Win to relationship

win to relationship

Trying to “Win” at Love May Cost Your Relationship. Zero sum thinking can ruin romance. By Lisa Juliano, PsyD. Arguments are an unavoidable part of life, and relationships - unfortunately, These seven steps will help you win every argument (Stock) (). One Community seeks to maximize win-win relationships. This page discusses what a win-win relationship means to us and why and how we seek to form them .

Raise the issue at an appropriate time that works for both of you.

win to relationship

One Thing a Time. Only raise one issue at a time and stay on track with that issue not allowing any other issues to clutter your argument.

How to Build a Win-Win Networking Relationship

Before you respond, let you partner know what you have heard and check that your understanding is correct. Ask open-ended questions to allow your partner to go deeper into their side of the issue e.

win to relationship

Most couples have trouble suspending their responses while listening, reflecting, asking questions, validating and being empathic. This is the part where your need to be right trumps the validity of what your partner is sharing.

How to Build a Win-Win Networking Relationship | Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

You then discount and dismiss their perspective because you are so fixated on making sure that your truth is the one that is superior. And this is no easy task for most couples. Being curious about what your partner is saying when every cell in your body wants to defend yourself is one of the most challenging tasks that all couples need to develop in order to become effective at resolving conflict.

win to relationship

Build a quality network; not a quantity one—it is about meeting the right people. Know what you bring to the table Networking is not just about you.

win to relationship

It is also about what you bring to table. Take a hard look at what you can offer as an effective networker. Are you willing to spend time and energy building those professional contacts? Networking is a powerful tool when it is a win-win for all involved.

The Way To Win-Win Arguments In Your Relationship - mindbodygreen

Have a goal in mind You should know realistically how networking fits into your overall business-building plan. What is your networking objective?

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How will you measure networking success? Give value to receive value The entire purpose of building relationships is so that it creates value for everyone. Having a mindset where you give as much as you receive will take you a long way in building strong and trustworthy relationships.

win to relationship

As per the law of reciprocity, whatever form of value you give, be it service or monetary, you are likely to receive the same or greater value in return.