Steal my post relationship goals tumblr

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steal my post relationship goals tumblr

Zuripons Cute Couples, Sweet Couples, Vous Etes, Tumblr Relationship, Instagram post by Lele Pons • Jul 1, at pm UTC #Mr Steal your girl. Instead of getting caught up with “Relationship Goals,” young couples FacebookTwitterGooglePinterestRedditStumbleuponTumblr. Post Views: 2, They're going to steal the covers and roll over to your side of the bed. See more ideas about Steal our post, Ig post and Squad goals. Good Relationships, Tumblers, Cute Relationship Goals, Tumblr, Drinkware, Mugs, Smile.

steal my post relationship goals tumblr

On a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest amount possible, how much fun do you have when you hang out with these close friends? With these questions and your answers, you can clearly discover a lot about yourself and your immediate circle of friends. You can also gauge how supported, understood, connected, and enlivened you feel in your friendships.

Four to twelve 2. You must see them, or at least one of them, in person every month. You must speak to them, preferably several of them, every week or two at a minimum. If my suggestions here sound unattainable to you, as your coach, i must be blunt: By default, then, we have family, friends, coworkers, and peers who are thrust into our lives. But we can choose two things: The old adage is true: All those people we might be in a habit of calling or connecting with might not really be contributing to our life experiences and happiness.

At High Performance Academy, one of my most controversial strategies is helping people do just that: This includes elementary school friends and those from high school, college, work, sports, and your hobbies. Next, write a short description of a what about them made you choose them and like them as friends, and b why you are still, or are no longer, friends with them.

steal my post relationship goals tumblr

Part of the benefit of this activity may be to reengage with some old friends. Those in the first bucket, old friends, are just that: These are people who were once your friends in the past, whom you no longer wish to keep in contact with. These are the people to whom you still send holiday or birthday cards, letters, or emails a few times a year. For far too many of us, maintenance friends become mental drags in our lives because every time we think of them, we say to ourselves, Gosh, I should really keep in better contact with this person.

So … from today forward, no more guilt about maintenance friends. This is not an exorcism or an excommunication. Personally, I feel that too many people take their friends for granted, forget who their friends are, or never give enough of them- selves to their friendship circles to receive anything back.

The universe has likely placed each of your current friends in your path for reasons known or unknown to you. I suggest you reengage your close friends and, by sharing your vision for a bigger future and by sheer role modeling and enthusiasm, you be the catalyst that raises the standards and quality of your friendships. Before pushing old friends away, I encourage you to sit down with your friends and authentically and excitedly share—perhaps for the first time ever—your true thoughts, feelings, and ambitions in life and for your immediate and distant future.

Friendships are really only built by sharing such things and by reliving stories and creating new stories together. That said, I do understand that this effort will fail with some of your current friends.

The tough call afterward is that for your future quality of life there will be people to whom you will need to limit your duration and frequency of exposure. The sad truth is, the world is full of bitter, complaining, finger-pointing energy vampires who suck all the joy and ambition out of life.

From now on, be on the lookout for remarkable people whose path the universe has allowed to intersect with yours. Ask them to lunch. Introduce them to other remarkable people. Have them share real thoughts, feelings, and ambitions in life. Get them together often for new adventures and experiences. One being heart-warming; five being throwing up rainbows.

So you have to be as honest as possible. The one with the most points at the end of the week get crowned hash-tag relationship goals.

Dinah flips her hair, a gesture of thanks. Camila and Normani are to never find out about this. This is only between me and Loser Lauren. Ally hums an affirmation, and the three resume with their shenanigans. Back to where the two newfound competitors reside, Dinah holds out her hand for Lauren to shake. The two shake on it, bonding them both to a game to settle the debate of the 21st Century and creating peace in the 5H chaos finally. Everyone except Camila is there to unpack since she was scheduled to preform her duet with Shawn Mendes at a local venue for about an hour max.

Until then, the four struggle bringing their luggage up to their room that happens to be on the 32nd floor. Normani is about to protest, but Dinah shuts her up with a quick kiss. Most times Dinah can be a headache, but times like this is when Normani wants to just smother her with endearment. Once Normani exits the scene, Dinah nudges tiny Ally. Ally scores us how she pleases.

Have you met Normani? Of course, it was Dinah Jane. I actually love it! The tension in the room suddenly becomes a little suffocating for Ally and Normani, but it only fuels Dinah. But you just have to trust Mila. But Lauren had every right to be insecure still. Ever since Camila announced her song with Mendes a while back, Lauren had doubts for their relatively new relationship. Sure, that voice came in moans and some screaming, but the message had been delivered successfully to Lauren.

I am not whipped. The three laugh as Ally raises her hands in a praising motion. They visit a few local shops and a couple malls. By the time lunch came around, Dinah and Lauren depended on their cards instead of actual cash that they no longer had. Normani never really thought anything about it considering over the course of their years of friendship, Dinah probably owed her thousands of dollars worth of food that Normani had to spare for the Polynesian.

