Tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

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tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

For Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Just got the Game - Stuck on first battle ". up allowing zagi to get into postion to attack before I have a chance and The most effective way to fight him is to Free Run away from him, but angle yourself so he gets just close. For Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " First boss - Zagi fight". Tales of Vesperia, the next Tales of RPG in the long running franchise marks it's 10th to fight against those who use the Blastia for their own sick (and twisted) ideals. .. Yuri: "No hard feelings, no matter which of us gets to Alexei first, right? Zagi. You will never walk this earth again! Welcome to the Hornet's Nest!!!.

Also, are you a girl? You seem to think you know so much about their mindset and relationships. BlackfyreR0y 10 years ago 17 Oh c'mon. You can see the way Judith and Yuri look at each other and interact with one another.

You can literally feel the sexual tension between them. It's like, they want each other but don't know how to express it. Especially Judith, who is a Krityan, and Krityans aren't very well known for their uh Someone has to play the villain. I guess I'm just tired of the whole jRPG half-assed romances.

tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

It's nice to finally play a jRPG where the main character ends up with Well, of course he'll have his life-long friends. Remember people, though porn or being gay may have desensitized you.

tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

But falling in love and having a lesbian relationship is not only uncommon, but totally not something most people are into, and are in fact disgusted to be put into that situation especially when it's a friend who you have no feelings for. Me and my best friend have been together since the third grade about 13 years and we've been through everything, including mutual friends suicides etc, and at times we've been closer then rita and estelle have ever been in ToV.

But that doesn't mean either one of us wants to be gay with each other. Admittedly it wasn't really hinted at in the game in a serious manner Judging by their personalities when they are both being themselves, they are imho the best match for each other.

Which you can tell by how he interacts with her and how he motivates her. He puts himself out as a role model to others, and offers others a chance to make their own decisions while letting his feelings be known.

If anything his desire to protect the lower quarter, expanded into a role of wanting to be a father figure, since that's closer to how he behaves toward them. Continue as you please till the world comes to an end.

But don't bring up a war between the guilds. This isn't a joke. Protect your friends and they'll respond in kind. That was the last thing that the Don said to me. Because my friends are there for me, I can do anything! They're still there for me, even now. Why isn't that good enough for the Union?!

The best thing that the guilds ever had was their ability to help each other. There is always a way to deal with things even if ya aren't some great big leader. You know how to walk on your won feet, don't you? I'm gonna get sick if I have to stay here any longer. You really watch out for others, don't you old man? That's all I did. I wonder if I'll ever be like you, Raven…" Raven: Now's the time to tell them all you've done.

It doesn't matter who did them. Why do you always choose the option that's bad for you? Why do you try to bear everything by yourself? Do you think I can't take the burden? I know I can do what I want only because someone's watching out for me. I'll just yell at you again. In that case… [draws sword] Try it like this.

But you know what you can beat me in… [shows Flynn his sword] This. You would've beaten me easy if you were still like when we were kids. We would fight to make people smile. It's nice to be able to do things for others. I wanted to show others that I could do stuff.

I thought that was my dream, but I guess not. To make the guild big. To be a respected boss. All boys have those dreams.

I mean, there's so much you can't do alone. That's not helping people. I realized that traveling with everyone. I like that a lot more. So far ahead of this old man. You are cool enough just as you are. Not as cool as Yuri, but…" Raven: So what's your dream, Raven?

tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

To be stinking rich with bevies of gorgeous women all around, mmmm… I'm kidding. Now… Hmm… I'm finally back to just living. So I guess my dream is to be able to dream again someday. I think I'll get it. Even if I work it hard, it just keeps going. I mean, you too, of course.

All right, we should get to bed soon. Lack of sleep is the elderly's worst enemy. What am I gonna do with myself? Nothing we can do about that. And I won't find out if I made the right choices until the end. Making a choice is so hard. To live means to choose… and to have the resolve to make those choices. I was happy to heal people and be thanks.

But then I learned my power was poisoning the world… Someone was always using me…" Yuri: But… I feel like I'm here, doing what I am, because it is my choice, my wish. I'm glad I came on this journey with you, Yuri. I wasn't too sure what would happen when you asked me to take you out of the castle.

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Lots of different people, different experiences. We travelled the whole world, but I never got tired of it. I think it fits me. I think I'll just keep on going around. Maybe there's some tomboy princess out there being chased by and evil monster. Right now… I'm not scared at all. If anything, the thought that a new world is about to dawn is…" Yuri: I feel the same way.

Let's get it over with, and live on in a future we choose. Let's believe in them. You know it's not our place to pass sentence on the crimes of others. He was to be punished in accordance with the laws! The same laws that failed to punish Ragou?

Give me a break. If the laws are at fault, then fixing those laws comes first. It's for that very reason that I'm still with the Imperial Knights! I promise we'll change things soon'? People so bad they'll just go on hurting others. What can the average person do but be victimized by people like that? You know it was the same way with our people in the lower quarter.

