Tumblr eric sookie relationship

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tumblr eric sookie relationship

It's been a particularly rough season in the undead life of Eric Northman. more than ever that Eric and Sookie's relationship will also get the chance skyrock. com; californiakat/Wordpress; luuc-dis-uei/Tumblr (2); Giphy. Eric & Sookie ♥ This relationship kills me AHHHHHH. from Fanpop · Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse - True Blood from omarcafini.info · eric &. After Dead & Gone, Sookie figures out her relationship with Eric. Murders at Fangtasia, Vegas vamps, Jason's love life, and Louisiana politics.

She looked at him. He was about to tell her that she could have as much time as she liked, but she had already turned. Bill, however, was stopping her. He certainly was concerned about his "friend.

Eric was certainly keen to know, especially if there was any possibility of taking her for himself. Bill did not disappoint.

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Eric looked at Sookie again, noticing the fierceness in her eyes. So many things to like. He ran his eyes down her body appreciatively and met her eyes again. He had every intention of making her his, and Bill Compton was hardly in a position to stop him. Bill bowed and led Sookie away, and Eric's gaze followed her all the way back to their table.

He turned and looked at Pam. I see you trying to hide your fangs. She obeyed immediately, as she always did, and Eric returned his attention to Sookie. Never one to forego a bit of glamour, he concentrated on her face with a heated gaze, willing her to come back to his table. He called to her in a lover's voice, but she only stared at her hands. She wanted to look at him, oh yes; she was concentrating too much energy on not looking up, and for a moment her willpower gave way.

She could feel him calling her, yet she resisted. He stopped the magic and frowned. It took me long enough to get that out of him.

I had to be subtle. He became more serious, however, and leaned towards her. Hey, Long Shadow said he needs some more lemons for the bar, so I'm just gonna head to the store. Bill was leaning in very close to Sookie, and they seemed to be discussing something intently. He was trying to think of some errand that would effectively get rid of Bill for an hour, when the couple suddenly stood up and headed for him.

Bill gave him an urgent look and nodded towards the door, and Eric didn't need telling twice. He stood and made for the door, taking Celia she was a good bouncer and was certainly one of his least obnoxious employees with him. Bill and Sookie came running out moments later, and Eric raised his eyebrows at Bill, asking the silent question.

That explained the sweet dress, the politeness, the oddity… "Me," she said, confirming his suspicion. He looked at her intently, waiting for her explanation.

If she had betrayed him in some way, it would take more than Bill to save her ass, however tempting said ass might be. That explained a lot. He felt his fangs running out again as he regarded her, and he remembered a night in New Orleans about two centuries earlier.

A mulatto girl with soft skin, enormous eyes, and skilled hands. And in her dress, a stake, with which she had attempted to kill him when it was over. Eric smiled at her.

I had a psychic once. Eric tilted his head slightly and regarded her, noting with amusement that Bill seemed nervous and over-protective.

The wail of sirens pierced the quiet, and he nodded to Celia to get in the car. Tonight at her house, in her bed, she would be standing in for Sookie Stackhouse. She probably wouldn't like it if she knew, but she would certainly enjoy the benefits.

Did he know illegal activity was being conducted on the premises, and other mindless drivel. He masked his boredom with charm and dealt with it all swiftly.

One line of questions, however, interested him in light of Sookie Stackhouse's questions in the bar. The police asked if he knew anything about "women who had been intimate with vampires" being murdered in Bon Temps.

That shit finally sorted, his bar back in full swing and raking in money, he took the opportunity to call Bill. And hey, that slut with the black hair and peroxide streaks has been asking about you again.

She left three messages on the machine today, as if you would rise up from your slumber to call her back. Did you sleep with her or something? We reopened last night. Yeah, well, Eric wants to speak with you. Naturally, I have questions. She gave herself one last look in the mirror and left to enter the bar. I assume this has to do with your friend Sookie and her questions the other night. I don't want any more police asking about this in my bar. The women weren't murdered by vampires, I'm fairly positive.

