Tvb divas in distress ending relationship

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tvb divas in distress ending relationship

CHAK and HEI's relationship triggers past hatred between HUNG .. Divas In Distress Finale Week - 巴不得媽媽结局篇 (EPS ) - 31 PTS. Divas in Distress was surprisingly good! . I wonder how her status in TVB will be now, going up or down due to this performance. he doesn't wnat her to sacrifice for him, so he decides to end the relationship and leave HK. tvb divas in distress | tumblr_m9tl3zK1rn7gn0o1_gif Divas, Law . mandy wong tiger cubs | News] 'Tiger Cubs' cast competes in Dragon Boat.

At the height of their careers, Miu Sing Ho suffered a severe auto accident that affected her ability to walk. Due to her disability, she was unable to continue acting and was forced to retire; she was looked over and Sheung Ying Hung took her place, rose to the top of stardom, and became very successful.

tvb divas in distress ending relationship

Distraught, angry, and unable to accept her fate, Miu Sing Ho transferred much of her frustrations over her "sister", Sheung Ying Hung, and blamed her for taking away her success and fame. In between this time and unknown to the girls, their master, Fung Hun Man, developed a secret romantic relationship with a budding actress, Ching Yeuk Chan Mimi Choo. While they kept their relationship a secret, Ching Yeuk Chan steadily grew tired of their secret relationship.

tvb divas in distress ending relationship

One day, Ching Yeuk Chan discovered she was pregnant, but after overhearing the conservative and non-supportive chatter of her lover amongst other men, she realized he couldn't be relied on and decided to run off with a rich man.

Time had passed, but their rivalry continued even after getting married and having children. Sheung Ying Hung's husband went missing on a trip and was presumed dead after being missing for many years; she raised her kids along with So Kei who grew up to be very metro-sexualstraight, but thought to be gay by many for most of their lives.

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Their worlds would collide again when Chak Ding Yum and Yi Long San both reporters would become romantically involved. Out of pride, Sheung Ying Hung refused to attend the couple's marriage and ignored the couple until Ding Yum died. Ding Yum had a heart condition that she kept from everyone.

She wanted to grant Yi Long San's wish of having a child together, which cost her life. The story actually begins with both sides of the family actively competing for custody over Michel. On top of their long term rivalry, Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho actively fight for the attention and future of their mutual grandson. Yi Long San is often trapped in the middle: In between the bickering and the health scares with Michel often causing Sheung Ying Hung to tighten her control over Micheltwo situations began to develop: Vincent is a well-established designer and CEO of his own company because of the backing of his mother.

When he assigns Kwai Yi Hei Yi Long San's cousin, played by Mandy Wong to renovate one of his open office areas, he is disgusted by her smell and tomboyish looks, but things that later change when he falls in love with her abilities. Kwai Yi Hei is also a talented spray paint artist and Vincent unknowingly falls in love with the Banksy -style HK art that she did while he searches for meaningful art.

Only after learning the truth that Kwai Yi Hei is the actual artist does he begin to develop strong feelings for her and begin using strong-arm tactics to extend the length of the renovation project in order to spend more time with her.

After a series of fights with Vincent, So Kei quietly explains to Kwai Yi Hei that Vincent cares about her and that he has risked his health as he is a sensitive asthmatic and career for the sake of her. Eventually, the two finally recognize each other's feelings and begin secretly seeing each other, but not without the ire of Vincent's mother.

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Because of Sheung Ying Hung's disapproval of both relationships, this creates a rift in the pair's own relationship. Yi Long San maintains a platonic relationship, but there are obvious signs he cares for Hannah and Kwai Yi Hei constantly shows hesitation in moving their relationship forward. Although Hannah is heir to a vast fortune, she wishes to be a reporter and starts an investigation about Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho, wanting to uncover the dark secrets of the duo in their glory days and also digs up gossip to attract ratings.

However, her quest nearly accidentally costs the life of Michel and Hannah eventually drops the investigation. However, she ends up working together with Yi Long San as a reporter-cameraman duo and starts to get closer.

As the two get closer, Sheung Ying Hung took notice of Yi Long San's potential love interest and even though she always claimed he was never worthy of her daughter, she made him swear that he would be eternally loyal to her dead daughter.

tvb divas in distress ending relationship

However, even though he maintains a platonic and professional relationship with Hannah, Yi Long San's actions prove he cares for Hannah more than just a friend. Ultimately, this causes pain and suffering for everyone and Sheung Ying Hung eventually learned by eavesdropping that she is not liked for her past decisions, including the fact that her daughter might have lived if she was not so elitist and so controlling over her decisions.

Feeling hurt and insulted, she makes an excuse to go off on a trip, but secretly stays at a Buddhist monastery to sort things out; in combination of learning the wisdom from the Buddhist monks and finally attaining self-awareness of the negative consequences of her actions, she suffers from great stress both mentally and physically and becomes physically and mentally ill.

tvb divas in distress ending relationship

By chance, Kwai Yi Hei is also at the monastery, doing probation work after a mishap with the law. Seeing how Vincent's mother was suffering, she contacts Vincent in the hope that he will take Sheung Ying Hung home. However, Vincent's mother is being stubborn over the matter and he lets her off to her own devices until she ended up in the hospital and eventually returned home.