In her defense, she did offer to use her own money, but Lauren refused to let that happen. On the other hand, Ally had the unfortunate task of keeping tally of everything the couples did and scoring them accordingly.

It was getting exhausting and the mere fact that she had six more days of this made Ally want to retire from Fifth Harmony. But she made a promise to the two, and she intended on keeping her role intact.

Can we go get dinner now? Luckily, Ally spotted a waffle house a few blocks away and had been dying to go there ever since they started their adventure. She suggests it, and all of them settle with it except for Lauren. Camila and I actually have a reservation at a restaurant nearby. Camila tilts her head at the unexpected information.

I hear New York has a mean taste for pizza, though. She looks at Ally, who had a notepad in her hand writing something to which she tried sneaking a look at but the shorter girl withdrew the paper into her chest.

Ally pushes Dinah, but fails miserably because size difference. This is for my eyes, and my eyes only. Ally and Dinah look like a deer in the headlights of a beautiful black truck, and Normani examines them suspiciously. Normani shifts her attention to the girl behind Ally. Lauren and her are doing random acts of great deeds, and I point them for it. She knows the two are lying to her face, but she wants to see their response and how long they can go trying to fool her. Someone always gets hurt when you and Lauren get into shit.

How can someone possibly get hurt?! Normani shrugs and opens her arms for her pouty girlfriend in invitation for a hug to which Dinah happily accepts.

steal my post relationship goals tumblr

Ally now appreciated the PDA rule back in high school because seeing her four band mates practically get it on in a park filled with adolescents made her really uncomfortable. Fortunately, Ally had to deal with only one complaint made by a parent. She had been receiving non-stop texts from Troy asking about what she was doing or when she was going to visit him.

Every reply she made was either a lame excuse or a weak apology, and the stress put a strain in their relationship. The evening arrived faster than she expected, and the group crowded her room once again.

Well, if you count Dinah taking up three-quarters of the bed, nearly pushing off Camila and Lauren. Ally clears her throat, despite the loud gunshots coming from the large screen behind her. Lauren accepts it gratefully and cuddles back into Camila. How is he anyways? Lauren sighs, rubbing her temples in frustration. Lauren grins because one she hates doing solo interviews and two she can gain some extra points for doing this interview with Camila.

Seeing that Normani and Dinah are clearly too invested in the movie and each other, Ally gives up on trying to vent to her friends and goes to sleep hoping that the morning after will be a lot better for her. Troy is currently giving her the silent treatment for the reason that Ally is completely ignorant to. On the bright side, all the girls plan on staying in the hotel to simply chill. That is until Dinah wakes up to a war on Twitter.

With more thantweets, Camren and Shawmila trend worldwide. With some research, Dinah stumbles across an audio file from a fan account. A lot of fans have been waiting for this for a long time. I mean, Lauren and I have known each other for years. There was family, friends, and even the industry itself.

It was like obstacle upon obstacle for us, but in the end, we learned that the only thing holding us back from being together was ourselves.

People who struggle with sexuality, gender, or whatever is holding them back from, like, being themselves need to understand that living a true life will always be way better than living a lie.

There are people out there to support you. You can tell us the truth. She knew how deep Camila and Lauren go, but still, to hear those words of commitment from Camila was sort of surreal. Had she not been trying to win against Lauren, she would feel so happy for her friends.

She turns to her side, grin growing wider if that were even possible when she sees dark-brown hair spread messily over the pillow, covering the gorgeous face underneath. That grin that Lauren wears changes into a smirk.

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I think this makes us even. I do love you. Even through all the bullshit—especially with Luis, Keaton, and Brad—when you used to cry almost every night because of them. Austin meant nothing to me, but you wanted me to be with him for the sake of distracting the fans from us. So I dated him. You needed time to come to terms with your sexuality, and I gave you it.

steal my post relationship goals tumblr

But I realized that I would literally move mountains for you. That I would let you break my heart over and over again if that meant simply accepting who you are. Last night, I told the world I wanted to marry Lauren Jauregui one day. Just a minute ago, I let you kiss me with my morning breath.

From the moment you decided to trust me with your heart, I already gave you mines. I always have, and I always will. Lauren smashes their lips together again in a kiss that expresses her love for Camila. Camila gets the message loud and clear, despite not having any words.

The end result was throwing herself on Camila and using the duvet to cover them both. Th-the door w-was o-open. Um, Will w-wanted to talk to us. Meet in the lobby in f-five. Ally mutters a small apology and exits the room for the two to get dressed. The five meet up in the lobby where Will stood impatiently tapping on the window in front of him.

When he spots them, he opens his arms wide. You got it all wrong. Ever since last night, social media has been blowing up. He, instead, gives it to Ally, and she takes it with hesitation.

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Drinking or any other illegal activities will remain in your rooms at all times. The last thing we need is Fifth Harmony running into the law. Ally, surprisingly, had been the most hammered out of all of them.

Earlier, Troy called her up, and after a few hurtful words, the two engaged in a pretty serious argument resulting in Ally feeling like she dug a deeper hole than before. Five glasses in, Ally could not remember a single thing from the fight.