Do you intend to rain your justice down on all the villains of the world? That's the behavior of a common criminal. Murder is a crime. If you are, you can quit right here. Join Flynn and go back to the castle. But I… I'm confused. It's also true that your actions saved the lives of others…" Yuri: If you ever end up pointing your sword at me, I'm sure I will have done something to deserve it.

He seemed like he was in a hurry. I'm going to continue this journey with you. It's what I want. Traveling with you, I know I'll find the right path for myself, too.

This game provides examples of:

So what I'm thinking is…" [Estelle extends her hand to Yuri] Estelle: You look more serious than usual. I'm working as hard as I can…! Can I ask you something? You shouldn't force yourself to try and accept what I did.

We lost all the blastia and with that, the barriers are gone… But we chose that path, so I guess we gotta live with it. As long as we're still alive, we'll be OK. Why didn't you call me out for my actions that time?

I… I tried to kill you I'm not letting it go. But I don't have time to deal with someone who gave up on everything. So why haven't you gone to help Flynn, even alone? You wanted to protect him so badly you'd kill me. Why won't you protect him now?! I could be killed any time. Flynn is the perfect knight. He doesn't need a criminal by his side.

Wow, old man, really making yourself at home with that getup, aren't you? Can you feel the macho energy? The manly musk, waftin' from my physique? My fans across the world are gonna love this! Ya interested in becoming my fan? Get away from me! Hey dog, do something about him, would you? It seems it is time ta put my macho energy ta the ultimate test--taming the savage beast! We really worked our butts off in there! I can't believe how much Estelle got into character! You're one to talk, Rita!

You were loving it! Checking yourself out in the mirror over and over again You know you liked that outfit. I-I don't know what you're talking about! Yer kinda cute when yer embarrassed! It felt nice to relax in the outdoor baths after working up a nice sweat doing hard work.

tales of vesperia zagi first fight in a relationship

I love this kid of lifestyle. It's so fun that we can all relax together in a nice outdoor hot spring! Yuri, Rita, Judith, Karol, Estelle: Not So Good With Heights?

There's somethin' about flyin' that just feels great Hey, Rita, hun, why don't ya stop loungin' in the middle of the ship and come on over? Ya don't feel like livin' it up with ol' Raven, is that it? Wh-what are you doing, dog?! I said, stop it! L-let go of me already! Oh, ya haven't lived until you've seen the view from up here!

What Not to Do when Gathering Karol: We've finally managed to gather items for synthesis! Y-yeah, I mean, I've been taking notes of how many items we found and where we found them I mean, so pathetic! What can I say?

Captain Karol loves maps. He's been just as devoted to filling in our world map, too. Oh boy, what a find, what a haul! This beautiful mushroom looks so delicious! Oh, Raven, don't eat Whoa, this is GOOD! Ahh hah hah hah! Waaah hah hah hah! That was a chuckleshroom.

They're for synthesis, not eating Maybe that's what it takes to teach you not to eat everything you find on the ground? And we're supposed to take you seriously when you're laughing like that?

That's 'cause Rita keeps usin' all that fire magic. It doesn't have anything to do with my magic! The desert's just hot! I guess we're saying it'd be real nice if you would Aren't you hot, too? But using the magic makes me feel so good that I forget all about being hot, all right?! Repede and Judith Judith: Is he also a member of your party? Yeah, well he doesn't get along too well with people though.

Don't let it get to you Judith: Nice to meet you. Hey, why is he letting Judith pet him?

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Maybe the little pup's a fan of pretty girls. B-But I'm a pretty girl too! Why doesn't he like me? Melts a Young Girl's Heart Karol: How'd you master making crepes, Raven?

I thought you hated sweet foods. My boy, you got a lot ta learn about the miraculous powers sweet foods have over the ladies. An exquisite crepe melts a young girl's heart and leads her straight into the arms of the chef--me! For people who like sweet things, there's nothing harder to refuse than a delicious crepe. And if you know someone made it just for you I know someone's reeling at least Okay, good luck then. Hot Food, Hot Sun Rita: Who the hell decided to pan-fry noodles in the middle of a searing hot desert?

People really should give more thought to these decisions And it's not just hot--this strong taste really dries out your throat, too! I feel like the more I eat, the weaker I get I can't stop sweating. Damn it, I can't stop!! Yuri, you're more worked up than usual Let's just say ya owe us one, boss. I see what yer doin', gettin' all worked up.

Ya said yourself yesterday that ya wanted some noodles. So, did ya make 'em yourself? Did ya ask someone else ta do it? I guess fried noodles really aren't good for eating in the desert. Who the hell thought it'd be a good idea to make s-s-sorbet in this freezing weather It's s-s-so cold, my t-t-t-teeth are chattering too much to eat I think sorbet can be delicious, even in the cold. So it was you!