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Zafehouse Diaries 2 is a game of survival, exploration and relationships. Every hour, designate tasks for your handful of characters - each with their own skills. This one is called Zafehouse: Diaries and it has a Z in the title because it's And then there's this little relationships page, showing how all the characters feel It's the end times, and I want to play a fucking BOARD GAME. Zafehouse: Diaries because the game arbitrarily decided at the end that, even though I had done I think your relationship is just too weak.

They might even get violent with each other. And seriously, making this bunch of arseholes get along is probably your biggest challenge in the game. Well, until you make the wrong choice in some random event and have your entire party instantly destroyed.

You can click and drag these little tokens around the map, sending them to other buildings with orders to investigate or breach or assault. This is pretty realistic, actually. I think after this happened I sent Geoffrey and Brandy out to breach another building with only a hammer to defend themselves. Geoffrey was a fireman before the diarocalypse happened, I think. So he was handy at breaking down doors with axes. Shawn was a chef, so I kept telling him to make the dinner until we ran out of food.

And being a writer, I was good at modifying spanners. Can you even begin to visualise what that spanner might look like? Lovecraft himself could conceive of anything so terrible as this Terrifying Spanner. Now go assault the police station! You can try to make your characters like each other better by spreading rumours.

I wanted my two good fighters to get along, so I spread a rumour that one of them was a charity worker and that eased some tensions. Of course, with every rumour comes the risk that some of the other characters hate charity or poor people or whatever.

Those Tories get everywhere.

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And then your good-intentioned rumour might just send you spiralling into some more drama that sees good people getting hurt: I mean, what is this? Also make sure you always modify your weapons, tools, and armor. Any tools you dont need you should scrap for barricade materials.

A sparkling mop makes cleaning corpses way faster and you should always carry one. If you can, kill the shopping cart lady. Trust me, its worth it. Also make sure you are taking as many backpacks with you as you can but more than 5 is a waste.

Once you have all the clues and the radio, if you still have a few days left dont spend it in the evac location since the longer you are in a location the more zombies come. If you can, dont go there till the last 12 hours. Making custom survivors with similar backrounds is very important for new players and makes the game easier for old ones. The custom content creator is SUPER easy to use and gives you tips on how to balance your custom careers.

Search all the houses, warehouses, and factories first. These are really easy to breach and usually you dont need a single assault.

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You can clear them all in 2 or 3 days and may even have all the clues by the time you are done. Designate one or two of them as your first temporary safehouses. Watching for zombies is pretty useless especially since you should always have someone attack zombies on patrol. Make lots of safehouses, you dont want to have long trips for your survivors to get place to place. It tires them out faster and they eat more, plus it wastes precious hours.

Try to make at least one large meal and save it for emergencies. Large meals require 25 ingriedients and take a while to make, however they allow you to hold a feast which puts all survivors relationships to maximum even if they were all really low.

This is super useful if in the final day your survivors are too angry at eachother to function. Keep all relationships as high as possible. If they are low then performance suffers. If performance suffers surivors get frustrated with one another, creating an endless negetive spiral. This will 'cause arguments that attract zombies, can cause injuries and greatly reduce fighting ability. If you have spare time and very capable survivors the police station and hospital are always worth exploring.

Make sure you assault them a lot first.