Strains on us saudi relationship ft

Week In Politics: U.S.-Saudi Relations And A Bigger-Than-Expected Blue Wave : NPR

strains on us saudi relationship ft

new strategic logic for U.S.-Saudi security relations since Available at economic strains and a dangerous domestic terrorism campaign and. It has come under strain from the outset, notably when the US “There will be disastrous consequences for US-Saudi relations if the United. The murder has placed huge strains on Saudi Arabia's relationship THE FT COLUMN: Jamal Khashoggi killing resets US relations in the.

Sadly, that relationship is already failing.

strains on us saudi relationship ft

Indeed, under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also known as MBSSaudi Arabia has willfully pursued policies that have undermined both American interests and values.

Worse still, the Trump administration envisions a role for Saudi Arabia in its Middle East strategy that can only disappoint. In recent weeks, Turkish authorities have accused the Saudi regime of responsibility for the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi government has blamed rogue operatives for the killing and dismissed a number of high-ranking officials.

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There's no doubt that Saudi Arabia is important to the United States. Preserving global access to its oil, avoiding the chaos that would be unleashed if the kingdom collapsed or became a failed state, and cooperation on counter-terrorism are clearly core US interests. Jamal's Khashoggi's legacy should be peace in Yemen But to concede these interests doesn't mean Saudi Arabia is a reliable security partner of the United States or that Riyadh is America's strategic ally.

Saudi Arabia is in fact a repressive police state that has long exported a strain of Islam supportive of Islamic jihadi terrorist activity and that ideologically has been hostile to America, the West, Jews and Christians. Read More MBS has made an effort to restrain religious extremism. But he's also launched a major crackdown to concentrate absolute power, repress civil society and journalists and jail or intimidate his opponents. The detention of the Lebanese Prime Minister, in an apparent bid to force his resignation, has only strengthened Hezbollah.

Bin Salman's disastrous boycott of Qatar made it more difficult for the Gulf Cooperation Council to stand up to Iran and has driven Doha and Tehran closer together, and his failed military campaign in Yemen has created instability, polarized the region and expanded rather than contracted Iranian influence and given ISIS more room to maneuver.

Saudi Arabia has proven to be too weak and incompetent to be a bulwark against Iran; on the contrary, it has been an enabler of Tehran's influence. Moreover, in the unlikely event that the Saudis put their money where their mouth is, Trump's claims that it would produceto one million jobs in the American defense industry are "fake facts.

US-Saudi relationship is much less than meets the eye - CNN

When a reporter asked yesterday who should be held accountable, here's what Trump said. Maybe the world should be held accountable because the world's a vicious place.

The world is a very, very vicious place. Welcome to both of you. Great to be with you. Trump said he doesn't want to jeopardize weapons deals with the Saudis.

strains on us saudi relationship ft

Some analysts have said this will give a green light to autocrats that they can buy America's silence if they purchase enough weapons. Kimberly, do you think that's an accurate assessment? I think it is. I think it's a really big problem moving forward with this president in the face of what seems to be a clear, horrific civil - human rights violation to not stand up and say this is not going to be tolerated.

And it's putting him at odds even with some members of his own party in Congress who really want to see action, some sanctions, really pulling out of these arms deals, something that will send a message that the freedom of the press is important and the United States won't give a green light to this kind of activity. Gayle, do you think the president misjudged this? Well, geopolitical alliances are fraught with difficult trade-offs.

strains on us saudi relationship ft

And I think that obviously this murder was brutal and horrific, but it's unclear whether this is going to affect the United States' alliance with Saudi Arabia. There's certainly a political strain on the relationship, but it's not just about the sale of weapons. It's about the balance of power in the Middle East.

And when you contrast Saudi Arabia's position with Iran's position, certainly there's an understanding that America needs to make sure that Iran is not able to run roughshod over the entire Middle East. So it's - there is much more involved in this calculation than just arms sales.

strains on us saudi relationship ft

We're seeing that Saudi Arabia-Iran tension play out in Yemen Which is where Saudi Arabia is using many of those weapons that the Saudis buy from the U. The relationship that the U. It's vital that the rightful call by the secretary of defense and the secretary of state to halt this war that is doing no good for American interests, never mind American values.

  • Week In Politics: U.S.-Saudi Relations And A Bigger-Than-Expected Blue Wave
  • The US-Saudi relationship: Much less than meets the eye

It's vital that that call is followed through diplomatically at the highest levels. Gayle, when you see the way that the Khashoggi killing consequences or lack thereof have played out, do you think the U.

And we all need to know that Yemen is an amazing country with a beautiful culture, with incredible historical artifacts there that are really the patrimony of the entire human culture. So, certainly, when we're looking at this warfare going on in Yemen, it's a terrible, terrible thing, but Iran is an aggressor in this country, and Saudi Arabia is trying to make sure that the balance of power is not swayed towards Iran.

So President Trump understands this very clearly, and he understands that given his campaign promises of putting America first that he has to take into account American interests in this area while also balancing the right of the Yemenis not to be in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Kimberly, the number of Yemeni lives lost, including children, seems a very high price to pay to keep Iran from having a center of power in the Middle East. And it does, and the conflict there is also very complicated where the role that Saudi Arabia is playing in that.

This is a prime opportunity for the United States to use that as leverage to say, look; we are to stand up against Saudi Arabia and the actions that they've taken that have claimed lives in this war.

We have seen allies, including the U. And it'll be interesting to see if the United States yields to that. They haven't come through so far.