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that I caught, not realizing, it was almost near the end of the film. Then the credits rollit was the movie Tag-Ulan sa Tag-Araw, one of. Father Daughter Relationship (6) . A canine angel, Charlie, sneaks back to earth from heaven but ends up befriending an .. Tag-ulan sa tag-araw (). There are three recognized seasons: Tag-init or Tag-araw (the hot season or summer from March to May), Tag-ulan (the rainy season from June to . January to end of April can be considered as storm/typhoon free months.

I control everything on the set, even during post-production — from editing and music to sound. My audience knows my style. You discover your style, then you do it. The factors are both socially dictated and morally stringent, situations that they cannot change no matter what they do. Even if they go on living together, they will still be hounded by the truth.

Wherever they go, that truth cannot be proven false. Fate did two unpardonable things to them: All desperation peaks in the end. The heartbreaking ten-minute chase stands as a powerful statement on what love can do in the harshest of circumstances.

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First we see Nanette being dragged down the stairs by her father and brother as she begs for her child not be aborted. Rod, coming from the hospital, arrives and screams for mercy. Not to be moved by their plea, the father drives the car out of the house.

Rod runs after it, limping, and chases the car in the middle of the road until he catches up. He hits the car, kicks it, and breaks the window. A lot of bystanders look after them. When he is able to jump into the rear of the car, he struggles to hold onto it, as the father willfully swerves the car to drop him behind. He kisses the window.

Nanette struggles against her mother and brother holding her. She tries to touch his face in the window. And he falls—he falls hard on the ground. Getting up, he runs again. Everything feels so real and timeless, it can only be real and timeless…. Lawrence and more like Emmanuelle. The two main characters, Christopher Deleon and Vilma Santos obviously carried the film with surprising maturity.

Considering this was their first team-up and both were very young. Inboth were still in transitions, from teenybopper stars of the musical era to serious actors. Vilma Santos equally balance the equation with a touching show of emotions that we seldom see in her early films that are mostly musicals, fantasy or comedies. Three scenes stand out.

Second when her parents caught them in the balcony. Celso Ad Castillo successfully gave us a very moving film. Even with the very annoying number of voice-over scenes, scenes that you will hear the two main characters talks but you will see them not opening their mouth, the film has so many good qualities that you will forgive these flaws.

We probably attributed these flaws to the style of many films in the 60s and 70s. You can see many spontaneous shots of people that were gawking at Christopher Deleon running like a maniac. Like the voice over style used by Castillo, the musical score used in this film was typical of the 60s and 70s. Overall, Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw was a superb film that highlighted the potential on screen chemistry and talents of the screen team of Christopher Deleon and Vilma Santos.

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For their fans, I would recommend to have a copy of this classic film. Special thanks to Liam Tayag for downloading this film via Youtube. RV Celso Ad Castillo: I see the movie in my mind even before I start shooting. I control everything on the set, even during post-production — from editing and music to sound. My audience knows my style. You discover your style, then you do it.

That fact alone gives the film a unique importance. This partnership paved the way for a string of memorable films together.

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They played notable roles, shared celebrated scenes, delivered unforgettable dialogues, and reaped acclaim for their performances. Theirs is the ripest love team in Philippine cinema, transcending cheap romance in exchange of maturity, often appearing as a couple in the hardest of circumstances.

In Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw, they play cousins who fall in love with each other, and knowing it is socially unacceptable, they try to fall out of it. It seems awkward for a first team-up, considering its taboo subject, but seeing young Vilma and Boyet weep as they fight for their impossible love story, it only shows that they only get better the harder their roles are.

It is already clear in the beginning that their romance is doomed. Rod and Nanette meet in a beach house owned by her parents, who bring Rod along to stay in their place in Manila to study. It is love at first sight—Rod sees her playing along with her friends in the beach and as she runs to get her dog, they exchange names, glances, and affection. Right that very moment, they are in love. They walk around the place, holding hands, sharing their surprise on how comfortable they already are with each other.

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There is nothing really malicious about it. We all know that their affection is sincere. They have longed for it—and it came. Castillo, the demented genius of Philippine cinema. It was intense and oddly, not laughable. Nenet Santos and Rod De Leon are cousins who fall in love at first sight before they learn that they are first cousins. The parents are played by Eddie Garcia and Lorli Villanueva, and their hamminess fits the movie perfectly.

Rod does the decent thing: