Speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

Speed Racer: 15 Reasons The Film Is Better Than You Remember

speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

The Wachowskis' film adaptation of Speed Racer has a rating of 39% on tends to get her way when it comes to her and Speed's relationship. 's Speed Racer is something unlike anything I have ever seen from to sell their romantic relationship, which helps that aspect of the film. Speed Racer came out 10 years ago today, and I'm pretty sure I haven't shut And as a result, many came to dismiss the film without ever seeing it. . In truth, I don't know what their relationship is like with their larger nuclear.

What starts as a polite exchange between a humble Speed and the seemingly friendly Royalton turns into the most powerful scene in the entire movie.

speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

During the monologue, all of Royalton's claims come to life as the Fuji race occurs in the background, showing the Mach 5 getting knocked out of the race, and Racer Motors' name being dragged through the mud.

Sure, Speed faces off against other racers, like anime villain Snake Oiler, the Grey Ghost and, in the final race, Jack "Cannonball" Taylor, but the one pulling the strings behind each of Speed's losses and trials is Royalton Motors and their connection with the mafia.

Speed Racer and the Child Empowered

The film depicts big-money racing to be corrupt, underhanded and just plain dirty, using things like the illegal spear hook to cheat during races. The reason that setting up capitalism as the villain of "Speed Racer" works so well is because the film focuses on Speed and his relationship to his family, especially Rex and Pops.

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Family values and hard work stand at the core of this film, supporting the Racers as they go up agains big-name racing companies. The film hits a lot of emotional beats, each evoking very real reactions. The fun, crazy, downright silly action keeps you on the edge of your seat, while the family moments have you tensed up and on the verge of tears. A lot of the emotion of "Speed Racer" comes from the Racer family, and the cast's performances of them.

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It makes us feel like we're part of it, which is why the emotion hits so hard. Perhaps the state of the market at the time of its release is what lead "Speed Racer" to bomb at the box office.

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Even "Iron Man," which isn't exactly a gritty reboot, had a lot of themes and story elements that were darker than the comic source materials. Any way you look at it, the market around the time of its release just wasn't suited for "Speed Racer.

It's not "a Speed Racer movie, but From "Batman Begins" on, every comic book movie had to throw something else into the mix to keep things from being too campy and fun, two things that producers thought audiences didn't want. Some might fault the film for not taking itself too seriously, but honestly, that's what makes it work so well. Speed turns down the offer and Royalton uses his connections in an attempt to end Speed's racing career Speed gets a second chance when Inspector Detector and Racer X offer him a chance to race while exposing corruption within racing.

But for good reason. I think it remains one of the most criminally overlooked films in recent memory and also one of the most oddly inspiring. Coming off of the unparalleled success of the The Matrix films even with the under-baked reaction to Matrix: And it was going to be Speed Racer! It implied there would electrifying, matrix-esque car chases! All from the two filmmakers who had come to define the new serious-cool-ass cyberpunk!

speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

But for those who loved the leather-clad adult fare of their previous work, they had no idea what to do with this fluffy, neon-soaked bit of confection that was being sold to them. And neither did the general audience.

10 Years Later, Why the Wachowskis’ Flop ‘Speed Racer’ Is Actually a Masterpiece

Speed Racer bombed, and it bombed hard. And as a result, many came to dismiss the film without ever seeing it. Or worse, those who saw it simply had no idea what to do with it. But to really get on board with Speed Racer, you have to accept its varied intentions. Starting with the fact that yes, this is indeed a true-blue PG kids film. Because of that, it will be unapologetically goofy, over the top and prominently feature monkey gags. Simultaneously, you have to accept that this PG kids film will also be, at times, incredibly serious: And all the while, you have to accept that within this, the emotional backbone of the film will be a surprisingly wholesome exhibition of family love, understanding and togetherness.

Yes, all of this exists within Speed Racer.

speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

And, tonally-speaking, I mean it when I say it is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen in my entire life. And so I get why that is hard for people to swallow, I really do. For instance, I love the work of Christopher Nolan, but if you just layer an entire movie in a singular tone you are, in a way, just lying to the audience.

speed racer 2008 ending a relationship

All because it validates their interests as being equally serious. This is why so many of those inclined to like singular tones have trouble with the work of someone like Sam Raimi. The ability to roll with punches and follow a movie into different emotional realms, especially goofy ones within serious narratives, is the ability to not take yourself too seriously.