Strengthening your relationship with god

Chapter Strengthening Our Relationship with God

strengthening your relationship with god

Have you ever felt your relationship with God growing more distant and unfamiliar with the passing of time? These verses will remind you of the. Do you grow cold in faith and find it hard to quiet yourself before God? The four elements in this article help you strengthen your relationship. A relationship with God is the most important relationship you can have. Put God first and other worthwhile relationships will follow.

As a result, we will not make any progress in our life entry.

strengthening your relationship with god

But when we draw near to God with a true heart and truly give our hearts to God, our spirits will become ever sharper.

And from the matters we meet every day, whether big or small, we can learn some actual lessons, see more clearly through our shortcomings, inadequacies, nature, and essence, even more hate and loathe our corruption and disobedience, and thus feel true repentance.

Then we will feel close to God, and truly experience that God is beside us. Clearly, for our establishing a proper relationship with God, it is absolutely vital to always focus on giving our hearts to God and having communion with Him more. Also, we should completely accept His words into our hearts, and experience and practice His words in real life.

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If we do this way, the Holy Spirit will usually guide and enlighten us, making us have more knowledge of God and His words. In our experiences, we find that some brothers and sisters have a clear mind when meeting matters.

And they also focus on seeking the truth on the people, matters, and things that they meet every day. Moreover, they speak more and more accurately and objectively and they are principled in acting, speaking, and serving.

strengthening your relationship with god

Therefore, they often have the guidance of the truth when something happens to them. In this way, our relationship with God will become more and more normal.

In real life, whether we are praying, reading the Bibleattending the gathering, or contacting people, we should always examine our intentions. For example, in order to satisfy our interests of the flesh and protect our own face and status, we often use a mix of personal intentions when we speak, and even tell a lie to cheat others.

strengthening your relationship with god

At this time, we should immediately come before God to pray and reflect and know ourselves. After that, we can realize we are crafty and have told lies before God, and that we have brazenly deceived people and God, not living out any likeness of human.

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And what we have done is loathed by others and also detested by God. When we recognize this, we can turn around in time, practice as God requires—we dissect and expose our intentions and motives in lying to the brothers and sisters—and resolve to betray lies and practice the truth in our future experiences. In addition, to those words of God we do not understand, we still need to fellowship with those who understand the truth, so that we can understand and practice the truth.

strengthening your relationship with god

With such an effect, we will have a proper relationship with God. Setting our intentions right in everything is also significant to establishing a proper relationship with God.

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Though many people follow God, few of them can truly act in accordance with His intention. Take dedication and service for example.

strengthening your relationship with god

We know that genuine dedication should be established on the basis of repaying the love of God, and it is to willingly dedicate what we have, which includes money, time, our entire being. Take myself as an example. This is because I think they should be paid by my own, and because I should repay God for His giving them to me.

What is it that I sacrifice and pay a little bit now if I can gain the glorious crown in the future? But we should also think over this: If our devoting, running around and expending ourselves are not for performing duties as a creature, but for obtaining more grace from God, it is our deceit on God. View 3 Items Getty Images Have you ever felt your relationship with God growing more distant and unfamiliar with the passing of time?

These verses will remind you of the power of faith. Have you ever felt your relationship with God growing more distant and unfamiliar with the passing of time? More and more Americans seem to be feeling this way, according to a Harris Poll. The study found that 74 percent of Americans believe in God, which is down 8 percent from the poll.

Even more telling is the number of Americans who believe with absolute certainty in God's existence — only 54 percent.

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But therapist and author Paul Dunion discusses the topic of losing and regaining faith in a Huffington Post blogdescribing that when we rekindle our faith, we feel more gratitude, generosity and love towards ourselves and others.