freaking demon made of electricity and again, she's a mere human to protect her students and survived long enough for Yakumo to save the day.

She only appears in about 3 out of 40 volumes. This actually becomes a driving factor of one of the arcs. Naparvha A gifted monk of a remote shrine that knows about the Triclops and other mysteries. His martial skills are apparently on par with Yakumo. When he sees what's left of his master after Zhou Gui finished with him.

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He's a very kind soul and patient man. With Jack, a foul-mouthed, grave-robbing Irishman with a bad temper. His usual way to deal with monsters is to throw at them the eggs of the fast-growing, monster-eating Yaoshi Chong. He's also the one who brings Kalkin to the final battle against Benares. It takes a whole team of henchmen to Zerg Rush and arrest him, and he's also seen killing demons by shooting them in the head with a revolver.

Earn Your Happy Ending: By the end of the series he's back in New York with his recovered girlfriend. Even before Zhou Gui gave him the healing talisman he was good at getting back up, to the point that he was called "Mac Donald the Immortal" by his friends. Just the other day he ordered in his Rodrigo voice in the drive thru window! I wanted to kill him savwsky: The hardest part is battling against human nature, wanting to do things YOU think is best and learning to be completely selfless.

Sharing your life with someone who loves you more than anyone in the world. What was the most awkward thing to do in front of each other at the beginning of your relationship? For Stevie it was farting in front of me.

For me, it was Stevie offering to pay the bill on our dates when we were both so broke in college! Who made the first move? How did you guys meet? He loved that I was Kurdish and wanted to learn everything about me. It was so cute. Our life today is honestly 10x sweeter than when we were dating. The dating days were fun but in a way we were still single, ya know?