William shatner james spader relationship

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william shatner james spader relationship

Actors James Spader and William Shatner, whose roles as eccentric yet Shatner said his humorous and offbeat relationship with Spader was. @WilliamShatner do you ever get together with James Spader for scotch and a The relationship you two gave us all on Boston Legal w/Denny Crane and Alan. Actor William Shatner answers your questions - and reveals his The screen chemistry with James Spader in Boston Legal seems very.

How Entertaining Is It? Boston Legal is a very fun show. On many levels, its oddball attitude is a lot closer to Ally McBeal which was also created by David E.

The funny thing is that many actors enter and quit the show after staying for one season or less. Some episodes are emotional, intense and controversial — but the comedy is never ignored.

Boston Legal is a wonderful gift to James Spader fans. After all, he gets tons of screen time while playing a very original character. But to be honest, my favorite season starring Alan Shore is the last season of The Practice. It just worked better when Alan was the quirkiest chap around. A much as Denny Crane is usually funny, he sometimes gets too annoying.

william shatner james spader relationship

Still, I watch the reruns. It is entertaining, and the only piece of work where you got to watch James in a starring role for 5 years in a row. Your Honor, I move to strike.

william shatner james spader relationship

Works for our president. Let me tell me two things about myself. I too am a lawyer, I can be painfully vindictive, and I do not play fair.


Not playing fair already. Is there something wrong with that? All reality, none of it scripted. I first saw the client and his wife together.

From his office in Los Angeles, California, he answered some of your questions about his life and career. When working on Star Trek you had lots of toys to make your life easier being based in the future. What, if you could, would you like to actually have real today? I wonder whether it would work in downtown London Why was Captain Kirk such an intergalactic stud?

What was his secret with women and how can I replicate his success? You need to have all my equipment. Do you think that moment and indeed Star Trek as a series, helped to break taboos and bring down boundaries? It also apparently influenced a lot of people in making serious decisions about their lives.

Womanising, whisky drinking, and cigar smoking, how much of William Shatner is Denny Crane? The screen chemistry with James Spader in Boston Legal seems very genuine.

Are you close friends in real life because you seem to have the natural effortless on-screen presence of some of the all time great double acts?


Simon Weitzman, Luton James and I are very close. I admire and feel very close to him Your role in Boston Legal is both humorous and poignant regarding the Alzheimer's storyline. How did you research the character's reaction to the illness and what were your thoughts when the illness was written into the script?

william shatner james spader relationship

Kevin Holmes, Chelmsford, UK. Alzheimer's has got to be one of the worst diseases to which man is subject. You gradually lose yourself and at some point you're alive and no longer you.

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It's terrifying to play and terrifying to think about. Shatner won an Emmy for his role in Boston Legal in Is that really malt whisky in the glasses at the end of every episode of Boston Legal, and if so how many takes do those scenes usually take?

william shatner james spader relationship

Mark Powell, Warrington The malt whiskey isn't real - but the cigars are. How do you manage to so successfully combine your passion for horses with your intensive work and charity schedule?