Tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

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tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

Tiger Cubs is a police procedural television drama series set in Hong Kong. Produced by Lam Chi-wah and written by Lee Yee-wah, Tiger Cubs is a TVB They eventually begin a relationship following Tiger Cubs II. In Episode 13, the finale of Tiger Cubs, Hin shoots the motor of the boat that To Tin-yu and Yiu Mei- ling. contains spoilers* The success of Tiger Cubs resulted in another But, at the time, and even at the end of the series, the relationship between. Watch online and Download free Tiger Cubs - 飛虎 - Episode 13 END English subtitles - HK Hong Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese Subtitle: English.

Zin Hontou is an SDU officer, as well as the leader and main trainer of the unit's alpha team. Known as SDU's "demon trainer," To is tough, strict, and demanding.

tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

To's emphasis on the importance of team spirit is one of the reasons why he initially disapproves of alpha team's new member Yu Hok-lai, who is rash and overconfident. Having that his father, a police officer who was forced into early retirement because he was suspected of violating a conduct code, To is extremely cautious and rigorous when handling team missions. Despite To's austere demeanor, he can be kindhearted and friendly, and often treats his teammates to happy hour at the pub owned by his parents.

To also follows his own rigorous training techniques with his subordinates, earning the respect of his team. While on a vacation with his teammate and best friend, Chong Chuk-yuen, To meets the air flight attendant Ting Wai-wai, and pursues her after falling in love at first sight.

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After a few months of dating, Wai-wai decides to move in with To. However, To and Wai-wai gradually grew apart due to his commitment to his work and Wai-wai's long weeks away from home.

He eventually fell for Yuen's older sister and their mutual respect and similar personalities sparked a relationship, which sadly ended when Wah found herself still unable to let go of her fiancee's death, despite how much she tried.

Portrayed by Mandy Wong Episodes: Sou Mankoeng is a probationary inspector, currently working as an administrative support officer for SDU's alpha team.

MV [Lyrics] Reunion《飛虎之潛行極戰》主題曲 Flying Tiger Theme Song - 林峯 & MC Jin (歐陽靖)

Keung grew up in an unspecified walled village in New Territories, Hong Kong. Her parents and older brother immigrated to the United Kingdom soon after she joined the police force. Keung's childhood dream is to officially join SDU's operation team as the unit's first female member, but due to her fear of heights, an obstacle that she will have to face when applying for the SDU selection, Keung sees her dreams getting harder to achieve. Yu Hok-lai is the only member in the alpha team who knows of Keung's fear, and he helps her overcome it episode They eventually begin a relationship following Tiger Cubs II.

tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

However, he claims that Senior Inspector Chong Chuk-wah is responsible for ruining his career and destroying his marriage, as well as getting drunk, which is why he was "forced" to steal the gun.

Elites Are More Glamorous: Good Guns, Bad Guns: The former is justified since the force was created and trained by British police officers stationed in Hong Kong when it used to be a British overseas territory. Subverted with the episodes "Army Obsession" since the wargamer vigilantes are armed with several airgun versions of the AR That is, until they were somehow able to acquire real gun parts covertly and change their weapons to actual firearms. The official DVD English subtitles sometimes fall into this.

One of the few situations where the SDU gets deployed by the police. A tactic armed suspects usually do when they're in a corner.

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Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Averted, a majority of the bad guys managed to shoot well that a few SDU operators and OCTB detectives either get killed or are wounded in the course of the show's broadcast.

The jewel thieves in "Here Comes the King of Thieves" leave evidence that they were staking out a location for a supposed armored car heist.

The SDU and OCTB mobilized to stop it, only for them to find out that the thieves faked the supposed plan in order to rob a small expo where jewels were being showcased. Killed off for Real: Sometimes the SDU uses this whenever they are forced to engage in close quarters.

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Luckily, they use a pistol with them to ensure that they aren't helpless. A few suspects do this when they're cornered. The good thing about casting Joe in this series is that he really does look like he belongs in SDU he used to be a police officer before the biz and there are enough people in the series that there is no need to focus on him.

tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

He has decent chemistry with Jess and the rest of the young guys but by himself, he is ordinary. There is nothing compelling here in his performance.

tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

Mandy Wong gives me the impression that she is someone who takes life too seriously, which works for the character of Keung. It seems that she has been paired with either with Oscar Leung or Him Law since bursting onto the TVB scene and her chemistry with both is good.

I barely recognized Benjamin Yuen with his buzz haircut but he makes the most of his scenes here. In fact, Christine Kuo is too tall for him although I was happy to see them paired up at the end. Dominic Lam was fine as Leung Sir but he tends to act with his eyebrows and looks constantly angry. It also helps that the supporting cast is comprised from some above-average cameos, ranging from against-type Kenneth Ma in a shaved head and fake tattoo — and he convinces to a certain extentto surprisingly effective Natalie Tongto predictably reliable Pierre Ngo, Yoyo Chen, Elena Kong.

tiger cub tvb ending a relationship

The series also boasts some killer production values, mounting big explosions, fast car chases, and realistic SDU training scenes with plenty of flair. And for that, Tiger Cubs fits the bill. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. How do you feel about this article?