While this is happening, Vincent takes the chance to try to win Kwai Yi Hei's heart, but she remains distant. To understand more, Vincent looks for Kwai Yi Hei's uncle for answers and learns that Kwai Yi Hei used to be very rebellious and dated a troublesome boyfriend. When he committed a crime, he convinced Kwai Yi Hei to take the fall and promised to marry her after she's released; she believed in her boyfriend and heartedly agreed to take the fall.

Sadly, she ultimately found out she was tricked as her boyfriend broke up with her and found someone else while she was in jail. The sobering experience straightened her out as a person, but due to a combination of her low self-esteem and poor literacy skills, she developed a fear of commitment as she feels that she will eventually be abandoned due to her problems. However, Vincent vows to prove his loyalty and devotion to her and eventually wins her heart again.

After helping her win a trip to Japan in a lottery, he strong-arms his way to make sure he and Kwai Yi Hei will be on the same trip.

The show ends with the two ladies playing on the wii with their family. To be honest, I thought that there would be more rivalry scenes between these two Ah Jies. But that could be a good thing as the show could be annoying if they were arguing throughout the whole series. Liza's character was really annoying when she tried to split Vincent-Yi Hei and Yi Long Shen-Hannah up, but I'm glad her character thought things out quite a few episodes before the ending. I really liked Gigi in this show, her character was comedic and I thought her interaction with everyone was great!

She does do it well though! I'm glad they are all good friends at the end and Hung told Ho how she admired her family. At the start Hung had a hard time befriending people.

I'm sure she'll have no problem in doing so anymore!

Liza Wang and Gigi Wong Overshadowed by Supporting Actors in “Divas in Distress” |

A special mention to Henry Lee who played Sau. He's been in so many series this year! From villain to Sau, he has been enjoyable to watch in all of them!! He never forgets her and promises his mother in law that he will never marry another women. However after Hannah gets to know Ka Long, she develops deep feelings for him. After a while Ka Long also develops feelings for Hannah but does not dare reveal it as he feels that he is doing his dead wife wrong.

One day Hannah gets ran over by a car, and Ka Long manages to lift a car up so Hannah could be taken out. She goes into a coma. She does, but she pretends to have forgotten all the memories of her and Ka Long after her dislike for him got changed. Ka Long thinks about Hannah and remembers that he once imagined her in front of him, and there, he said that he would be with her if 21 December was indeed the last day ever. He receives a withheld call but no one answers on the other side.

He knows that it is Hannah, and he tells her that he would be with her. Then a man's voice comes from the phone, and the voice says he is Ka Long's old friend.

Ka Long's boss tells him to make some interviews at a church where youngsters were collecting up to change their ways in hope to go to heaven since it was 20th December.

Divas in Distress

He goes, and Hannah turns up and he reveals his feelings in front of her. The youngsters get annoyed at Hannah getting in their way from cleansing their souls and start to run after the couple. Ka Long states that she hadn't changed as things turn out badly she's around. She asks him if he wants her to change. Ka Long tells her that he doesn't want her to change.

This was my favourite couple in DID.

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I loved their development, and seeing Ka Long from nothing to denial to finally admitting his feelings. I was pretty annoyed when Hannah lost the memories of her and Yi Long Shun. Thankfully she was just pretending and she still liked him!

I really enjoyed her performance! I also thought she tackled the crying scenes quite well. I wonder how her status in TVB will be now, going up or down due to this performance. Right now I think it's nice of TVB to give her such a big role so early to try, but if she doesn't improve and TVB shouldn't continue to give her roles as big as this one. I also mentioned that I didn't like her accent in my initial thoughts of this series.

I got used to it pretty soon after though.

tvb divas in distress ending relationship

Chin Ka Lok was great too. It's not often at all that we get to see him on screen. I hope he gets some recognition from this show as the hot topics will be Him, Mandy and Eliza. Vincent's thoughts of Yi Hei changes when he finds her graffiti work and starts to admire her artistic skills. He begins to develop romantic feelings for her and makes excuses to see her more. Yi Hei decides she likes Vincent, and the two get together. Vincent's mum finds out, and she does not approve of this relationship.

She also finds that Yi Hei has a criminal record and exposes it to Vincent. Time passes but the two still has feelings for each other. Vincent finds out Yi Hei's past and that she has dysgraphia, he follows her around and sees that she is stuck when applying for a competition to win a holiday in Japan. She cannot write her name and Vincent steps forward to do it for her, writing her name out 68 times. At this time, Vincent's mum realises she was wrong to separate the two, so makes Yi Hei the winner of the holiday.

She hopes the two get back on good terms on this holiday.