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The Persuaders! is an action/adventure/comedy series starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, . There is much speculation about the professional relationship between Roger Moore and Tony Curtis on- and off-set. In her autobiography. Roger Moore is perfectly cast as Lord Brett Sinclair,as is Tony Curtis as the . Whether its 'acting' happy or not, his and Moore's relationship lights up the screen . Sir Roger Moore remembers co-star Tony Curtis and reveals his favourite . In the summer Kristina's daughter from an earlier relationship.

Each week, Danny and Brett were to be found either living it up on the Continent or enjoying post-swinging London.

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The chemistry between the leads was heady indeed. Much ad libbing went on; in one episode, when Brett appeared in his House of Lords ermine, Danny grabbed his arm, and quipped: The latter penned the only really serious episode of the series - 'Angie Angie' - in which an childhood friend of Danny's Larry Storch was revealed to to be a hit man. One of the all-time great mysteries is how 'Mission: Impossible' a great show, yes, but well past its prime in managed to wipe the floor with 'The Persuaders!

In all other countries it was a big hit.

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The children's comic 'Countdown' later retitled 'T. Action' ran a weekly strip based on the show, and the powerful John Barry signature tune made the pop charts. As Britain suffered strikes, we could escape from our gloom when there was power by watching Tony and Roger each week visiting exotic locations. So massively popular was it that as soon as it ended repeats started in peak-time, prefaced initially by the 'Man From U.

Had it been renewed, its unlikely Moore would have stayed as he was offered the chance to step into Sean Connery's shoes as the new 'James Bond'.

The titles were specifically designed so that neither actor would appear to have top billing, something both Moore and Curtis stipulated when they agreed to co-star.

The title sequence retains a certain cachet among professional film editors. InPeugeot released an advertisement for the car, with the theme of the opening title sequence, the split-screen process and even the voice of Michel Rouxwho dubbed Tony Curtis in the French broadcast of the original series. Danny Wilde drives a red left-hand-drive Dino GT chassis number Both cars were provided to the show's producers courtesy of the respective vehicle manufacturers.

As with Simon Templar - Roger Moore's character in the television series The Saint - Sinclair's car has personalised number plates of his initials: The true owner of the index number of Sinclair's car, Billy Smart, Jr. The Aston Martin from the show was sold by the factory after filming ended, via HR Owen in London, to its first private owner.

It was restored to a very high standard in recent years by the Aston Martin factory, and is presently owned by divorce lawyer and noted art collector Jeremy Levison. Danny Wilde's Ferrari Dino bears Italian registration plate MO the 'MO' component represents the province of Modenawhich happens to be the headquarters and manufacturing base of Ferrari.

The exact whereabouts of the Dino today is unknown, but it is reliably believed to be in private ownership in Italy. Pleased with that combination, Robert S. Baker and Lew Grade funded the new series. Unusually, production of the series began and continued without contracts among the producers and Moore.

I would say he was the largest independent owner of it; Roger and his company owned it with Bob Baker, and Sir Lew owned the rest of it. Initially the role was offered to Rock Hudson and Glenn Fordbut they each rejected the part.

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He eventually agreed, and flew to the UK in April to commence location filming. Moore became involved with the charity through his friendship with Audrey Hepburn, who was also a Unicef ambassador. And he takes his work very seriously indeed. Related Articles 28 Feb So is it, I wonder, some sort of personal repayment for his professional good fortune?

There is that, of course. But it has to be done, and it is rewarding. Not to the extent that you sleep any better at night. But you feel, 'I am doing something worthwhile. Does he normally not sleep well? I always need to take something to sleep. There is a trace of jowliness, and his suspiciously dark brown hair is combed back over a bald spot; but he still stands ramrod-straight, and the blue eyes twinkle behind his tinted glasses.

He is quick-witted and amusing; indeed, Moore improvised many of the cheesy one-liners that characterised his James Bond. I notice, as we talk, that he has two completely different smiles. There's what I call 'the witty-titty sex smile'," and he gives a professional smirk. His friends are party to a regular round-robin of emailed jokes and one-liners.

A director of my acquaintance once sent him a cartoon of two stick figures making love until the friction between them made them burst into flames. Moore's reply was instant: In all four, Moore played the dashing, debonair hero. And he plays much the same role in real life. There have been rumours this month that Moore is on the verge of walking down the aisle with his long-term companion Christina "Kiki" Tholstrup, the year-old widow of a Danish gas magnate, who was once - but no longer - one of the closest friends of Moore's ex-wife Luisa Mattioli.

The man behind the mask

When I enquire further, he plays a straight bat. He tells me how, on a field trip for Unicef in Macedonia, he met a man who recounted how he had seen his daughter raped before his eyes. Some months later the man walked past the field where it had happened and it was full of dead bodies.