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Warriors Orochi 2, known in Japan as Musō Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord is a video The game starts with the defeat of Orochi at the end of the first game, the new land consisting of the warriors from the Three Kingdoms Era of China In the Kingdom of Wu story, Wu has lived in peace following Orochi's death. (omarcafini.infoywarriors) . You mean something like the Wu ending in 7? I'm sure they were scripted to die when you get killed in 2 hits on. Before his playable Warriors Orochi appearance, Susano'o and his famous sword prepare for a battle against the Hydra, and ended up attacking the Wu forces at Hefei led Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate continues where the good ending left off with . decided to slay the beast for them in exchange for her hand in marriage.

He uses a fishing rod as a weapon. Kiyomori Taira [2] was a military general from the Heian Period of Japan. He is allied with Orochi and is part of his resurrection. He uses a set of gigantic prayer beads as a weapon. Yoshitsune Minamoto [2] was another military general from the Heian Period, opposing Kiyomori.

He can fight Lu Bu in an even match and even unscathed, which surprised Wu.

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He wields a lightsaber-like gauntlet that is attached to his arm and can fire energy projectiles with it. He is a rather typical samurai. As in every incarnation of him, he utilizes his famous Jingu Staff as his weapon. In order to be released from confinement by Kiyomori, Sun Wukong fights for the Orochi army.

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Himiko [2] was the ancient Japanese shaman queen known for her relationship with the Kingdom of Wei of China. She utilizes a set of energy-firing Dogu dolls.

She has a sister-like relationship with Da Ji and both are very protective of each other. Having been revived by Kiyomori Taira and Da Ji, this new form of Orochi is more powerful and evil than before. He utilizes his same scythe as his first form, but has a more powerful moveset. The two lead rip their way to an altar, and begin to pray to the dragon god.

Soon, a tidal wave washes over the land, causing the enemy officers to retreat. It is at this time that Sun Jian finally makes his decision: Wu will stand and fight! But the combined might of Lu Bu and Kiyomori would be very difficult for Wu to overcome. Sun Ce, however, suggests that since Lu Bu is always leading his army himself, his main camp at Yang Ping Gate would be undermanned, and they could take it to split their forces.

Huang Gai agrees to lead the attack. After successfully raiding one of Date's strongholds and stealing the horses there, Wu defeats Masamune Date, who retreats.

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Wu continues their advance towards Yang Ping Gate. Just as Sun Ce had predicted, Lu Bu's main force wasn't at the gate, leaving their defense thin and ripe for attack. Sun Jian, who had previously never entered a battle that hadn't been thoroughly analyzed, casts aside his usual discretion's and gives the order to attack.

However, despite their low numbers, Lu Bu's defending force, led by Chen Gong, puts up a stubborn defense, and things go from bad to worse when Lu Bu's main force returns. However, Lu Bu seems strangely unenthusiastic during the battle, collapsing to an ignominious defeat. Wu welcomes Ma Chao to their army, and the Wu Morale rose even higher. However, Kiyomori is one step ahead, quietly moving his large army to surround the Wu Forces.

The weak defenses at Yang Ping Gate were a bait to lure out the Wu Army, where it would be easy to surround and annihilate them. Worse still, the Date Army had also joined forces with Kiyomori, leaving Wu surrounded by three powerful foes at Yamazaki.

During the ensuing battle, however, much to Wu's surprise, Lu Bu revolts against Kiyomori, leaving to a victory for Wu and the death of Kiyomori.

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However, it is too late. Kiyomori, having foreseen the possibility of this defeat, unleashes the ace up his sleeve: The battle is a fierce one, with Da Ji unleashing not one, but two fire attacks on the Wu Forces.

However, the indomitable spirit of the Wu Forces, combined with the unwavering might of Lu Bu and his army, ultimately crushes Orochi's forces and slays the Serpent King once again.

With the Serpent King destroyed, the Wu Army and their allies celebrate. In the midst of all this, Yoshitsune is watching the shore from the boat.

Huang Gai questions him, and Yoshitsune answers that he was just thinking about Lu Bu. Yoshitsune reacts in shock, however, seeing Lu Bu on the shore, but in the next second, he is gone. Sun Jian compliments Lu Bu on his courage, saying he believes that courage helped inspire Wu.

In the third gameSun Jian has allied himself with Ujiyasuand the rest of the Hojo. The kingdom would be destroyed with the arrival of the Hydra however, and many of its retainers would scatter after the subsequent disappearances of Sun Jian and Ujiyasu.

Wei's version has him charge recklessly at the player should Lu Meng be defeated whereas Jin 's rendition of that battle sees the duo launch a surprise attack on Sima Yi 's main camp. In Shu's version, he leads the vanguard against the opposing army while displaying his camaraderie with Ling Tong.

In Dynasty Warriors 8Gan Ning reprises his role from the previous installment. At Yiling, he ventures on his own without any orders from Lu Xun. However, he is ambushed by Shamoke and slain in battle. If the players accompanies and fights with him, Gan Ning will live past Yiling and fight the Wei forces at Guangling.

In Wei's story, he will leap onto Cao Cao's boat during the battle at Chibi, and must be defeated to ensure the vessel's complete travel.

In the hypothetical route, he will join Ling Tong in an ambush party against the Wei forces attempting to advance north in Jianye. He and many other of Sun Quan's officers join their lord in an alternate version of Hefei Castle in Jin's story. He and Ling Tong will also ambush the Wei officers at Shangyong with a fire attack as they pass through the central area to reach the castle. Teaming up with Zhang Liao, both warriors ambush the marching Orochi army.

Despite their efforts, they are defeated and Gan Ning evades capture. He later enlists in a rebellion led Nagamasa and Oichi. When Nagamasa's army is beaten, he joins forces with Cao Pi. Seeing an opening through Lu Bu's charge, the former pirate momentarily retreats from the battle to seek reinforcements.

Like Lu Meng, he joins Sakon 's resistance in gratitude for saving them. As they progress through the map, Ling Cao spots them and needs to be defeated for their plan to work. Although the former pirate still swears allegiance to WuGan Ning decides to fight and wander the land by himself in Warriors Orochi 3. His lone and violent raids into the serpent force's bases causes him to build a rather infamous reputation for himself as a "raving wild man".

Upon hearing of the rumors from LianshiLu Meng leads a search party for him at his last known whereabouts at Mikatagahara. As Gan Ning helps them claim victory he forms a friendly rivalry with Masanori. He later appears at Hefei to try and clear up a misunderstanding between the Takeda and the Uesugi caused by clones of AyaShingenand Kanetsugu. He joins after Liu Biao is defeated.

He is a bare-chested, tattooed general who is mentioned to being a former pirate. He is often seen alongside Sun Quan and acts as one of his closest generals. He's often worried by his lord's actions and will lightly question his judgment. He leads an archer unit in battle and is a solid physical fighter.