Stannis renly relationship questions

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stannis renly relationship questions

There will be a part 3 focusing on Stannis and Roberts Relationship. Stannis And Renly Baratheon. First lets look at the personality differences. The relationship between the two elder Baratheon brothers fascinates me. Robert is a good man but a man with emotional issues and so is Stannis. . But the truth is that Mel killed Renly using Stannis seed without his. Stannis always despised Renly's shallowness and levity, and disliked Robert's self-centered attitude, and later What was the relationship like between Robert Baratheon and Catelyn Stark? This is already on Quora as separate questions: .

Renly is often compared to Robert in personality though Renly doesnt drink, eat, and whore. Renly also of course is not the fighter Robert is though he is mentioned as being strong. Renly inspires people to be loyal to him his people love him.

stannis renly relationship questions

After his death Courtney Penrose who was left in charge of Storms End refuses to yield the Castle to Stannis insults people who have turnes away from Renly and challenges Stannis to Single Combat which Stannis Refuses ultimately he is killed by a shadow baby Mel makes. The Tyrells leave and join with the Lannisters after Renly is killed and Garlan wears Renlys armor during the battle of the Blackwater.


Finally we know that Brienne loved Renly and was extremely loyal to him. I would have given my life for King Renly, and died happy - Brienne All of the Stormlands pretty much went with Renly except a few houses. They Love my charming young brother as they once loved Robert and as they have never loved me - Stannis Stannis personality couldnt be more different than Renlys.

stannis renly relationship questions

Stannis is Serious, Brooding, Humorless, and generally isnt pleasant to be around. He is devoted to the law and to carrying out justice he never forgets a slight against him and tends to hold grudges whereas Renly laughs everything off.

Stannis is generally seen as uncompromising although he can bend a bit. Stannis doesnt inspire loyalty in people except for Davos who deeply respects him for his fairness. He feels that Renly is his younger brother and is supposed to follow him and obey his elder. The iron throne is mine by right all those who deny it are my foes. It is a fools law wouldnt you agree?

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Catelyn replied Renly laughed you must allow a king some flaws my lady - Renly and Catelyn Renly believes he would be a good king while Stannis would make a bad one. He doesnt accept the laws which state that Stannis would come before him under the condition that he would be better and that the law didnt matter much when Robert took the throne from the Targaryens. Let us be blunt my lady Stannis would make an appaling King nor is he like to ever be one men respect him yes even fear him but precious few have ever loved him - Renly Tell me what right did Robert have to the throne?

Oh there was talk of the blood ties between houses Baratheon and Targaryen of weddings a hundrend years past second sons and elder daughters no one cares but the maesters. Why would he do that? Was he afraid of his dire brother?

I think it's more complicated than Robert trying to provoke him. I feel that Robert as the older brother expected total loyalty and obedience despite how he treated his brothers. They may have been close before Robert was sent to the Vale, but watching their parents die in front of them must have changed them both in a major way. Robert becoming loud, rash and angry, and Stannis becoming quiet, reserved and withdrawn.

From what we know of the Rebellion, Robert probably only saw Stannis for a very short time for the first time in years and after spending years with Ned and Jon having a great time, found not enough to make a genuine connection with Stannis.

As regards your points: Then of course we have Jaime, blunt as ever. Ser Loras edged around him. Is that why you ran, with his blood on your hands?

Draw your sword, woman! The wench is as strong as Gregor Clegane, though not so pretty.

stannis renly relationship questions

Jaime grabbed the boy with his good hand and yanked him around. Your commander, so long as you wear that white cloak. Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I'll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found.

The boar got Robert and I got Margaery. You'll be pleased to know she came to me a maid. She specifically did not want Tommen to be a squire for Ser Loras because the relation between a squire and his master was very close and she suspected that Loras might turn Tommen gay.