I have too much to deal with to worry about a couple of dead fangbangers. Tell me about her. How did you discover she was psychic? And it's a long story. You'll probably never see her again. Have you considered that she might want to use her gift?

Does the Queen know about our Miss Stackhouse? I rather like her. A little over sixty thousand dollars had gone missing from the bar, according to his and Pam's calculations, and he was in the local vernacular not a happy camper.

tumblr eric sookie relationship

Eric dialed Bill's number and didn't bother with a preamble when the phone was answered. I'll be expecting to see you two this—" "Does she have any choice? It shouldn't take a long time. It will cost her nothing.

tumblr eric sookie relationship

This shouldn't be difficult for you to talk her into, and that is what I expect you to do. If you don't bring her to me, I will assume you weren't convincing enough. Have I been clear? Bring her to me tomorrow night. And you understand that she is not to be harmed? If you hurt a hair on her head, your age and position will cease to mean anything to me.

I hope you enjoyed her and gave her as much pleasure as I would have So few humans are both interesting and aesthetically pleasing. And even fewer are polite. Eric hung up the phone and leaned back again, crossing his arms behind his head. Don't take 'no' for an answer.

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He couldn't decide which prospect excited him more: The neckline of her blue top left too much to the imagination, but Eric had quite an imagination. Bill hovered near her, as he did the first night they'd come to Fangtasia. Perhaps a bit of her Southern politeness would take the edge off. Though Eric addressed them both, his smile was for her. Sookie, you remember Pam. And this"—he motioned to the rather pathetic and annoying man seated across the desk—"is Bruce. Either Bill had told her nothing, or she was pretending not to know why she had been summoned.

She blinked and seemed to be waiting for Bruce to speak, then comprehension dawned on her face. So few humans appreciated the compliment of frankness. Eric didn't really remember being human, but he was fairly sure that even then, he had valued directness. But she took it in with a nod, and self-assurance set into her face. She looked at him directly. Her eyebrows were raised in challenge as if she already knew his answer.

If a vampire had been responsible for this, Eric would deal with it according to his own laws. As things stood, however, it looked to be a human, and Fangtasia was much too lucrative to be endangered by the inevitable scandal that would follow the murder of a human. He wondered if she would accept a deal that involved her receiving the greatest pleasure of her life if she would give him one night with her.

Yeah, I know I'd probably have to anyway, but isn't it better if I come willing, if we have good faith with each other? I already hold you in good faith, you silly woman, he longed to say—and would have if they were alone. Come into my thoughts now if you don't believe me. I could force you to do my bidding anytime, anywhere, just by threatening Bill or someone else you love. The man really has no conscious.

Yes, I do believe he loved Sookie. Yes, their relationship was smoulderingly HOT. Yes, he would pick power over a human. All the characters get a look in. While some fans are complaining a lot of the characters seem watered down, at least they get a mention. At least their individual stories are touched upon and tied up neatly where needed. Sookie stays true to herself. Right from the very start we all knew how much Sookie wanted babies. And how much she believed in the afterlife. Sookie would have ultimately suffered had she lost the two things that meant so much to her.

Sookie got to be normal. Remember how much she hated being picked on and singled out as the weird one? Charlaine Harris still writes those laugh out loud moments. She tells it like it is. And sometimes those things are just plain weird! Yeah, so we think everything is all tied up and then Sookie goes dancing and gets abducted and then the whole bar comes to her rescue.

Eric got just a little too heartless. Yes, I know I thought Harris stayed true to character, but it was just a bit hard to read. My heart broke a little bit then as Harris reminded us what a bad boy truly is like. Bill dobbing on Eric. New characters were introduced. Ditto Thalia — another awesome character that never truly got to see their full potential realised.

The sucky new cover design. Why do publishers do this?