Triss vs yennefer ending a relationship

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triss vs yennefer ending a relationship

Hi, ive read somewhere that Yennefer and Triss will dump you if you romance Or when you ask her to stay and try over (leaving an open door, what . with Yennifer and end the relationship with her after the battle with Jinn. Even at the very end of the Lady of the Lake, Yen and Triss go to see Even if their relationship had been % Geralt's choice, not telling. When you're at the docks near the end, Triss is resolved to leave for Kovir with the her that they can try to make their relationship work, or he can truly pour his heart Triss Merigold or Yennefer and will not affect any of the romance endings .

They had an extremely toxic relationship all the time, but in the end, thanks to Ciri, they really got together beautifully.

triss vs yennefer ending a relationship

And to those "but she's a redhead" guys: I hope a mod will fix that soon. Also gonna quote myself from another thread: Originally posted by Thor - The Butcher of Blaviken: Originally posted by thejuiceweasel: Well, you know, you could NOT be a casual and have actually read the books.

Yes, Yen treated Geralt horribly at times, even cheated on him at first, but she was loyal when it counted, she didn't betray Ciri to the Lodge, like Triss did. This is something Yen literally said she will never forgive Triss and if Geralt knew this, he also wouldn't forgive her.

One aspect of Yennefer's romance bugged me...

Also Triss totally used Geralt's amnesia to get out of the friend-zone she was in. Not a very nice thing to do actually. Then of course there's the fact that Geralt more or less bound himself to Yen by destiny through his "Last Wish". Triss knows that Geralt was with Yen and that he loved her.

triss vs yennefer ending a relationship

Triss even knew how to regain parts of Geralt's memory. Yet, in Witcher 1, when Geralt asks Triss to tell him about his past she simply tells him the past doesn't matter.

Triss relationship - what did I do wrong?

She doesn't even mention Yen. She tells him what matters is the future.

triss vs yennefer ending a relationship

Obviously Triss is in love with Geralt, so much that she wants him to forget Yen altogether and start a new life with her. I realized this at the end of Witcher 2 when Geralt manages to regain parts of his memory and remembers Yen, thus he starts searching for her in Witcher 3. So Triss isn't as innocent as the game portrays her. Thing is, Yen is difficult.

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She doesn't seem to appreciate Geralt as much as Triss. Geralt tries to find her, while she simply just waits for him and when they meet she doesn't believe his amnesia story and plus she greets him with a fuckin kiss and that's it. What I like about Yen though is she's logical.

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She's hard working and although she doesn't show it, I think deep down she cares for Geralt and Ciri she risks her life trying to lift the elf's curse. And despite their opposing characters, Geralt being calm and Yen nervous, I think they'll make a good couple. What I also like about Yen is that she discards the Lodge. I think it's just me, but I have a very suspicious view of the Lodge.