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It does not evolve. Chatot was lame as a Special Attacker in Diamond and Pearl, but the availability of Move Tutors have blessed it with Heat Wave. It's still rather. There are many tournaments that won't allow Pokémon that evolve at . Dragon Ball: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Bulma And Yamcha's Relationship Chatot was banned in matches that took place over the Global. Chatot is the only Pokémon in the game that can learn Chatter, 25 Things That Make No Sense About Bulma And Yamcha's Relationship.

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The ban on Mega Stones caused a huge backlash among fans, especially those who built a team based on a Mega Evolution strategy. It is odd that Game Freak would be so strict about swear words and then include something like Chatter.

This was likely added because Nintendo insisted it so that they could show off the features of the hardware. This was likely to prevent people from recording swear words through the use of Chatter.

It was like pulling teeth to get a comment about MissingNo back in the day, other than a general "don't do that" response. The Enigma Berry is an unusual example of Game Freak acknowledging an item, as it has been banned from tournaments since before you could legally find one. They didn't actually do anything and were incredibly difficult to obtain, which makes it odd that they were banned in the first place.

This was also the point when it was no longer banned. The Nintendo Cup of '99 had an unusual addition to the ban list.


Chatter was a field move moves that can be used outside of battle in Gen. V and could be used to record and temporarily alter the battle cry of Chatot. The volume of the recording determined the chance of confusing the foe, but the base power of Chatter remained 60 no matter what. From X and Y onward, it is a power move that always confuses the foe and unfortunately can't be used in the overworld to record Chatot's battle cry.

If anything, it's a fun gimmick, and I think it's kind of a shame Game Freak got rid of it, but the complications caused by this move in Gen.

V made them abandon the field move function altogether. You'd think that a power move that always confuses the foe would be overpowered, but Chatot isn't very strong or fast to begin with: However, Chatot does have access to STAB Boomburst, a power normal-type move that deals massive damage to anything that doesn't resist it.

Therefore, people often run Boomburst in combination with Heat Wave and a fighting-type Hidden Power, in order to deal with steel and rock types more effectively, while U-Turn can be used to gain momentum. Chatot can create a substitute and hide behind it, only to set up with Nasty Plot - which raises its special attack by two stages - and fire away with its STAB moves.

It may not have much bulk, but Croagunk can be surprisingly effective in battle, as it fills a few different useful niches. Toxicroak is by no means a force to be reckoned with, but it has been underrated ever since it came out in Gen IV. Burmy is no exception, despite the fact that it has two possible evolutions. The problem is, neither of its evolutions are any good. Whether the player chooses to go more defensive with a female Burmy evolving into Wormadam or more offensive with a male Burmy evolving into Mothim, there just isn't any way Burmy is worth a spot on your team.

But that isn't the case, as Cranidos' evolution Rampardos just has more utility than Shieldon's evolved form Bastiodon. It may not appear in many competitive teams, but Rampardos clearly gets the edge over its rival Bastiodon. Kricketot is a textbook weak bug. Its evolution, Kricketune, boasts a mediocre Attack stat, and that's pretty much the nicest thing we can say about it. Kricketune's base stat totals are laughably low, so while you might get taken in by Kricketot's cute little maestro aesthetic, you should know there's no light at the end of the tunnel in terms of combat strength.


Kricketune seems more like a middle evolution than a final one, as it just can't keep up with any kind of competition. Aside from a crippling weakness to Ice-type moves, Gliscor is a solid defensive addition to a team, boasting several useful moves in competitive play.