Teacher pet 2004 ending a relationship

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teacher pet 2004 ending a relationship

Bad Teacher is a American comedy film directed by Jake Kasdan based on a screenplay They dry hump and Elizabeth secretly calls Amy using Scott's phone leaving a message recording all Scott asks Elizabeth to start over, wanting a relationship with her, but Elizabeth rejects him to be with Russell, who she has. He called her "pet" and made her call him "master". one of his students into a sexually subservient relationship, leaving the girl suicidal and. Spot (Lane) is a dog who can talk and read. Gary Baseman (television series Teacher's Pet), Bill Steinkellner (television series Teacher's .. Plot Keywords.

Amy Squirrel, a dedicated and enthusiastic colleague, also pursues Scott while the school's gym teacher, Russell Gettis, makes it clear that he is interested in Elizabeth romantically, and she is not interested in him because he is a gym teacher.

She feels worse when Scott admits that he is interested in Amy, and that he only likes Elizabeth as a friend. Elizabeth attempts to raise money for the surgery by participating in her 7th grade class car wash in provocative clothing and by manipulating parents to give her money for more school supplies and tutoring, but her efforts are not enough. Amy, acting on the growing resentment between them due to Elizabeth pursuing Scott and ignoring school rules, attempts to warn the principal about Elizabeth's embezzlement scheme, but he dismisses her claims as groundless.

With this knowledge, Elizabeth decides to change her style of teaching, forcing the class to intensely read and study To Kill a Mockingbird for the upcoming test.

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However, the change is too late and insufficient. The students receive low scores on their quizzes, frustrating her even more.

Meanwhile, she befriends Russell the gym teacher as Amy and Scott start dating. Desperate to pay off the procedure for her breast surgery, Elizabeth steals the state test answers by disguising herself as a journalist and seducing Carl Halabi, a state official who is in charge of creating and distributing the exams.

Elizabeth gets Carl drunk and convinces him to take her to his office to have sex, but she spikes his drink and steals a copy of the answers.

A month later, Elizabeth's class aces the test and she wins the bonus, giving her the funds needed to get her breasts enlarged. When Elizabeth learns that Amy and Scott are chaperoning an upcoming field trip, she smears an apple with poison ivy and leaves it for Amy, who ends up with her face breaking out in blisters, so she cannot go.

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On the trip, Elizabeth seduces Scott. They dry hump and Elizabeth secretly calls Amy using Scott's phone leaving a message recording all the action, ensuring she knows about the affair. Elizabeth ultimately finds Scott unsatisfying. On a field trip, her student Garrett is embarrassed and ridiculed by his classmates after publicly confessing his unrequited love for a classmate named Chase.

Elizabeth consoles him afterwards and tells him how she is too superficial to return his interest, which causes Elizabeth to reflect on her own superficial ways. Jolly, are left with a pet-sitter when Spot accidentally sits on the remote and changes the channel to The Barry Anger Show. Anger's special guest is a "wacko" named Dr. Ivan Krank, who claims he can turn animals into human beings, who happens to be located in Sunny Southern Florida.

Believing it to be fate, Spot chases down the RV.

teacher pet 2004 ending a relationship

Spot and Leonard meet up at a gas station. Through many quick costume changes, Spot fools Mrs. Helperman into believing that he is Scott Leadready II and that his family, en route to Sunny Southern Florida, had to return home, but he could still go with the Helpermans.

Spot, Leonard, and Mrs. Helperman continue on their way to Florida, singing through all fifty states "A Whole Bunch of World".

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Meanwhile, Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly, back at home, see another episode of Barry Anger in which Anger reveals that Krank cannot turn animals into people, but rather into terrifying mutant creatures. They decide that they must track down Spot and stop him from being turned into a monster, but Mr. Jolly is afraid to leave the house. Helperman goes directly to the Teacher of the Year finals, and Leonard is all ready to play fetch, but Spot has other ideas.

teacher pet 2004 ending a relationship

He reveals to Leonard the real reason he came to Florida, to become a real boy. Leonard is skeptical, but accompanies Spot to Krank's lab, where Krank has just unsuccessfully tried to turn a frog human. He is ready to destroy his machine when Spot and Leonard show up.

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Spot tells him that his machine can't work with a frog because it's a lower life form, like his other two creatures, Dennis an alligator-man and Adele a mosquito-girland that he needs a mammal, like a dog. Krank agrees to turn Spot human, and gives him a nickel as payment for being his test subject.

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Krank explains that, throughout his entire life, people have mocked his ideas "I, Ivan Krank" and turns the machine on Spot. Spot wakes up to find that he is indeed human—but not a boy as he expected, but rather a fully-grown man he had forgotten to factor in dog time. Still, he is happy to be human, but the happiness quickly fades when Krank tells him that he will have to travel around with him forever to prove that Krank is not a wacko.

Krank locks Leonard and "Scott" up, and hope seems lost until Ian, Krank's nephew and Leonard and Spot's classmate, shows up and sets them free. Krank grounds Ian and sends Dennis and Adele off to find his "dog-man".