Her words were slurred and posture nearly bent to the floor below her. None of her friends notice, however, for they were in their own little world as always.

Suddenly, slow beats start thumping through the speakers, and Normani is the first to recognize the song: Four pairs of wide eyes are on her, and three mouths are hollering at her. When the song is over, Normani is straddling Dinah, staring into her eyes and getting lost in their own world. They all stay until the movie finishes, leaving Normani and Dinah passed out on the bed and a sober Camila dragging Lauren back to their room.

Ally crashes on the floor next to the bed with her cellphone in hand, waiting for any contact from Troy. When Camila opens the door to their room, the first thing she feels are cold lips on her warm neck. The contrast alone makes her moan aloud, but then she remembers that the door is still open and stops Lauren for a bit to close it. She turns around to find Lauren yet again trying to attach her lips to whatever skin she has access to, even if that meant her palm that was meant to hold Lauren back.

I want to make love to you. Both pairs of eyes are dark with lust. Tonight, you tell me what you want. Lifting Camila by her thighs and throwing her onto the bed, Lauren lingers over her girlfriend with a smirk plastered on her face. I know how loud you can get, and I want you to be screaming my name so that everyone in this fucking hotel knows who you belong to. Still caught in the daze of her dream and a slight throbbing sensation in her head, she looks around the dark room.

As she tries to find the tiny one, she hears another loud thud accompanied by a muffled moan. Another thud comes from the wall behind the headboard of the bed. Curious, Dinah rests her head on the wall with one ear pressed up against it.

There were lots of things fueling her train of thought, which had just been immobile a few minutes ago. But amidst all of that, the only thing to dominate her mind is her challenge with Lauren.

To Dinah, Lauren had planned this all out ahead of time. All that mattered was getting back at Lauren and making sure she did not win. But to wake to her girlfriend yelling vulgar things did confuse Normani just a little bit. A soft feeling presses against her lips, and Normani smiles into the kiss.

♥Tumblr Relationship Goals 3♥

Then Normani hears it. The creaking of metal, soft groans, loud moans, filthy words, and even a small sound of wet slapping—Normani retracts her head away from the wall with a hand over her mouth. Why are you listening to them do…that?! Had she not been sulking over the shady text from her boyfriend, she would have tallied some points for the couples. Traveling for a whole year, names of places become gibberish to them, and trying to remember names became exhausting after a while.

The bus takes a pit stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, giving them a thirty-minute window to do as they please outside the confinements of the metal coffin.

Dinah and Lauren are in the store, shopping for some snacks, leaving Normani and Camila the only ones occupying the main area. She groans when Normani simply shrugs her answer. They vowed not to tell us both. And how did you find out about it? Something about Norminah being better than Camren, and a few mentions of a poly beat down here and there. But then I got over it.

But only for a while.

steal my post relationship goals tumblr

Buying us expensive things, giving us extra affection. Dinah literally carried me on her back around the city for an hour because I said my feet hurt. The memory brought a blush to her cheeks, but then it only infuriated her that all of that was for winning her game against Dinah. Not for their selfish pride. While they compete to be hash-tag relationship goals, what our childish girlfriends fail to realize is that they are literally just competing to see who is more whipped than the other. Did we run out of Nutella yet?

Looking out of the window, she spots Dinah pushing Lauren out of the doorway so she could get a head start. Finally, Camila gets a text from Lauren. Dinah follows, hobbling and tripping over her own feet but is able to save her own box of food for her girlfriend. Dinah glares at the raven-haired girl, but grins when she sees Normani in all her loveliness. Would you say that your libido is boosted right now?

There are minors in this bus, horn dogs! They use up the next twenty minutes fooling around on Snapchat. Chaos erupts on social media. Norminah and Camren trend on Twitter with overmentions. The numbers mean nothing. Camila gets rid of it with another kiss. Lauren stands up abruptly, causing Dinah to do the same.

Well, I knew ever since New York. You two are in big trouble. Dinah and I are pure in a way, making us all the more appealing than you two. Suddenly, the bus is practically bouncing as four girls bounce from the walls, defending their ship from the other couple.

Lauren is the first to stop the mayhem by asking where Ally is. The couples race to the back of the bus where Ally is crouched with her phone in her lap.

The Charged Life

They are all too busy yelling over one another for Ally to comprehend what is being said. Finally, Ally breaks down. The girls halt themselves, and the only sound to resonate throughout the bus is soft wales of Ally Brooke Hernandez. The tension between the couples disappear, and the crowd around the sobbing girl. I for-forgot th-the notepad a-at the, the hotel. I-I kn-know h-how im-important this wa-was for a-all of you, but I-I for-got.

Her entire face is red, and the only thing cooling her down is the water from her tears. Camila notices this and runs to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water. Ally then falls asleep in their arms because crying is exhausting, and they carefully place her onto the couch and wrap a blanket around her.

Quietly, the tip-toe to the main area where they all glance around, thinking.